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This pollution inside me....(PART 4)....more drama ..more love...enjoy!

This pollution inside me....(PART 4)
Pairing: ShiHan, Hankyung/Brian, Kibum/DongHae
rating: NC 13 (yaoi)

Hope it's good's kind of sad in the end but I hope u;ll like it!

Hankyung was trembling under his hands.
-What do you think....of him? Hankyung asked.
-He's nice and smart. I like to talk with him. By the way, he asked about you.
-I don't know! Did you guys used to be friends?
-Not know...normal people...
-"Normal people"?
-Like...we worked on 3 songs so...we talked but..., As the same time he felt Kibum fingers touching his nipples.
-Keep talking...., Kibum whispers in his ears.
-Yes so...we...were friends during the collaboration....what about you?
-Can you keep a secret?
-Me and YunHo....
-We share the same passion for comics books. We always trade them. But please, don't tell the others...they will think of me as a total geek.
-So..that you secret?
-That the secret?
-Heu..yeah! What did you think it would be? That I have sex with him?
-Pardon me?
-Just joking! Voila! The massage it's over.
-Thanks! He stood up. Good night!
-Same to you.

Kibum left the washroom after him. When he entered in the bedroom, Eun Hyuk was there.
-You just remind me that i finished the book you lend to me...I just don't remember where I put it...., Kibum said scratting his head.
-It's ok! You can give it to me later....I have to talk to you.
-Of course! Go ahead....
-It's not easy.... He sat on the floor and the other imitated him.
-Something wrong? He placed his hand on the other boy back.
-Promise  me that it's gonna stay between us.
-I promise. You know you can trust me.
-Alright....He tooks a deap breath and say:
-You know I like you a brother.
-Yeah! Me too.
-And I will never do anything to hurt you.
-I know that.
-Recently me and DongHae have been close and....we kind of....start to flirt...
Kibum removed his hand from Eun Hyuk's back.

-we did not kissed or anything....but ...there is an attraction between though I should tell you.
-Even if you're not together anymore....I think you should know.
-You can do whatever you want. It doesn't concern me.
-Kibum I know you still love DongHae that why I decided to not do anything with him. Cos I'm attract to him but I don't have feelings for him.
Kibum was trying hard to hide the fact he was hurt by what the leader was telling him.

-Listen: me and him it's over. So you can have him.
-I know that you did not cheat on him like he's thinking. I tried to talk to him about that but he refused to listen to me.
-It's okay! As long we can still work together and act normal in public; I don't mind him hating me. Kibum said it with a sad smile.
-He doesn't hate you.....he's mad at you. And he hates Hankyung.
-I'm tired...I'm gonna go sleep. whatever you want. It doesn't concern me anymore. Goodnight!
-Goodnight Kibum.

Hankyung was in his bed. His eyes closed, he was not sleeping.
"Brian...damn you!" He though with a smile. All the stories Brian told him made him think of Kibum in a really...erotic way...but...he knew that nothing would never happen between him and the young boy that he likes as a brother. So life was okay. Except that Kibum sound interest in long he was happy even without DongHae; why not ? YunHo from DBSK was a nice guy. Why not ? It did not make him jealous because he was totaly over the DBSK 's leader now. HE just hope DongHae to find someone else. And Shiwon has Kangin...everything was fine. As long the others were happy, everything was fine. He just wanted them to be happy...he could not stand their sadness.
Lost in his thoughs, Hankyung did not noticed him coming in the bedroom his pillow in his arms.

-Hannie...can I sleep...with you tonight?
-Kibum ?
-Please...; He murmured.

They were both in the bed. It was dark and quiet. The others boys were sleeping. Sundely, Kibum burst into tears.
-Kibum...are you okay?
-I don't know.
-What happened? He whispered.
-I don't want to talk about it. I'm sorry.
-It's fine. Come here...; He tooks him in his arms and holds him. Kibum broke down against his chest:

-I...wish I was not that...weak...
-You're not weak. Hankyung said with a soft voice.
-I am...I'm so sorry. I should not be there but...I'm so sad...I needed you....they don't understand me like you....
-It's okay! Hankyung caressed his cheek and gently wiped  his tears with his fingers.
-I feel so weird....Why do I like him like that ? He totaly forgot about me...and me I still have feelings for him...why? I hate myself for that....
-You should not.
- I cannot help it.
-He stills loves you.
-No he doesn't ...I hate him.

