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Heart Problems - 18

Title: Heart Problems – Part 18

Author: Me! (2theChangmin)

Pairing: Heechul/Zhou Mi (hints at others)

Rating: PG-13 (for language)

Summary: Heechul may have feelings for his new class mate. Either that or he has some kind of weird disease that causes random heart palpitations. Since the new class mate in question happens to be a guy, he’s hoping it’s the latter.


It was already five o’clock by the time they decided on where to eat and walked to the small local place that they had chosen. Two of the small square tables in the restaurant were pushed together for them and Heechul somehow found himself sitting in between Kyuhyun and Yesung. How did that happen? Zhou Mi smiled at him from across the table before he lifted his menu and began to read. Heechul’s stomach fluttered. He wanted to believe that it was just because he was hungry. Heechul cleared his throat and lifted his own menu. Kimchi sounded good; but then again, when didn’t Kimchi sound good?

Henry, Zhou Mi, and Ryeowook started to discuss the highlights of the movie after their waitress had left with their orders. How they could discuss highlights when the film, in Heechul’s opinion, sucked too much to have any? This was something he didn’t know. But it was amusing to listen to the three of them argue. And Then Kyuhyun jumped in to the discussion and it became even livelier.

Heechul turned to Yesung. “So how did you like the movie?”

Ryeowook made a sound in his throat like he was trying not to laugh. Interesting. “It was alright,” Yesung said. There was that throat sound again. Yesung turned to glare at the man across from him. Whoa, this is a moment for the history books folks; Yesung was actually glaring at Ryeowook. “Just what is so funny?”

“I’m just wondering how you could have enjoyed the movie seeing as every time I looked over at you, your eyes were closed,” Ryeowook answered.

“And just how many times did you look over at him?” Heechul inquired.

Ryeowook blinked before clearing his throat. “Enough,” Ryeowook replied before turning back to his previous discussion. Was Ryeowook blushing? Heechul smirked. Very interesting.

“I’m confused though,” Jessica said as she too joined the conversation about the movie. “How could the killer die at the end when he was brought back from the dead to begin with?”

That was a good point. Kyuhyun and Henry shared a look. “Sequel?”

“Definitely,” Kyuhyun agreed.

“What? Can you guys speak in full sentences please?” Jessica requested.

Kyuhyun grinned before turning towards her. “He probably didn’t die,” he answered. “They set it up to make you think he died so that they have an opening for a sequel.”

“Oh, well that kind of makes sense,” Jessica nodded. “Kind of…” Kyuhyun and Stacy chuckled at the look of confusion on Jessica’s face. “What?”

“You looked ridiculous,” Heechul supplied.

Jessica glared at him. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Um,” Heechul thought that he had been pretty specific, “that you looked ridiculous?” Henry and Yesung snorted. 

Before Jessica could remark to that, their waitress showed up with their food. Jessica sent Heechul a silent look from behind Kyuhyun’s back though; and the look clearly said ‘that was not amusing’. Heechul grinned; ‘it so was’.

Zhou Mi thanked the waitress when she set his food down before him. Heechul decided then that Zhou Mi smiled too much. Really; why did he need to smile at their waitress? Heechul frowned when the young woman giggled. Yeah, Zhou Mi definitely smiled too much.


Dinner went by quicker then Heechul would have thought possible. Half way through the meal Kyuhyun accidentally got all of them involved in a very, Heechul was going to use the phrase ‘animated debate’ because it sounds better than ‘heated argument’, (which is what it really was), regarding, strangely enough, cartoon characters.  Disney cartoon characters to be more precise and Cinderella vs. Sleeping Beauty to be exact. It had started with the smallest comment. “Who do I look like, your fairy godmother?” And had somehow, though nobody is quite sure how, exploded into a ‘debate’ on who the best classic Disney Princess was. Heechul, Yesung, Kyuhyun, and Henry were for Cinderella, where Ryeowook, Zhou Mi, Stacy, and Jessica were arguing in favor of Sleeping Beauty. Really? Sleeping Beauty? Did they know anything? Anybody with half a brain knew that Cinderella ruled supreme over the Disney Princesses.

Not to go into the ugly details, which involved Heechul suggesting that Henry and Jessica switch places because he couldn’t have one of ‘them’ on his side of the table, let’s just say that the ‘debate’ was getting way out of hand and was finally ended when Ryeowook brought everyone to their senses. “Wait. Why are we fighting over this? They’re not even real. Can we just agree that both characters are great and end this?”

