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Heart Problems - 34

Title: Heart Problems – Part 34

Author: Me! (2theChangmin)

Pairing: Heechul/Zhou Mi (hints at others)

Rating: PG-13 (for language)

Summary: Heechul may have feelings for his new class mate. Either that or he has some kind of weird disease that causes random heart palpitations. Since the new class mate in question happens to be a guy, he’s hoping it’s the latter.


Heechul woke up on Sunday and didn’t want to open his eyes. He was too comfortable to get up so he willed his brain to sleep again. … His brain wasn’t listening to him. He sighed and snuggled up against his pillow. Wait. Why was his pillow moving? Heechul cracked one eye open and saw tan. He blinked and opened both eyes. Again, all he saw was tan. Heechul leaned slightly away from the tan mystery and discovered it was a neck. Well that didn’t make sense to his sleep muddled brain. Heechul pulled back even more to see that the neck belonged to Zhou Mi.  Oh, okay. … Wait. Zhou Mi? Heechul blinked. Yep; that was Zhou Mi. Heechul looked around him. Oh right… he had slept at Zhou Mi’s house. He looked back down at the sleeping man next to him and smiled. Zhou Mi was a strange mix between adorable and sexy as he slept. Heechul watched the man sleep for a moment. He realized that the ‘pillow movement’ he had felt earlier had been the steady rise and fall of Zhou Mi’s chest, which by the way was still naked. Yeah, okay, dangerous thinking territory to be in; this was when Heechul should get out of bed.

Heechul made to sit up and frowned when he was unable to. He glanced down and only then realized that Zhou Mi’s right arm was thrown over him. Okay, so this was slightly problematic to Heechul’s whole ‘leave the bed’ plan. But no matter, Heechul had a way around this obstacle. He grabbed Zhou Mi’s wrist from his back and slowly moved it to the man’s other side. Success!!! He was a genius.

Heechul smiled triumphantly and sat up only to realize another problem when he tried to swing his legs out of the bed. They were stuck. Heechul lifted the blanket in confusion and saw that he had somehow managed to get his left leg tangled up with Zhou Mi’s throughout the course of the night. How had he not noticed this? … And how had they ended up in this position?! Heechul tried in vain to gently pull his leg free from in between Zhou Mi’s. Damn. Why didn’t anyone warn Heechul that Zhou Mi had strong leg muscles that would trap him in bed in the morning? Huh? Why hadn’t anyone told him?! There was no excuse for it; all must die. Heechul sighed in frustration and glared up at the sleeping face of his boyfriend. ‘Oh yeah, sure, look all angelic while you torment me’ Heechul thought indignantly. Zhou Mi made a sound in his throat before rolling more fully onto his back. The action loosened his hold on Heechul’s ensnared limb. Yes! Heechul slowly began to slide his leg free, all the while trying not to wake the man next to him; Zhou Mi was really cute when he was sleeping. He was almost there; just a little further…. Damn it!!! Heechul glared from his ankle back to Zhou Mi. Why? Why?! He was almost free!!!

Heechul flopped back down on the bed and sighed in defeat. He gave up. He could always pull really hard... that should get his leg free. But that would also probably wake Zhou Mi up. So? Why shouldn’t he wake the guy up? It was his fault that Heechul was stuck like this in the first place; he deserved to be punished. Heechul turned his head and looked at Zhou Mi’s peaceful profile. Crap; he wasn’t going to wake the guy up and he knew it. Heechul tried one last time to tug his leg, (well, just ankle at this point), free. … Nothing. Arg! Wait. Maybe if he turned his foot just so…? Nope. Heechul covered his face with his hands. Why him? He sighed; probably a bit louder then he should have.

“Heechul?” Heechul uncovered his face and looked sideways at Zhou Mi, who was semi-awake but still mostly asleep. Crap; Heechul had failed in his ‘do not wake Zhou Mi’ plan. Come to think of it, he had also failed in his ‘get out of the bed’ plan. What was up with all the plan failings this morning? Last time he had checked he wasn’t Yesung. So what gave?! Zhou Mi reached up and rubbed some sleep out of his eyes. Oh, sure, now he released Heechul’s foot from his hold of death! “Have you been up long?”

‘Just long enough to disentangle most of myself from you. Unfortunately you stubbornly wouldn’t release my ankle!’ Out loud Heechul replied. “No, not long.”

