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[FIC] The Love Triangle That Never Really Was (oneshot)

Title: The Love Triangle That Never Really Was (oneshot)
Author: svtstarlight
Genre: Angsty fluff? Sth like that.
Pairing: Hankyung/Donghae (ninja!ShiChul; unrequited KyuMi)
Summary: For jennchii who wanted something with jealous!Donghae. Donghae is jealous of Siwon's closeness to Hankyung and shows it. Siwon realises that he's not meant for Hankyung but for someone else; Zhou Mi thinks they're ALL idiots who need a good slap upside the head. *note* Zhou Mi is speaking in Chinese (Hankyung and Siwon are switching back and forth), the others in Korean, hence the difference in the names being used depending on who is doing the talking (and when).

On to the love triangle that never really was...
Tags: pairing: hangeng/donghae

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