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Roses of Discordia

Title: 13. Alternatives
Summary: Leeteuk and Sungmin are roommates and best friends who lead two very different lives. It's not until Leeteuk's world turns upside down, pulling Sungmin with it, that everything starts to connect—and it all points to one thing—Discordia. Add a mix of characters who all tie together, knotted into an intricate mystery that not just one can hope to figure out; it becomes a tightly woven universe that stands alone, and doesn't even know herself what is truly going on.
This chapter: Life is a casual thing on most occasions, even amidst an irreversible chaos.
Characters/Pairings: Leeteuk and Sungmin. Hankyung/Heechul. Kibum/Donghae. Yunho/Jaejoong. DBSK and Super Junior.
Rating: PG-13, R
Genre: Suspense/Mystery/Sci-Fi/Romance/Dystopia
Disclaimer: Don't own them. :3
Trailer | MV | A r c h i v e | Character Profiles | oST

i want to know how to survive in the nightlife...
Tags: pairing: various

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