schm0use (schm0use) wrote in miracle______,

Super Junior; Memory

Title: Memory
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: None outright (bg ShiHanChul)
Word Count: 2,736
Rating: PG-13/R-ish
Summary: Heechul needs to forget.
Genre: AU (Zombies!), Angst, Action
A/N: So, I wrote all that 12 Days of Christmas stuff… and I guess I finally overloaded my brain on fluff, because then I wrote this. It’s kind of filler, while I write my next big fic… it’s coming, I swear… I just have to… figure out where I’m going with it >.> Anyway, I’m very happy with this. Definitely a different writing experience. It was… intense. Anyway, enjoy ^^

Heechul tightened his grip on the steering wheel and increased his speed, rolling down the windows. It was getting hard to breathe.
Tags: subject: super junior

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