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Title: The True Moments
Pairing: ShiChul
Rating: NC-17?
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but if I did......*evil cackle*
Genre:A tad angsty....

A/N: This is the first time I'm posting here, I've been stalking around reading everyones fanfiction and its really good! That said, I'm a tad nervous about what people will think of this, I hope its alright- if not, I will keep trying to get better! Its really short, only 300-something words,Siwon's point of view, and its also a bit muddled ^^" thats just how it came out....
as well, my apologies if there are spelling errors....

It’s all you want in the moment, as his nipples grow hard beneath your fingertips and his body draws taught against yours. Aching to be within the heat of him and to burn yourself with the passion contained inside. Its like your dieing a little bit every time you touch but you wouldn’t give it up for the world- wouldn’t forsake this sinning for forgiveness.  


And when he gasps against your lips and you push against him brutally, the only thing that makes sense in the world is the feeling of his fingernails scraping down your back. The squeeze of his thighs around your waist and the choked sobs swallowed by your mouth only spurn you on. To open him up and lay him bare and unprotected for you, so you can scrutinize him like he does everyone else. Harnessing what he hates so deeply about himself so that you can tell him how beautiful he truly is. 

 Then when you’re done, he’ll push you away and get up to take a shower, washing away the scent of your skin that you’ve worked so hard to grind into him. The sheets replaced, lock on his door, as if nothing ever happened. And the attitude hes perfected over the years returns, the mask of a performer who doesn’t know how to survive without it anymore. But his eyes, they remain the same, because no matter how wide the smile it never seems to reach his soul. 

 And when it becomes too much for him-for it surely will, you will be there waiting. For a time when the compliments become too much, and hes fraying around the edges ready to spiral out of control, because people don’t seem to understand its so hard to love yourself. Your there to gather him up and hold him when angry tears stream down his face and all he wants to do is claw his way out from inside of himself, he just doesn't know how. Touches making him feel alive- allowing him to believe hes hurting you when he bites just a little too hard, or his words are just a little too harsh,you can be strong enough for the both of you.

And when it's no longer his empty gaze thats staring back at you- if its only for a moment emotion flashes in his chocolate orbs- you're glad because maybe hes starting to believe you when you tell him you love him.

Tags: pairing: heechul/siwon
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