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Pairing Ryeowook/Yunho

Disclaimer: I don’t own Super Junior or DBSK

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Chapter 1


“I’ve to go… Where’s the nearest Gents?”Yunho got up and straighten his shirt.

Jaejoong rolled his eyes. “You’ve been going even before we left for the concert! How much water did you drink exactly?”

Yunho  shrugged his shoulders and repeated his question. This time to a member of the band whose concert he and Jaejoong was attending. There was still time before show time, so the two members of DBSK decided to hang out back stage before taking their seats. “Yah, Kyuhyun where’s the Gents?”

Kyu pondered for a while before answering. “Go through this door and take a left turn, after that….”

Yunho didn’t wait for Kyu to finish. From the gleam in the magnate’s eyes, Yunho knew it will be somewhere in the next century before he found out where the Gents was! So he decided to look for it on his own. Just follow the sign right? After a while he finally saw a sign indicating where the Gents was. Sighing with relief, Yunho followed the sign and was about to go down a flight of steps but stop dead in his tracks at what he heard.

“So what do you think?” Yunho cocked his head to one side. That sounds like Ryeowook! Who is he talking to?

“It was so so. You could have sung better. Put more soul in it Ryeowook! You made Happiness sound like a lame, unhappy song! The title is Happiness, you’d think you would have figured out how to sing it by now! And don’t get me started on the parts you were off key!” That sounds like Yehsung! Why is he berating Ryeowook like that?!

“I’m sorry. I’ll work on it.” Ryeowook promised.

“Hmm, you better. I’m going back to the dressing room. Are you coming?”Yehsung held his hand out to Ryeowook.

“No, you go ahead. I’ve to call my mother. It has been ages since I called her….” Ryeowook hoped
 Yehsung believed him.

“Okay but don’t take too long. You still need to change and we’ve to go through some final steps….”and with those final words Yehsung left.

Ryeowook closed his eyes and leaned against the wall, thankful the corridor they were in was empty. He could feel hot tears pricking at his eyelids. Why couldn’t he sing properly? Why?! He practiced like crazy at the dorm, he did everything their vocal teacher taught them to do. So why….?!

Yunho looked around to make sure Yehsung was gone before making his way quietly towards Ryeowook.

“Hey….” Yunho touched Ryeowook’s arm lightly.

Startled Ryeowook eyes snapped open and he hastily rubbed the tears with the back of his hand.

Yunho looked away. “Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you like that. Are you alright?”

“Yeah, sure…. Hyung, I’ve to go. Gotta get changed.” Ryeowook had to get away fast. Quickly before Yunho start asking questions but Yunho wasn’t about to let him go just yet.

“You sounded great.”


“I was here during your rehearsal and you sounded great. Your singing is better than before.”

“Thanks but….” Ryeowook began.

“Yehsung doesn’t think so? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I was looking for the Gents and heard you guys talking.”

“It’s okay. “

Yunho frowned. The Ryeowook that was standing in front of him was not the Ryeowook he saw a year ago. That bubbly, fun magnae was gone.  “Look, I know it’s none of my business but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your singing. You shouldn’t let him criticize you like that. ”

“A little criticism doesn’t hurt.” Ryeowook felt he had to defend Yehsung.

Yunho nodded “True but that was more like condescending or putting you down.”

“No! Yehsung isn’t like that! It’s….it’s just his way….! I’ve to go and get changed.”Ryeowook said, leaving Yunho standing in the empty corridor.

Later after SJ concert.

Yunho felt bad throughout the entire concert. It was really none of his business. Maybe some people like it that way. They like having their boyfriend criticize them. Ryeowook’s singing has improved by leaps and bounds. So maybe Yehsung’s method was working but still…. Yunho missed that bubbly Ryeowook. He wondered what happened in a year. DBSK has been so busy with their Japanese album and promos in Japan, he had hardly kept in contact with all the SJ members. He kept in touch mainly with Eeteuk and Kangin.

No matter what he thought, he should have just kept his mouth shut. Everyone has their own way of dealing with things. Yunho moved to the side as a staff rushed forward with towels.  I’ll go and apologize!  So after the concert, he and Jaejoong headed back stage. SJ’s backstage was quite a riot compared to theirs. 13 guys vs 5 guys! Yunho scanned the room for Ryeowook. He basically saw everyone else included Yehsung. Where is that eternal magnae? Yunho moved to one corner of the room and found Ryeowook leaning against the wall talking to someone.

Yunho just stood next to Ryeowook while he waited for him to finish his conversation with the person he was talking to. Once there was a pause, he stepped in.


Ryeowook turned and smiled politely. “Hyung…”

The person Ryeowook was talking to quickly excused herself before adding that they will talk again later.

Ryeowook waited for her to move away before turning his attention to Yunho. “Hyung….”

Yunho cut him off. “Ryeowook, I’m sorry about what I said earlier. It’s really none of my business but…” Yunho is tall and he could see Yehsung heading towards them. With more constructive criticism and thinly disguised put downs no doubt. “Here….” Junho pressed his number into Ryeowook’s palm. “If you ever need to talk or anything, just call me.”

Brand new fic! What about Red, blue and Hey…. I’ll update soon. Please let me know what you think about this one!

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