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In the end...

Title: In the End...
Chapter: 2/~
Rating PG?
Pairings: erm...hinted Siwon/minwoo, ryeowook/hankyung, eunhyuk/kibum, kyuhyun/yesung
Summary: Hankyung tries to persuade Ryeowook to go out with him, who thinks Hankyung is too much of a flirt. Yesung and Kyuhyun are close until Kyuhyun falls in love. Sungmin realises he like someone who’s already in a relationship.
Note: This is my first fanfic ever so any comment will be greatly appreciated. Also, I know Lee Minwoo [from Shinhwa] is like 30 but it’s a fanfic so I thought I might as well make him younger than Siwon [older than Ryeowook].

[In the end...]
Chapter 2

Kibum and Donghae chose to eat in a small Chinese Yum Cha shop. They headed for the table furthest from everyone, avoiding the stares as people saw them coming in. They sat down and within minutes, Donghae had chosen 5 different dishes, most of them fried. Kibum looked down at the table, then at Donghae.
“How you eat all this and never gain weight is something that will always confuse me.”
Donghae looked up and winked. “It’s not confusing. It’s simple. I swim a lot.” Kibum grinned and winked back.
“Right, I forgot my fishy swims in the ocean every day.”
Donghae pouted.


Siwon was halfway from school and his house. He liked walking. He liked the wind flow through his hair. He liked the trees over shadowing each other. He looked up. Ahead, sitting on the footpath was Hankyung eating his favourite Beijing fried rice, sitting besides the bus stop pole. He had slept through the whole of lunch time and looked slightly tired.

Siwon ran up to him and ruffled his hair.
“Hyung, how come you’re waiting here. Don’t you normally take a train?” Siwon sat down beside him, taking off his Country Road bag. Hankyung looked up and offered him a spoonful of rice. Siwon took it. He hadn’t eaten either. He had been trying to wipe the drool Minwoo had left on his shirt before class. He handed the spoon back to Hankyung.
“I’m going to go look around at the shops. You always walk home so late?”
Siwon sighed. “I walked Minwoo to the tracks.” Hankyung looked at him sceptically.
“He still hasn’t realised that you’re in love with him?”
Siwon stared back at him blankly.
“Apparently he’s not the only one. Come on Siwon, everybody knows you’re in love with him. It’s so obvious.” Hankyung looked at him dully.
“I’m not in love with-” Siwon couldn’t end his sentence. At that moment, Minwoo and Sungmin had appeared from behind a corner, Minwoo grabbing Sungmin by his hand. Siwon felt his stomach burn painfully as Sungmin put his hand on Minwoo’s shoulder. They walked on without noticing the two, standing at the bus stop. Hankyung turned and faced Siwon.
“See, you’re blushing.”


Minwoo sat down opposite Sungmin. They had chosen to eat in a small shop that looked slightly deserted. Sungmin had first met Minwoo in 8th grade. Sungmin had been walking down the hall, tearing slightly. He stared down at the floor, scared that he would cry if he looked up. In his efforts, he hadn’t been paying attention to who was in front of him and had accidently knocked Minwoo over. They looked at each other in awkwardness. Minwoo bent down and picked up his text books. Sungmin recognised one of them.
“You’re taking this class too?” Sungmin asked. Minwoo blushed slightly.
“I’m...umm, actually in your class. I sit right behind you.”
It was Sungmin’s turn to blush. ‘How could I not realise that his in my class??’ he thought silently.
Minwoo picked up the last of his books and turned to around.
“Bye Sungmin. Sorry for bumping into you.”

The next time they spoke, Sungmin managed to remember his name and not bump into him.


Eunhyuk walked into the Chinese restaurant with his parents. His mother had forgotten to cook that night, so his father had booked reservations for Yum Cha in a small Chinese restaurant. Hoping nobody saw him there; he turned and glanced a look at the customers. His heart sank. He wanted to bury himself in his coat. He was about to until he realised he was wearing nothing but his school shirt. At the far end of the shop was kibum and Donghae eating. Eunhyuk was about to follow his family to their table but he saw Donghae’s hand rise. Using his chopsticks, he took a fried dumpling and was about to put it into Kibum’s mouth. Not able to continue to watch, Eunhyuk walked out of the restaurant, running through the sudden heavy pouring rain. His heart pounded but he didn’t know why.


Donghae and Kibum ate loudly. Kibum was teasing Donghae and Donghae was pouting, trying to mock Kibum back but he was unable to find anything funny about kibum except for his low tolerance to chilly.

Donghae lifted a piece of fried dumpling off the plate of food and was about to eat it but realised this would be a chance to get Kibum back for his mockery. He dipped the dumpling in chilly and lifted it to Kibum’s mouth.
“Hyung-?” Kibum blushed slightly but took the dumpling and began chewing. His eyes widened and nostrils flared. He let out a painful scream and drank half the water in the thermos in a single gulp. He glared at Donghae.
“HYUNG! That had chilly on it! You’re so mean! I still burns!” Donghae sat there, tearing due to his uncontrollable laughing. Kibum was still panting in an effort to relieve the pain.
“Oh its funny is it? Fine then! I’m going to order the fried fish!”
Donghae’s laughing ceased and looked at Kibum in complete shock.


It was Friday. Friday for Ryeowook meant that he didn’t wouldn’t get teased by Hankyung the next day and the day after that; Saturday and Sunday. Ryeowook walked cheerfully to his next class, though in the back of his mind, he knew that his mood would not last, something that made you happy, could easily turn into something that made him depressed. Science was one of his least favourite subjects, not that he sucked at it, but that he had to sit in front of Hankyung. After a long lecture on the process of photosynthesis, they were told that they had to write an essay on it. Pairs were picked at random by the teacher, who tried to make sure that they worked with someone who they didn’t usually work with. Ryeowook groaned. He prayed as hard as he could to not be paired with Hankyung.
“Hmmm. Ryeowook, would you mind working with JunJin?” Ryeowook’s heart lifted, while he felt Hankyung’s sink. But Miss Kim was looked down at her role.
“Oh. Sorry Ryeowook. JunJin’s on holiday.” Ryeowook’s face was stuck between happiness and shock. “Would you mind working with Hankyung?”
It felt like a bullet had just torn through his stomach. A very mean, snotty, arrogant, fried rice eating bullet.

Hankyung got out of his chair and slid in right next to him.
“Hey cutie!” Again, Ryeowook felt the bullet tear him inside. He jumped up and swung his head around. He sighed at and pitied his pathetic life.
“This is crap. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve this.” Ryeowook had only intended to mumble it but he realised that Hankyung must have heard it.
Hankyung turned his head and stared at the table.
“Am I really that bad to be with?”
Ryewook was still overcoming the bullet holes. “No, you’re just not all that good.”
Ryeowook looked at Hankyung’s depressing face. Another bullet shot through him, only this time it was guilt. He sighed. He hated making people depressed, even if it was Fried Rice. Ryeowook smiled at Hankyung.
“Sorry. I didn’t mean that.” ‘Yes I did,’ Ryeowook secretly thought. His mouth smile felt so plastic, he thought Hankyung would be sure to see through it. “Let’s just get this done with.”
Hankyung smiled and winked at him.
“You’re actually cuter up close, especially when you smile.”
Ryeowook felt his plastic smile melt.

Sorry. this probably isn't that good but i'll try to write better ones. Thanks for reading anyways!! =]

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