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forever together

It was late, and Sungmin was getting worried. All he could think about his Hyukkie. Every few minutes Sungmin would check his phone if Eunhyuk had left any messages, nothing, empty. After an hour of going back and forth checking his messages he had given up. He started to tear up as he walked to his bed alone. Sungmin pull the covers to his chin, tears slowly sliding down his face, his nose sniffing. He had been questioning himself before going to sleep. Was Hyukkie tired of him? Was his love for him not enough? Is it the end of them? With all these questions Sungmin had drifted off.
      The next morning was a blur, Sungmin felt empty, incomplete. Eunhyuk wasn’t by his side, no warmth, no protective arms around him. He turned to his side and he felt a smooth touch. His face instantly shot up with happiness, thinking it was his Hyukkie’s smooth skin. But it wasn’t just Hyukkie’s silky pajama bottoms. He picked up his phone and checked his messages. “ One new message” the phone read, Sungmin thought Eunhyuk might have a good reason why he wasn’t home but the message said “ Minnie, I’m sorry Donghae and I got caught up in…”, he shut the phone before reading the rest. Tears slid down his face as he crawled to the corner of his bed. So upset till he violently throws the picture of him and Eunhyuk in a glass frame against the wall. It shattered into a million pieces. Sungmin slid into his bed crying himself to sleep. He didn’t sleep much so he decided to go shopping. The only way to lighten his mood was shopping. At the mall, Sungmin had spotted too many pink items, many to his liking. After buying nearly and entire store of pink stuff he went home. He checked his phone still no messages and no Hyukkie.
Sungmin was woken by something soft brushing against his lips. His hand swatted them away before turning to his side. This time the soft brushing had forced itself on his lips. Sungmin knew instantly that it was his Hyukkie. Hyukkie’s lips were asking for entrance, Sungmin began to open up but thought of him being left by himself the other night; he shot up from his bed and ran towards the bathroom. Eunhyuk stood their shocked. Sungmin had forgotten to lock the door as he rushed in. He sat on the floor hugging his knees crying. Eunhyuk was right behind him; he sat himself next to Sungmin. Pulling his Minnie into a loving hug but he could feel Sungmin pull away. “What’s wrong?” Eunhyuk asked. “What’s wrong!? I can’t believe you’re asking me that! Sungmin yelled. Hyukkie’s eyes were now bigger than ever. He knew he had done the wrong by leaving his Minnie. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” tears now rapidly flowing down Hyukkie’s face. Sungmin wiped the tears away from his face then he moved closer to Eunhyuk. He lifted up Hyukkie’s chin, Eunhyuk’s eyes now staring into him. Sungmin planted a kiss on his forehead and pulled his Hyukkie into a tight hug. He could the wetness of Eunhyuk’s tears on his shoulder. “I- I p-promise I w-won’t leave you again” Eunhyuk said trying to stop his tears. “It’s ok; just remember I love you forever” Sungmin said kissing Eunhyuk softly on the lips. Eunhyuk was lucky that Sungmin was so forgiving. They both got up and headed towards the bed. With Sungmin now being wrapped with warm protective arms, he snuggled into Hyukkie’s chest. He could he hear the others heartbeat. “I love you” Eunhyuk whispered in Minnie’s ear. The warmth of his breath made Sungmin shiver. “I love you too” Sungmin said as voice got softer. He eyes slowly closed as he fell asleep. All Eunhyuk could do was watch his Minnie fall asleep. He looked like a cute baby in his pink coloured clothing. Eunhyuk would just chuckle quietly before falling asleep. Just as Eunhyuk drifted off Sungmin whispered “I love you”.  “I love you too” Eunhyuk said just in time before Sungmin feel asleep.




Tags: pairing: sungmin/eunhyuk

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