“That’s good.” Zhou Mi smiled and turned onto his side so that he was now facing Heechul. Whoa. Not a good idea. That just put them in closer proximity to each other and Heechul was quite good with the distance before; it was safer. Not to mention that now Heechul could feel the heat radiating off of the man, and see his chest better with the blanket slightly lower… and his gorgeous brown eyes… and that smile… and... Damn; this was not good. Zhou Mi when awake was far more tempting then he was when asleep. And Heechul should probably really be getting out of bed now!

Heechul really should have gotten up then; and he could have too now that his leg was under his control again. But did he? No. Instead he smiled. Why? Who knows? His mind and body were obviously not cooperating as they should be so early in the morning. Aish. And then he did something else as his mind was busy yelling ‘not a smart move’ on repeat!!! He leaned in and gave Zhou Mi a soft, slow ‘good morning’ kiss. A kiss which Zhou Mi then returned in kind. Heechul knew he should have ended the kiss swiftly and gotten out of the bed. He knew also that he should not have moved closer to Zhou Mi or slid his hands to rest on the other man’s bare shoulders. He knew all this because his mind was busy yelling these things at him. His body, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care much for what his mind was shouting that morning. Heechul loved the feel of Zhou Mi’s soft lips moving dreamily and languorously against his own and had no desire to end the action soon. So instead he decided to turn off his mind for the moment because it was just being loud and annoying and his body obviously had much better ideas.

Heechul did pull away eventually. But that was only to begin his trail of unhurried kisses down Zhou Mi’s neck. The other moaned softly and tilted his head back, giving Heechul full access to the expanse of smooth skin he was assaulting. Heechul smirked at the action as he continued to kiss lower. Zhou Mi gasped slightly when Heechul began to suck gently at the point where his neck and shoulder joined. Heechul loved making Zhou Mi gasp like that. He moved on to his boyfriend’s collarbone hoping to get the same reaction and he wasn’t disappointed when he heard the sudden intake of breath from the other. Zhou Mi’s left hand moved up from Heechul’s lower back to tangle itself into his hair and he moaned as Heechul moved on to yet another spot.

Heechul grew braver and began sliding his hands down from Zhou Mi’s shoulders, finally doing what he had wanted to do since the night before and touch Zhou Mi’s chest. He ran his fingers blindly down Zhou Mi’s torso, loving the feel of the warm flesh beneath his hands. Zhou Mi shuddered slightly; apparently Heechul wasn’t the only one who was enjoying his ministrations to Zhou Mi’s chest. This made Heechul smirk again and graze his teeth playfully across the other’s skin.

Zhou Mi had had enough of Heechul’s pleasurable torture. He tightened his grip on the other’s back and used his body weight roll Heechul onto his back. The action successfully got Heechul to end the wonderful things he was doing to Zhou Mi’s neck and Zhou Mi immediately claimed the idle full lips with his own. It was Heechul’s turn to moan and Zhou Mi’s turn to smirk as the younger ran his right hand down Heechul’s side and began massaging the elder’s hip.

‘Okay,’ Heechul mind seemed to turn back on around then. ‘I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but you should really stop what you’re doing before this goes any farther!’ Heechul ignored the annoying warning and pulled Zhou Mi closer. ‘Seriously Heechul, stop while you still can!’ Aish, why was his mind being annoying when Zhou Mi was busy turning his bones to Jell-O? Couldn’t the thing just stay off a little longer?! ‘Heechul!!!!’ Apparently not. And why did this annoying voice suddenly sound suspiciously like Lee Teuk? What was up with that?! He did not need Lee Teuk in his head, thank you very much. ‘You do not know how to have sex with a guy!” He was doing fine at the moment. “You are not prepared for this! You have not talked about this yet! Not to mention that you have no protection and no lube. Do you know how much it is going to hurt?’ Seriously, this mind Lee Teuk was annoying!! ‘And look at your position right now! You’re on the bottom! Do you really want to do this without lube and be bottom?!’ That got Heechul’s attention. His eyes flew open as he realized with a sinking feeling in his stomach that the annoying voice in his head was right. He was bottom. And they didn’t have lube. Well… This was SO not going to be happening right then!!!! “Zhou Mi?” He cringed inwardly, hating how his voice came out all breathy. Okay, so that wasn’t really his fault as he had just pulled back from being kissed breathless.

“Yes?” Zhou Mi asked in the same ‘I need air’ tone. Well, that made Heechul feel better. So did the fact that Zhou Mi’s eyes were still dark and clouded over with lust.

“We can’t…” Crap, this was going to be awkward. “Not yet. Okay?”