Heechul agreed to drop the subject with everyone else but he knew who the better princess was and that was really all that mattered. Tch; Cinderella would so kick Aurora’s ass.


The walk home reminded Heechul of the horror movie in the sense that one by one his friends kept disappearing. The ‘Twilight Zone’ theme music would be good now. Okay, they weren’t being chopped to death by some axe wielding maniac so it wasn’t so bad. The first to go was Yesung. He waved goodbye over his shoulder as he left their group running so that he didn’t miss his bus. The next to go were Jessica and Stacy. They didn’t leave as quickly as Yesung did; but then again, they weren’t running late like Yesung was either. Henry and Stacy said goodbye for at least five minutes before Heechul suddenly lost his patience. Okay, so he had lost it after the tenth ‘goodbye’, but he didn’t explode for after five minutes. Who needed to say goodbye that much anyway? If one didn’t say goodbye and then leave, it defeated the whole purpose of saying it to begin with! “Yah! We get it. You don’t want your date to end. Well it did, so deal with it. The quicker you leave the quicker you can go on another one. And please don’t take us with you next time. Okay?”

Henry and Stacy both blushed. Jessica could have ended this a lot sooner if she had just taken her friend away after the first ‘goodbye’. But did she? No. She let them all suffer as she discussed movies with Kyuhyun. Arg! Stacy said goodbye one last time before she finally actually left with Jessica. And then there were five.

When Henry and Ryeowook turned towards Ryeowook’s house, Heechul couldn’t help but think that there were five down and three to go. Another opportune ‘Twilight Zone’ music time. Zhou Mi was the next ‘victim’. Heechul was almost giddy, on the inside that is, when Zhou Mi said that he’d call him. Okay, so Zhou Mi had said that he’d call ‘them’ as in Kyuhyun as well. But Heechul was going to ignore that part and just focus of the positive part. Zhou Mi was going to call him. This was when he became giddy. Again though, just on the inside; it would not be good for his reputation to become giddy on the outside.

Heechul and Kyuhyun continued on in silence. The last two remaining. A thought suddenly struck Heechul. Kyuhyun would be the last one remaining since he would be the last one to make it home; which would make him the heroine. Heechul chuckled when the image of Kyuhyun’s face on the lead actress’s body flashed into his mind.

“What’s so funny?” the ‘heroine’ asked Heechul with a smile on his face.

“Uh, nothing,” Heechul replied. He somehow didn’t think that Kyuhyun would find it as funny as he did.

Kyuhyun’s grin widened. “Okay,” he didn’t ask further to Heechul’s relief. “I really like it when you laugh hyung,” he said a moment later.

Well, that’s weird. “O-okay…” What did one say to that? Thank you? I mean, it’s kind of a strange (creepy) thing to tell someone when you barely knew them. Then again, hasn’t Heechul already come to the conclusion that Kyuhyun was a strange guy? They walked in silence again for a little ways.

“Um, hyung?” Kyuhyun asked when they had reached the point where Heechul would turn off.

“Yeah?” Heechul wondered if he should rent a movie tonight. Maybe he could go over to Hangeng’s and force the Chinese man to watch the movie with him. Oh wait, the kid was talking again.

“…and I’ve wanted to tell you this for a while now, but every time I try it seems that something comes up or someone interrupts and… and…” Kyuhyun swallowed the lump in his throat. “I really like you hyung. And not as a friend.”

Maybe they could make popcorn and… wait. Rewind. What?! Heechul stared at the guy in front of him. Now he was listening. If Kyuhyun could just repeat what he just said? Like… now? He didn’t actually say what Heechul thought he said, did he?

Kyuhyun fidgeted when Heechul didn’t say anything for a few moments. “It’s okay if you don’t feel the same,” he said to the sidewalk. When did he look down? “I already kind of know that you like someone else but,” he looked up again and smiled. Heechul thought that smile was just depressing. “But I didn’t want to have any regrets. I didn’t want to wonder about what might have been.” He shrugged and looked away again. “You never until you try. Right?”