He could not controls his tears. The older boy Holds him really tight until Kibum fell asleep.
Hankyung never saw him like that. HE really loved DongHae. He felt really bad for him.

-I wish I could do something to help you Kibum...I'm so sorry...

DongHae was alone on the balcony, looking at the stars.
-What are you doing?
-Just thinking...., HE answered to Shiwon who sat on the chair next to him.
-Anything wrong?
-Not really...I wanted to talk with Kibum.
-Really ? About...going back together ?
-Kind of!
-And ?
-I changed my mind.
-Why ?
-I looked in his bedroom, he was not there so I checked in Hankyung's bedroom and he's actually with him.
-Oh!'s not like something happened...maybe ...something wrong with his matrice...
-Shiwon: He was in his arms....
-Who arms?
-You know who.
-Oh! But that doesn't mean anything...If I put my hand on your thigh ; it does not mean that I want to go out with you...
-You're right. But...if he cared about my feelings he would never have done that...because that the  reason of our break up...
-I understand! Do you want my point of view ?
-Nothing happened between them.
-Maybe, maybe not. But I'm sure of one thing.
-What ?
-Kibum has feelings for him.

Shiwon did not say anything. They both kept quiet and start to looked at the stars in the sky. Sometimes Hankyung makes him think of a star. HE likes the chinese boy. HE was special. Nice, really pretty when he was smiling, talented , sexy , cool, generous, clumsy....his life would be so boring if Hankyung was not there. THis morning he had sex with Kangin. It was comments!  After that ; he went to the studio to see how the others was doing for the photoshoots. Hankyung was not there. HE called him twice but had no response. He missed him alot. When he went back home before the others, he did not see him. Sex with Kangin was great but it became like a routine...a routine that he started to question...this relation was not going anywhere....."MAybe I should stop it...." He thought. He fell asleep ; his head on DongHae shoulder who was sleeping too.....

When Hankyung opened his eyes, he felt Kibum's arms around him. He was still sleeping. He did not know what to do because the others was around.. sleeping including Heechul. And if he saw them...the rest of the house would know it in less than 4 minutes.
-Morning! HE whispered to kibum.
-Hum....morning...I'm so tired...
-You can sleep again.
-No...I'm fine. Thank you for...yesterday.
-You're welcome!
-I hope you were able to sleep....even if I disturbed you...
-I had a wonderful night. Don't worry.
-I like you for're so nice.
-I'm not always nice. But with you, who can resist ?
-Romantic talk! So cute...
-It's the truth...
-I feel so good in yours nothing can reach me.

Hankyung smiles at him.
-Are you gonna be ok?
-As long you stay on my side yes, I will.

Hankyung messed with his hair and they both laughed.
-We should get up,

When he went to the living room he decides to open the  doors and the windows. And then, he saw them on the balcony. Kibum came behind him:
-Hanni do you...
-Shutt! Look.
-What ? Kibum came closer. What he saw make him smile : Shiwon and DongHae asleep, Shiwon head on the other boy's shoulder.
-So cute....
-I have my cell...i"m taking a picture.
-Good idea!
After he did , he said:
-If they only knew how much we loved them...
-Yeah...If they only knew....

Hankyung was trying a new receipt:
-Ok...if I remember I should mixed the cury after the potatoes...hope it work..., He was so concentrated that he did not noticed someone walking behind him. Suddenly he felt two arms around is waist. He jumped off. 's just me...
-Oh..Shiwon....Hi! Sorry.
-I'm the one who should say that. Did I scared you ?
-No...; He noticed that the other boy kept his arms around him. He did not said anything and continuous to cook. Feeling Shiwon body pressing against his. The last time they been that intimate was.....a long time ago or....before he start to like kangin.

-What are you cooking? It smells good...
-It's a surprise.
-For me?
Hankyung smiles :
-Yes...and for the rest of the house too. smell good...vanilla...
-It's a cream I used yesterday..I guess the smell still there....
-What do you do tonight ?
-Tonight...? I don't know...
-I finally received the movies I ordered ...You want to watch it with me ?
-With you? Like...just you and me ? He almost stop breathing when he heard that.
-Yes...not that I don't want the others to join us but it's chineses movies with no subtitles so...
-Oh! Sure...thank.
-Welcome !
-Gotta go! Cia! Before he left, he kissed Hankyung on the cheek.

