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Super junior 100 fanfics challenge

I'm so sorry...I'm so behind! Here's a triple update to catch up!


Title-Flu Season
Prompt-74-flu season
Disclaimer-They do not belong to me.

It was flu season and everyone was sick, everyone but Ryeowook and he was determined to keep it that way. Never the less, he ran around helping everyone out anyway. Today, it was Shindong who needed his help.

            “What would you like me to cook for you?” Ryeowook asked, and Shindong rolled over in his bed, feeling absolutely sick.

            “Anything,” he said, “anything that’ll make this disgusting flu go away.”

            “You should have gotten a flu shot,” said Ryeowook thoughtfully, “I would have, but it would have hurt too much.” Shindong moaned.

            “Whatever,” he said, “it doesn’t do me any good now.” Ryeowook sighed and left the room, coming back fifteen minutes later with a bowl of soup.

            “Here you go hyung,” he said, “this should help. I can make tea too if you want.” Shindong nodded and Ryeowook smiled. Running out of the room, he went back into the kitchen to make the tea. By the time he came back, the soup he’d given Shindong was gone.

            “Was it really good?” asked Ryeowook, and Shindong nodded.

            “It feels like it’s helping.” Ryeowook smiled and handed him the teacup, taking the dishes to the sink. He looked at the clock, it was almost time to check up on how everyone else was doing. He smiled to himself and thought what a good dongsaeng he was before taking the bottle of medicine into everyone’s rooms. A week later though, it was him that was in bed while all the others were fine.

            “Sorry Ryeowook,” said Shindong, “I guess we got you sick.” Ryeowook moaned unhappily and pouted, pulling his blanket over his head.

            “Forget it…I hate flu season.”

Disclaimer-All I want for christmas is Suju...meaning I don't own them...yet.

Donghae breathes in the silence, and lavishes the feel of Yesung’s arms wrapped around him. He can remember all of the other boyfriends he used to have, that would wrap their arms around him the same way, but it never felt this permanent. It never felt this lasting, and that was what he feels he likes the best about Yesung. It was something real, and it could last. They could last. And Donghae loves that about Yesung. That he is always there to hug and kiss him just the right way. Needless to say, Yesung enjoys the embraces and kisses too. He enjoys being able to envelope Donghae in an embrace. Because Donghae is kind, and Donghae is sweet, and he thinks he may just love Donghae…no, he knows he loves Donghae. He loves the feel of being able to say it is real. It is so real that it was hard to wrap his mind around the fact that it isn’t just another dream. He is really here with Donghae, and Donghae is really here with him, wrapped in each other’s arms and sheltered from the harsh winds of the world around them. Donghae smiles at the thought. Yesung smiles too. Because it’s honestly the best feeling in the world to have someone wrap you up safe and warm in their arms and tell you they love you, and mean it. And besides, Donghae knows, as does Yesung, that in times like this, just being in each other’s arms is enough, there aren’t any words, and that’s perfectly fine.

Disclaimer-Santa, if I gave you a picture of him, could you give me Eunhyuk?


Siwon laughed at the program playing on the TV. It was one of the few Super Junior vacation days, and he planned to spend it totally stress free. He smiled. He was having a really good day, so far nothing too weird had happened to him. But, he thought too soon. A second after he thought it, Shindong walked into the living room and sat on the couch next to him with a sigh of,

            “Ah, youth.” Siwon looked at him, puzzled.

            “Uh, hi hyung,” he said, with a smile.

            “Ah to be young,” Shindong said, “to be young and carefree, being able to watch television all day long without a care in the world.”

            “Hyung,” said Siwon, “you can watch with me.”

            “Ah, to be able to call people hyung,” said Shindong, and Siwon frowned.

            “Hyung, you can call Leeteuk hyung, hyung,” he said, but Shindong wasn’t paying much attention to him.

            “Ah to be young,” he said again, “without having to fear another coming birthday.”

            “But hyung,” said Siwon, “your birthday just passed a couple of months ago.”

            “Ah, to be young and counting the days.”

            “But hyung, I’m not-,”

            “Ah, to be young and full of excuses.” Siwon threw his hands up in the air and stood up.

            “I’m sorry hyung,” he said, “but I think I’ll just go watch television in Heechul hyung’s dorm.” He walked out of the living room, down the hall, and out the door.

            “Ah, to be young,” said Shindong, “it must be so much fun.”

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