Zhou Mi understood. Or at least Heechul thought he understood. He nodded and stilled his actions anyhow, which to Heechul meant that he understood. “Okay.” Heechul smiled. He had the best boy friend. Zhou Mi waited a beat to catch his breath before he moved his weight off of Heechul and lay down beside him again. “Sorry,” he laughed. “I think I got carried away.”

Heechul chuckled. “Yeah, so did I.” Hell, he was the one that started it.

“So… what do you want to do now?”

Heechul grinned as his stomach made its emptiness known. “Breakfast.”

They ate in their pajamas. Well, Heechul ate in his pajamas; Zhou Mi ate in the grey sweat pants he had worn to bed, and again he was missing a shirt. What, was he trying to tempt Heechul over breakfast? Because it was working.

Heechul grinned half way through the meal. “What?” Zhou Mi asked.

“Nothing,” Heechul took a bite of egg. “I was simply examining the fine job I did of marking my territory.”

Zhou Mi frowned in confusion. He looked down when Heechul pointed and saw the faint purple mark coming in on his shoulder. He laughed and shook his head. “Damn, my other boyfriend isn’t going to like this,” he teased. “Ow!”

Heechul had hit him over the back of the head. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he smiled falsely.

“I was just joking,” Zhou Mi pouted.

“Don’t joke like that,” Heechul warned ominously.

Zhou Mi laughed oddly enough. “I won’t,” he promised. “You know, you’re kind of cute when you’re jealous.”

Heechul scoffed. “Kind of?”


Heechul arrived home around one in the afternoon. “Heechul?” His mother called from the living room. “Is that you?”

“No mom. It’s someone else with a key to the front door,” he replied sarcastically as he took his shoes off. “What are you doing?” he asked when he reached the entrance to the room his mother was in.

“What does it look like I’m doing?”

“It looks like you’re trying to kill our couch.”

“What?” His mother looked at him as if that was an insane statement. Okay, so it probably was, but it did look like she was trying to kill their couch. The blue seat cushions were thrown in various corners along with the other normal throw pillows and she was busy trying to flip the darn thing on its side. “Don’t be silly Heechul,” she said with some effort as she struggled with the heavy piece of furniture. “I am not trying to kill our couch. I’m trying to… would you help please?” Heechul chuckled and walked over to her, taking the couch’s weight out of her hands. “Thanks.” She paused a moment to catch her breath. “I’m trying to find my pair of jade earrings. I wanted to wear them but I can’t find them anywhere.” She bent down to look under the sofa.

“The corkscrew jade earring?”

“Yeah,” she popped back up. “How did you know?”

“You’re wearing them right now.”

“I am?” She reached up and touched her ears. “Oh,” she started laughing. “I guess I am. Okay, then, I have to run; I’m late.” She looked at the mess around them. “Could you…?”

“I’ll fix it.”

“Thanks Chullie,” she smiled. Heechul shook his head and lowered the couch as she ran and grabbed her purse. His mother was the only one he would ever allow to call him ‘Chullie’, and thankfully she was cool enough not to use the name in front of his friends. “Okay, so I should be back before dinner,” she said as she patted her pockets looking for her keys. The keys she was holding. “Have you seen…?” Heechul pointed to her left hand. “Oh, thanks again,” she laughed. “What would I do without you?” Heechul observed as she then ran upstairs to find the shoes she needed. Heechul frowned. She was really flustered about something; usually she wasn’t so forgetful. He smirked as he thought he figured it out.

When his mother ran down stairs to finally leave,  Heechul was leaning against the wall by the entrance, smiling smugly. “You have a date, don’t you?” His mother paused, blinked, and blushed, and he knew he had guessed correctly. His smile widened.

“Yes,” she admitted as she grabbed her wrap. He had tried countless times to get her out into the dating market again. As he saw it, his mother was too young and too pretty to not find someone and be happy. In the six years since his father had walked out on them, his mother had only gone on a total of three dates, declaring after the last one that dating was pointless at her age and that men were boring. Meaning that she still wasn’t over the hurt of losing her first love. Heechul had hated his father more for this then for anything else. He would never forgive his father for the pain he had caused her. His mother was amazing; she was beautiful and quirky and well… Heechul had to have gotten his good genes from somewhere. So why should she be the one hurting and not moving on while his asshole of a father got to be happy and probably never spared them a second thought the moment he stepped outside that door the last time?! It hadn’t seemed fair. This was why Heechul was so happy seeing her act so flustered just then; she must really like this guy if he made her flustered like this. And wasn’t it about time that she got to be happy? He thought so anyhow.