ONce all alone, Hankyung sat on the chair.
-What.....? Is it a dream ? He had a really weird impression...a good if Shiwon was trying to get closer to him. Why? He though he likes Kangin. And this kiss....he gave him a kiss on the cheek but it was so long ....
-Oh my God! I saw everything!
-I saw everything! He sat on another chair and faced the chinese boy.I was hiding and ..WOW....what kind of kiss was that ?
-It was just a normal kiss...on my cheek....
-Oh common! Don't be a fool...The kiss he gaves you took like....6 seconds....that long.
-What are you talking about ?
-If I kiss you like that , He gaves to him a kiss on the cheek, It s not even 2 seconds, see?
-I dunno....maybe he just enjoyed my's all because of your massage....
-You should thanks me! So the kiss he gaves to you was not a regular kiss.....
-Don't be ridiculous....
-You don't believe me  ? I timed it ! 6 seconds . Like that ! He gaves him another one, exactly like Shiwon did.
They both laughed and then realised that DongHae and Kangin was watching them.
-Next time, do that in your bedroom ! kAngin said.
-Actually they already did. DongHae replied before he sat on the chair far from the 2 other boys.
Hankyung was so embarassed, he did not know what to say.
-If you don't like it, don't watch. Kibum replied.
DongHae gave him a dirty look  that he ignored.
Hankyung stood up :
-The food is yourself.

He left and locked himself in the bathroom. He hates that....this athmosphere of hate...jealousy....He was so not used to that. He refused to show it but it does hurt him alot. It became really hard for him to focus or think straight sometimes.
HE was so scared to provoked another fight. DongHae was not saying much but he knew it was hard for him to see Kibum acting like if he did not like him anymore. And as the same time, Kibum was hurt too, cos he was thinking the same thing " DongHae does not like me anymore...". The situation was so messed up....HE closed his eys. The first thing he saw was Shiwon ......" I love you so much....if you only knew...." He murmured to himself. He tooks his cellphone. He needed to talk to Brian. HE dialed his number....and changed his mind and turned off the cell.

-I can handle it alone....; He opened the door to get out of the room and saw Kangin going to one of the room.
-What are you doing ? We were waiting for you to eat. He almost yelled at Hankyung.
-Sorry... I'm coming!
-What? he faced him.
-Is it me or recently you....
-I what?
-Did I did something wrong to you ?
-What kind of question is that?
-I thought it was because of Kibum and DongHae break up's not that....right?

Kangin laughed and then say:
-You're clueless...
-SO tell me...what did I do ?
-You really want to know ?
-Are you sure ?
-Of course...If I did or said something bad to you was not on purpose cos I have nothing against you.
-Even if you know what happening between Shiwon and me right ?

Hankyung's heart start to beat really fast. He took a deep breath and then replied:
-Yes! He told me because he trust me and he knows that I can keep a secret.
-Did He told you that it was just like a game between us ?
-Even if both of us know that he really likes me...I wonder if he 's not in love with me cos...he's kind of addicted to me...
-I still don't see what I have to do with that...
-Really ? Okay..I try my best to make you understand my point....
-What are ....., Hankyung did not finished his sentence, Kangin pressed him against the wall and kissed him on the lips.
Hankyung was so choked that he did not moove a bit.
When Kangin broke the kiss he said:
-Do you understand now ? I'm kind of tired of him...but for some reason , I'm attracted to you....
-What?'re not serious...
-You don't believe me ?
-You can't ! You can't do that to him...he likes you!
-So ? It's just a game...
-No! You cannot do that to're gonna break his heart ...don't you have one ?? That horrible Kangin!
-Wow! Why are acting like that? Why do you care that much ? What 's your problem ?
-Don't do that to him...and I don't like You....I 'll never be  attract to someone like you...
-Why not?
-Because you're not him! Hankyung answered with tears in his eyes, without thinking.
-What ? KAngin removed his hand from Hankyung shoulders.
-Leave me....
-Oh...I see....Oh my God! You like him...I see now. He laughed at him.
-What's wrong here ? It was Heechul. Are you coming to eat or not ?
-We're coming. Kangin said with a big smile on the face.
-I'm not hungry...I have some laundry to do.

When he arrived in  the laundry room, he sat on the machine and start to cry in silence.That was just too much.
Shiwon would never talk to him if he found out.....Just thinking of that , scared the hell at him.....
With a cleenex He wipes his tears away and quiets down his sobbings " I'm gonna be fine...I will." He thought hoping that Kangin will not do anything bad to Shiwon.

Tags: pairing: hangeng/kibum, pairing: hangeng/other, pairing: hangeng/siwon, pairing: kangin/siwon, with: fly to the sky
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