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Title: think before you speak
Length: part 16/?
Author: Ally
Rating: pg
Pairing: Siwon/Hankyung and others
Disclaimer: do not own them
Summary- Siwon is not treating Hankyung that great
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check

After the terrible date with Hankyung. Yunho knew, that he didn't want to go home yet.

Because Yunho knew that he was feeling something special for Hankyung. But there were still

those loving feeling for Jaejoong. So Yunho was just feeling so lost about everything. Yunho

wish that he knew what he should do. Yunho was sure that he was in love with Jaejoong. And of

course, he wished that he could be with his BooJae again. But then on the other hand. Yunho

was sure that he didn't want to hurt Hankyung. Especially since Hankyung was coming out of a

bad relationship. Yunho was just so shocked with Siwon actions. If Yunho could and get away

with it. Yunho would beat the crap out of Siwon. So Yunho was hoping that walking around.

would clear his mind. So Yunho was just walking around. without even noticing where he was

go. When Yunho finally look around to see where he was. Yunho, notice he was in the park. The

park where he first told Jaejoong. That he love Jaejoong with all his heart. He decided to

walked to the oak tree by the pond. That was the special spot where he say those three magic

words to Jaejoong. Yunho was shocked when there sitting by the pond was Jaejoong.

"Joongie, why are out so late" asked Yunho as he joined Jaejoong on the ground

"I could asked you the same thing" answered Jaejoong

"I am trying to clear my head" answered Yunho

"Well how did your date go" asked Jaejoong

"To be perfectly honest, it was a night from hell" answered Yunho

"Well what went wrong" asked Jaejoong

"To make things really short. Everything went wrong tonight" answered Yunho

"Oh, that is really too bad" said Jaejoong

"Well that is enough about me. How did your date with Changmin" asked Yunho

"What date with Changmin" asked Jaejoong

"It is okay Jaejoong. I know that you and Changmin are dating. Remember the fact we broke up because I saw you two kiss" said Yunho

"So that is why you broke up with me" asked Jaejoong

"Yes because you love Changmin' said Yunho

"Well yes, Changmin is on a date. But Changmin is on a date with Keita. The kiss was just helping Changmin. He was scare about kissing. So he asked for some help from me. It was just one kiss and I am sorry about it" said Jaejoong

"You are telling me, that the kiss. It was to help Changmin" asked Yunho

"Yes there is nothing between Changmin and me. Changmin is a brother to me. I would never want to date him. But I never knew that you saw the kiss. I just thought that you got sick of me. So that was the reason for the break up" answered Jaejoong

"Yes, I saw the kiss. So I was sure that you didn't love me anymore" said Yunho

"Yunho, I will always love you" answered Jaejoong

"To be honest, I think that I still love you too" said Yunho

"But what about Hannie" asked Jaejoong

"I will not lie to you. I know that I feel some thing for Hannie. However I know that I will always love you more" said Yunho

"But I don't want to hurt Hannie" said Jaejoong

"I don't want to hurt Hannie either. But I need you back in my arms" said Yunho

"I want to be in your arms forever" said Jaejoong

"I will have a talk with Hannie right away" answered Yunho

"Please Yunho break it to him as gently as possible" said Jaejoong

"Of course Jaejoong but it is getting late. So let go home now" said Yunho as he help Jaejoong up from the ground.

"Let go home Yunnie" said Jaejoong

The next morning when Hankyung woke up. He hear someone throw up in the bathroom. So Hankyung

rushed to bathroom. So that he could make sure. That the sick person didn't need any help.

When he opened the door to the bathroom. There was Heechul laying on the floor. So Hankyung

rushed to Heechul's side.

"Rella, are you okay" asked Hankyung

"It just hurt so much Hannie" answered Heechul

"Rella what hurts, should call a doctor" asked Hankyung

"Only if the doctor can take my heart out" asked Heechul

"What are you talking about" asked Hankyung

"Hankyung, my heart hurts so very much. I thought that if I drank enough. Then it would make the pain go away. But that didn't work at all" said Heechul

"Rella, why does your heart hurt so much. Did Siwon hurt you in some way. Because I will kill him for hurting you" said Hankyung

"No but also I am really worry about him. It seem like he is slowly killing himself. Siwon doesn't eat or sleep. All he does is go over all his mess. He really hates himself at the moment"
answered Heechul

"Well what do mean that Siwon is slowly killing himself" asked Hankyung

'He is hate the fact that he hurt you so much. He is try to think of a way. So that he can earned your forgiveness. But he just don't think that he is good enough for you. Also I know that I am idiot too. I am sorry that I always took Siwon away from you. But he was the only one who knew that. I am in love with Kibum. So I would always just talk about Kibum. But I am so sorry about everything" asked Heechul

"You are in love with Kibum" said Hankyung

"Yes and that is why it hurts. I did try to tell Kibum. But then he turn me down. So now everything hurts me" said Heechul

"Everything is so mess up at the moment" said Hankyung

"I wish I could just die" said Heechul

"I never want to hear you say something like that" said Hankyung

"But then Hannie, the pain would go away" said Heechul

"Rella, I think that you should talk with Kibum again" said Hankyung

"So he can hurt me again" asked Heechul

"No, so this time you can tell Kibum. That you are not in love with Siwon" said Hankyung

"Does Kibum think that I am in love with Siwon" asked Heechul

"Everyone thinks that you are in love with Siwon. But also the fact that Siwon loves you" answered Hankyung

"I am not in love with Siwon. And by no means is Siwon in love with me. every time, we hang out together. All he does is talk about you. It is usually how he is not good enough for you" said Heechul

"No Rella, he does love you" said Hankyung

"No Hannie, it is you that he loves. But now everyone just hurts" said Heechul before he fall to the ground.

Tags: pairing: hangeng/siwon
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