“You’ll tell me about him when you get home?”

“Yes, of course,” she answered as she opened the door. “I won’t be out late.”

“Okay, have fun umma.”

“I’ll try,” she laughed. “Oh!” she turned around just before she left. “I forgot to ask. Did you fun at… whose house were you at?”

“Zhou Mi’s,” Heechul supplied.

His mother tilted her head trying to place the name. “Oh, your new Chinese friend?”

Heechul hesitated. He needed to tell her that Zhou Mi was more than a ‘friend’ now; especially after that morning when it became clear that their relationship was moving at a speed faster than he had originally intended. Not that he was complaining. The reason he was hesitating to tell her now was because he didn’t want to give her this shock right before she left for her date, which she was clearly excited for. He didn’t want to make her stressed or make her want to have ‘a talk’ with him, which would just make her later then she apparently was already. And he especially didn’t want her to miss the date completely, which she just might do knowing her. So Heechul decided to put off telling her the full story about Zhou Mi until she got back from her date. What was the harm in waiting a few hours? “Yeah, my new Chinese friend,” he smiled.

“Well, did you have fun at Zhou Mi’s?”

The memory of Zhou Mi gasping underneath him briefly flashed across his mind. “Yeah,” he smirked. “I lots of fun.”

“I’m glad,” she smiled. “Well, I’ll see you later.” Heechul waved her out of the house and sighed. He still had to do his homework; not to mention fix a half dead couch.


He just had to write the conclusion for this essay and his homework would be complete. He looked at the clock. It was almost six. He really hadn’t had that much homework this weekend; the teachers clearly loved them. Either that or they were being merciful before burying them all in a workload so strenuous it could kill. You know: the whole ‘calm before the storm’ thing.

Ten minutes later Heechul put down his pen and his cell phone went off. Perfect timing. “Hello?”

“Heechul? I’m sorry honey but I won’t be home until a little later.”

Heechul smiled. “The date is going well then?”

“Yes. He’s taking me to a movie so I will be at least a couple more hours.” Heechul heard someone say something hurried next to his mother. “Okay. Heechul, I have to go, the movie is starting soon. I love you; bye.”

Heechul closed the phone and smiled. He supposed he had to make his own dinner then.


When his mother finally walked back through the door she was on cloud nine. Heechul turned off the show he had been watching and met her at the front entrance. She had the biggest smile on her face; Heechul hadn’t seen her this happy in a while. “He took me salsa dancing!” Was the first thing to gush from her mouth. Heechul laughed. His mother loved to dance but hadn’t done so in years; she had wanted to be a dancer when she was in high school but she gave up on that when she married. She had tried to get Heechul to go out dancing with her but he always refused. He did not get her dancing ability. Apparently his lack of coordination on the dance floor was the one thing he had inherited from his father. Well, that and his hair color; his mother’s hair was a lighter brown.

“You had fun.” It wasn’t a question.

“I had fun,” she confirmed with a sigh. “I haven’t had fun in a long time. Oh,” she caught herself, “that’s not right, I always have fun when we do something I just meant that-”

“It’s a different kind of fun,” Heechul finished for her.

“Yeah,” she smiled. She had a goofy dreamy expression on her face. “If you come up to my room I’ll tell you all about him,” she promised.

“I think I already like him.” Anyone who made his mother this happy had to an okay guy in his book.

“Oh, but I want you to know everything!”

“Okay.” Heechul followed upstairs. He could wait until tomorrow to tell her about Zhou Mi. He didn’t want to ruin her good mood; she was so happy. He didn’t want to go, ‘oh I’m glad you’re so happy, he sounds great, by the way you remember Zhou Mi? Well he’s my boyfriend. Yeah, I’m kind of gay for him and am fast approaching having sex with a guy. Do you have any advice on that subject?’ Yeah… like that isn’t going to kill her smile and replace it with a look of utter shock. Heechul sighed mentally. He’d tell her tomorrow. And… he’d say it with better words.


****Rambling Warning****

Okay, so I know I promised you guys YeWook in this one. I clearly have no YeWook in it. L It wasn’t my fault though! (Well, not entirely) The whole Heechul/Zhou Mi morning scene was not supposed to be that long and they were not supposed to make out originally. But… well, my characters did that thing where they didn’t want to listen to my original design. *grumbles at Heechul who wanted to make out with Zhou Mi* If you think I have any control over Heechul just because I’m writing him, you are mistaken. Lol. Sometimes he just does what he wants. J But I promise there will be YeWook in the next post!!!! (Don’t throw things?) J

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