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Hanchul, Oneshot, Pg

Title: Heros & Angels (Not relevent..)
Rating: pg
Genre: Fluff /Angst/Broken!romance
Pairing: Broken!Hanchul, Heechul/OC (Friends)
Warnings: Character death and very vague, UNBETA'D
Wordcount: 1,.660


“NO!..!”I screamed at the top of my lungs, as a gun shot was fired, laughter rang through the air and footsteps went into the distance, scrambling up and I ran over and crouched down, I pulled him close to me “Please, Please no, Hankyung, please no!” His body began to shake, I didn’t know when but an ambulance arrived, I gave them my love, Hankyung, his body covered in a cold sweat, it’d all been my fault.. if I lost him now, then …. The next thing I knew.. I had.

~ ~ ~ ~

I walked down to the same road, as I did everyday at this time, the autumn wind blowing through my hair, it’d grown a lot since he last saw it.. if I could see him now he’d laugh and ruffle my hair, laughing telling me to get it cut..
I stopped at your grave and I laid done a single white rose and I sat on the bench opposite. Reading and re-reading the inscription on your tomb stone
-- Hankyung, beloved, Son, Brother, Friend & Lover, may his eternal happiness and strength shine through another –
I should never had let you walk out that night…

I must of sat there a long time, because when I was pulled into reality, a small child had ran upto me “Uncle Chullie!” he grinned “Mum say you come home now”, I nodded and stood up. I held the childs hand as he pulled me along to meet his mother who waited, it was my fault this child no longer had a father… I was the person to break up the family, introduced as a ‘Work friend’, his love adored me but the closer I became to the family, the guiltier I felt about luring her husband to me. Then, when I and Hankyung fought, he stormed out, I followed, I heard a gun shot and he was taken from me, his wife and his unborn child.

“Chullie! Will you take me for i-cream tomorrow?”, I looked down in the boys eyes, he was so happy, but I knew as soon as he knew the truth for why he hasn’t got a Daddy, the happiness he shared with me would disspear.
I smiled down at me “Of course Hangengie” the boys laughter filled the air as he mum into his mothers arms, I smiled again, but I wished that Hankyung was here to complete the picture.

O_o Im so sorry that this sucked.
Im sorry Hannie died
Im sorry it so un-detailed but hey you can use your imagination right ?XD

Comments are love ^^
I dont have much inspiration so requests are welcome! Anything except NC-17 DX
Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng

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