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Oh, excuse me for this stupidly long information...

Title: False Memories
Chapter: 01/??
Genre: Angst (the first time for me), slightly attempted, but maybe failed, humor
Pairing: Kangteuk (might be ninja pairings)
Rating: It might vary, but I can't write smut, so it will be pretty safe.(can be mentioning of sex and minor sex related things, but no graphic smut.)
Warning: Might warn for my probably not that good english, bad writing, bad grammar, bad prompt? :( high self-esteem I've got. xD Oh yeah, I'm bad at separating like.."He was throwing up" and then suddenly "He threw up" you get it? I didn't found the english words for how to describe like it is happening right now, and writing like it happened get it? xD Ooops, long warning. Oh yeah, repeating of names xD
Disclaimer: I wish I was Lee Sooman.
Summary: After being out celebrating SUJU's third anniversary, Eeteuk wakes up in an alley, and nothing is how it's suppose to be.
A/N: Hmm. Started to write this today. Went from being about a girl and eeteuk, to being KangTeuk, cause seriously, I can't separate those two <3. What am I babbling about...I have nothing serious to even write here...waah~ Oh yes, even though I don't like putting korean words in to an english fanfiction, I do use Hyung and magnae, since I don't really find it the same saying "Brother Eeteuk", or "Eeteuk Brother", you feel me?

Here, at my journal
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin

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