And still Heechul couldn’t think of anything to say. What could he say? ‘I’m sorry’ seemed to be heartless in Heechul’s opinion. It was too cliché and too impersonal. ‘I’m sorry’ for what exactly? That someone liked you? That you don’t like them? That they wore clashing colors? No; ‘I’m sorry’ wasn’t going to cut it. But he should say something. Arg, just his luck that his mouth chose that moment to stop working.

Kyuhyun took in a deep breath. “I should get going.”

Crap. The guy sounded like he was trying really hard not to cry. “Kyuhyun?” Heechul finally found his voice after the kid had turned his back and taken a couple steps.

Kyuhyun froze when Heechul said his name. He didn’t even know if he was breathing. He blinked a few times to keep the tears that were prickling his eyeballs at bay. “Yes hyung?” He didn’t turn around because he didn’t want Heechul to see how close he was to crying. Heechul, Kyuhyun knew, was very observant.

Crap; Heechul hadn’t thought this far in advance. Now what? “I can’t say that I feel the same way about you,” Heechul said truthfully.

Kyuhyun nodded his head. He didn’t trust his voice anymore. He knew that this would happen but even with the mental preparation his chest still felt like it was being ripped apart.

“But,” Heechul continued. “I can tell you that I think you are a great guy. …And you obviously have excellent taste in cartoon characters.”

Kyuhyun laughed but it came out as more of a choke as the tears he had been trying so hard to hold back finally began to fall. He wanted to leave before his nose started to run, which it was prone to do when he cried.

“Can we still be friends?” Heechul bit his lip. That was the stupidest question ever; who wanted to be friends with the person that rejected them?! To his surprise though, the back of Kyuhyun’s head nodded up and down vigorously in answer. Heechul knew that the poor guy was crying. “You’ll find someone great,” Heechul told him softly.

“I already found someone great,” Kyuhyun answered just as softly. His eyelashes were sticking together from his eyes’ excess moisture.

Heechul cringed. He knew the kid was talking about him. Why hadn’t he been able to see that Kyuhyun had a crush on him?! If he had known then he would have at least been prepared for this moment and maybe he would have known what to say. “I meant that you’ll find someone even greater for you than me.”

Kyuhyun shook his head slowly. “I don’t think that’s possible,” he choked. Damn it; why couldn’t he speak normally?! He hated it when he cried. And now his nose was running. Kyuhyun sniffled. He needed to leave.

Aish, Heechul thought. Why wasn’t Kyuhyun cooperating with him?! Okay, it’s true; Heechul was pretty amazing and he can understand in a way why the guy would have fallen for him. But can’t the kid cut him some slack? Heechul already felt miserable enough for rejecting the guy.

“I’m sorry,” Kyuhyun said.

There was that line, Heechul thought. ‘I’m sorry’. What did Kyuhyun have to feel sorry about?

“I’m sorry,” Kyuhyun repeated, “that I made you feel awkward. I should never have confessed.”

“Yah! Never say that,” Heechul told him. “I never want to hear you apologizing for being honest with me, or anybody else. And don’t be afraid to confess in the future either,” Heechul added. “Just because I can’t return your feelings doesn’t mean that you won’t find someone else who can. And when that happens you can’t be afraid to confess to them. It’s like you said; you’ll never know unless you try. So… don’t stop trying.”

Kyuhyun laughed and sobbed at the same time. He didn’t even know how that was possible but it must be because he was doing it. He nodded his head to show Heechul that he had heard him. “Goodbye hyung,” he croaked.

“Goodbye Kyuhyun.” As Heechul watched Kyuhyun walk away he realized that he was now the last one remaining; making him the heroine. The worst part was that he actually felt dense enough then to fit the part. Why didn’t he see that Kyuhyun liked him?!

Heechul turned around and slowly started making his way home. Who knew that bruising someone else’s heart was so taxing?


Once Heechul walked inside he immediately wanted to leave again. The house was empty; his mother had left him a note saying that she was out with some friends and would be back later. Heechul sighed. He didn’t want to be alone in a cold empty house then. He took out his cell phone and called Hangeng as he climbed the stairs to his room.


“Hey Hangeng, what are you doing?” Heechul flopped down on his bed feeling completely drained.

Hangeng groaned. “Baby sitting.”

Heechul blinked. “You baby sit?”

“No.” Heechul was confused. “It’s a long story. Can I tell you later?”

