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Title: watching
Author: me
Disclaimer: don't own them
Length: not sure
Pairing: Hankyung/Yunho, Jaeho, Hankyung/Heechul. Heechul/Jaejoong
Rating: pg13




It almost seemed to good to be real, that both DBSK and Super Junior were going on a vacation together. The eighteen boys were so looking forward hanging out together and act normal with no  mangers or practices. There was not even going mangers to look after them. It was just go to be the eighteen boys alone for their vacation.The boys were going to spend the next two weeks at some lake, where they could relax and get some fresh air.

It was an beautiful friday afternoon when the boys went on their vacation. The trip up to the lake was filled with jokes and happiness in the air. The fours hour drive have been a great way to start the vacation or it would be. But there was one boy who did not joined in the fun and games around him. For the fact that the boy really didn't want to go on this vacation. He would like to go home for the two weeks instead. But the manger told Hankyung that this vacation was an bonding vacation. But of course none of that matter to Hankyung, at the moment he have two problems . The first being he was homesick and second he was in love. The first problem he know would go away but the second probably would not. For the simple fact the one that he love didn't even like him as a friend. As Hankyung sat thinking about his problems, there was someone watched him, it was Yunho. Yunho was an little worry about Hankyang and wonder what was bugging his friend. So he make a promise to himself that he would cheer his friend up. So while Yunho was looking at Hankyung, there was two boys looked at him. One boy have pain in his eyes, while the other have anger in his eyes. But weirdly enough the rest did not even notice any thing going on.

Then finally the group reach the place where they would spend the next two weeks. They all started to unpack the cars and put away their food and stuff. After hour of unpack and making cabin feel like an home, the boys decided it was time for fun. They all went in to smaller groups to do different things. All the boys went off except for one boy, Hankyung told the other he just want to sleep. So they let him be, so Hankyung start to think about his problem again. He have know for the past three month that he was in love with Heechul. But Heechul didn't seemed to want be his friend anymore. It was like Hankyung have hurt Heechul but there was nothing that he could think of that he did to hurt Heechul. It was slowly killed Hankyung to be in love with Heechul and have Heechul not like him. An knock on the door, snapped him out of his thought. He looked up to see Yunho in the door way. Yunho walk to the couch and sat beside Hankyung and ask "what wrong Hannie." Hankyung look at his friend know that he could never keep a secret from Yunho. So he turned to Yunho and whisper "i am in love with someone who hate me." Yunho look sad and said "not you too." Hankyung was in shock, but ask who. Yunho answer " Hannie, i am in love with Jaejoong but lately it seemed like he hate me. I was going to tell him my feels during our vacation but every time i try to talk to him, he just leaved me." Hankyung was still in shock as Yunho pull Hankyung down to laying position and put his head in Yunho lap. Yunho started to stoke Hankyung's hair and said "tell me Hannie who has stolen your heart." Hankyung closed his eyes peaceful as he answer "it Heechul". Yunho started to comfort Hankyung and make him feel better. Both boys were to busy trying to help each other to notice that they were be watched. Because in the doorway was Jaejoong who have come looking for Yunho. Jaejoong look Yunho and Hankyung together, he started to run away as the tears poured down his face. Jaejoong ran in to the wood, he was so sad he was finally going to tell Yunho that he love him. But instead he found his Yunnie with Hankyung and they were together. Back inside the cabin Yunho was still try to make Hankyung feel better and that he should tell Heechul how he feel. They both fail to notice they were being watched again. But this time it was Heechul, he was not shocked like Jaejoong, he was angry. How could Yunho who he considered to be one of his best-friend be with the man he love. He went outside to get rid of his angry but he so mad at the fact that the man he love and his best-friend together it was too much. He was so angry that did not see Jaejoong at all, they both ran in to each other Heechul looked at Jaejoong teary face and ask "what wrong." Jaejoong answer "Yunho is dating Hankyung" Heechul look at Jaejoong and say "i know i just found out." But Heechul you like Hankyung said Jaejoong. Well that does not matter any more, he looked happy with Yunho answer Heechul. This is going to hurt for long time ask Jaejoong, yes answer Heechul. Heechul, be my boyfriend and make the pain go away ask Jaejoong. Heechul didn't know what to say but the image of Yunho and Hankyung came to him so he agree.

So later that night at supper Heechul stood and say "i have something to say, so everyone shut up" Everything went silence and then Heechul grabbed Jaejoong hand and say to his friends. Jaejoong and I are now dating and hope you guys will be happy for us. Everyone was happy for the new couple except for two boys that could only feel their hearts breaking in to a million pieces

Sorry about spelling and grammar mistakes
and sorry if story suck
maybe one-shot, not sure yet

Tags: pairing: hangeng/yunho, pairing: heechul/hangeng, pairing: heechul/jaejoong, with: dbsg
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