“Sure.” Heechul disconnected the call and sighed. Maybe he could go over to Siwon’s? He did have to return a sweater of his anyway. Heechul got up quickly and went over to his closet to hunt down the sweater he had borrowed. He found it quicker than he thought he would and almost ran out of the house.

He made it to Siwon’s in record time and went around to the kitchen entrance. Where he entered without knocking as was the usual and greeted Mrs. Choi. “Heechul,” she smiled. “How are you?”

Heechul liked Mrs. Choi so he faked a smile. “Good. How are you?”

“Fine, just fine,” she replied. “Siwon’s in his room,” she informed him.

Heechul smiled for real. “Thanks.”

“Hey Heechul?” she asked as he walked by her. “Between you and me, what's up with this Sungmin fellow?”

Heechul was a little taken aback by the question. He was unsure how to answer because he wasn’t sure how much Siwon told her. “What do you mean?”

“I mean is he going to break our Siwonie’s heart or what?”

“So you know…?”

“Oh, please; Siwon can’t keep a secret from me to save his life.”

Yeah, Heechul had to agree that; Siwon sucked at keeping secrets. That’s why it was so shocking to discover that he had managed to keep such a big one from him and Hangeng for so long.

“So?” Mrs. Choi asked again. “I mean, I’ve met the boy twice so far and he seems nice enough but you can never tell.”

“He is nice,” Heechul assured her. “And from what I can tell he really likes Siwon. But if he does break Siwon’s heart you can be sure I will make Hangeng attempt to beat him up.”

This made Mrs. Choi laugh and shoo him out of her kitchen. Heechul was smiling as he went up the stairs. He was feeling better already.

He pushed open the door to Siwon’s bedroom and froze. Siwon was sitting in his desk chair, but he wasn’t studying. No; he was too busy making out with his boyfriend, who by the way was straddling Siwon’s lap. Heechul so did not want to see this. Who wanted to watch their best friend make out with his boyfriend? Yet, at the same time, he couldn’t seem to look away from the horror before him. Siwon moaned into Sungmin’s mouth and Heechul decided that enough was enough. “Ahem!” he cleared his throat loudly.

Siwon flinched out of the heated lip lock and probably would have fallen out of the chair if Sungmin hadn’t stabilized him in time. “Heechul!” Siwon’s cheeks were on fire.

Heechul smirked and leaned against the door frame. “Sorry for interrupting.”

“No, um, you didn’t…” While Siwon was babbling Sungmin got off of his lap sat down on the surface of the desk. “I mean, you did, but not really… I mean… I’m just going to shut up now.”

“That’s probably wise.” Heechul straightened up from the doorway and entered the room to sit on Siwon’s bed.

“Oh! How was the movie date?” Siwon asked.

“It was good,” Heechul answered remembering Zhou Mi’s warm breath against the sensitive skin below his ear. Then he remembered Kyuhyun’s confession. “Parts of it,” he corrected.

Siwon scrunched his expressive eyebrows in confusion. “What happened?”

“Later.” Heechul didn’t know if he should say in front of Kyuhyun’s best friend. Come to think of it, why was Sungmin even here? If Heechul had been the confessor and not the confessee in that situation he would have called Siwon and Hangeng as soon as possible. “Sungmin is your phone on?”

Sungmin blinked. “Yeah, why?”

Heechul shook his head. “No reason.”

Sungmin frowned in suspicion and pulled the pink item from his pocket. “Huh,” he said more to himself then to anyone else. “Kyuhyun called me. I guess I didn’t hear it when we were…” Sungmin coughed and didn’t finish his sentence; they all knew the end of it anyway. He hit the button to listen to his voicemail and put the phone to his ear. Then he frowned. Then his frowned deepened. Then he looked at Heechul with a knowing expression and he ended the voicemail without finishing it.

“Sungmin?” Siwon asked.

“Yeah, I have to go,” he said still looking at Heechul. “I’ll call you later though, okay?”

“Sure…” Sungmin looked at Siwon and smiled before he hopped of the desk and placed a quick kiss on his boyfriend’s cheek. “I’ll talk to you later.”

Siwon waited for Sungmin to leave before he turned to Heechul. “Okay, now are you going to tell me what the fuck that was about? And don’t even try to lie and say you don’t know because I know you do.”

Heechul sighed. “You’re right,” he admitted. “I do.”

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