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12 January 2007 @ 02:22 pm
Fic - Shot Glass Lenses 4/4  
AHHHH This chapter was *soo* hard to write!! ;_; My muse had died half way through it. I hope you guys like it despite that fact!!

Title: Shot Glass Lenses
Chapter: 4/4
Rating: Very very NC-17
Pairing: YehHyuk/YehTeuk
Summary: It had started as an accident. None of them had realized the alcohol would go straight to their heads.

YehSung is acting like a slut. LeeTeuk’s mind screamed at him as YehSung sucked at his adams apple.

And he shouldn’t be there, doing what he was doing. HyukJae was asleep on the floor not even a foot away. But he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t stop the reaction to YehSung that ran through his body, thundered through his blood.

“YehSung.” He gasped. YehSung pulled his head away and LeeTeuk looked down at the younger mans face. LeeTeuk reached sideways and grabbed the box of tissues. “Clean yourself up first.”

“I don’t want to.” YehSung said and licked past the corner of his lips to taste the drying semen on his face. LeeTeuk couldn’t deny the electricity that shot through him at the sight.

“I want you to.” LeeTeuk said again, pushing YehSung off him. YehSung pouted at LeeTeuk as he wiped his face. “Everywhere.” LeeTeuk said, putting a hand out to stop YehSung from crawling back onto him.

YehSung glared at him before standing up and walking over to get more tissues. LeeTeuk used to the break to bring himself back into control and to put back on his pants. YehSung’s own cum had left spots on them, but he ignored them. He looked down at HyukJae and caught the sight of YehSung cleaning away HyukJae’s release from his thighs out of the corner of his eye. LeeTeuk bit his lip. He couldn’t just leave HyukJae half naked on the floor of the bathroom.

He squatted down and fixed HyukJae’s clothing as best he could. YehSung sat down on the counter, still naked as the day he was born, and watched as LeeTeuk woke up HyukJae.

“Hyung?” His voice was raw with sleep.

“You shouldn’t sleep in the bathroom, HyukJae.” LeeTeuk told him. HyukJae sat up and rubbed his eyes.

“I had the weirdest dream with YehSung hyung in it.” HyukJae said and LeeTeuk used his body to try and block out the view of YehSung.

“That’s right, HyukJae, you’re dreaming.” LeeTeuk told him and gently pushed him to the door. He took him into the hall. “KangIn?” He called but after a minute only DongHae showed up. “Take him to bed.”

DongHae nodded. “He throw up?”

“Just passed out.” LeeTeuk told him as DongHae took control of HyukJae. LeeTeuk waited a minute before going back into the bathroom and locking the door behind him. “You. Shower. Now.”

YehSung looked at LeeTeuk for a moment before noticing the tent of LeeTeuk’s pants. He grinned like a bandit and hopped lightly off the counter. “Of course, hyung.” YehSung said and walked across the room. He turned the water on as he heard the rustle of clothing.

LeeTeuk divested himself of clothing as fast as he could. He could see YehSung smirking at him but didn’t care. When he was fully naked he came up behind the younger boy and kissed along his neck.

YehSung almost purred as LeeTeuk licked, sucked, and bit at his ears. LeeTeuk ran his hands up and down YehSung’s sides before drawing them in teasing strokes across his chest, just barely brushing at YehSung’s nipples.

YehSung panted as LeeTeuk teasingly drew his fingertips around YehSung’s nipples. He gasped and his eyes fluttered closed as YehSung rocked his hips backwards, rubbing his butt cheeks along LeeTeuk’s hardening cock. YehSung twisted his head around and LeeTeuk leaned forward. Their lips met and YehSung’s tongue demanded entrance.

LeeTeuk pulled back, denying YehSung before gently pushing him until he stepped under the shower’s spray. “The shampoo is on the floor, if you’re thinking of showering.” YehSung said as LeeTeuk joined him.

LeeTeuk gave him a look. “Do you think we’ll be showering?”

YehSung glanced down, slowly bringing his gaze back to LeeTeuk’s eyes and raised an eyebrow at him. LeeTeuk gasped as YehSung’s hand grabbed his straining erection and began to fondle it. “We better not be just showering.” YehSung breathed into LeeTeuk’s ear.

“You haven’t been satisfied?” LeeTeuk asked as YehSung brought their bodies flush against the other and used both hands to hold their erections together.

LeeTeuk dug his fingers into YehSung’s hair and attacked YehSung’s lips with his own. LeeTeuk devoured YehSung’s mouth with his lips, his teeth, his tongue. He ravaged the inside of YehSung’s mouth and demanded of YehSung with his tongue.

YehSung moaned as sped his hands up. The water that washed over their bodies kept YehSung’s hands slick upon them. “If you keep doing that…” LeeTeuk gasped.

“We’ll have an even score.” YehSung said, rubbing his thumb over the head of LeeTeuk’s cock.

“And the game will end.” LeeTeuk told him.

YehSung leaned forward and kissed along LeeTeuk’s jaw. “I don’t want that to happen.” He said as he let go out LeeTeuk’s erection and ran his hands up to play with his nipples. “I still want to play.”

“You’re insatiable.” LeeTeuk told him as he nibbled at YehSung’s ear lobe.

YehSung practically moaned against LeeTeuk. “You need stami-NA!” YehSung almost screamed out the end as LeeTeuk’s hands devilishly grabbed at his ass, kneading it.

“Tell me what you want.” LeeTeuk said, his fingers teasing YehSung’s entrance.

YehSung clung to LeeTeuk and moaned. “I want…”

“How should we play this?” He sucked along YehSung’s neck, nipping at his collar bone.

YehSung ran his hands up LeeTeuk’s back and held onto his shoulders. “You need to…” LeeTeuk slid a finger into YehSung, causing the boy to gasp in his arms. “There! Now!”

LeeTeuk pulled away with a devilish grin. “What?”

YehSung leaned forward and kissed LeeTeuk harshly. “I want you to fuck me now.”

LeeTeuk stepped back and took YehSung’s hands off him. He forced YehSung to turn around, the shower spraying in his upturned face. YehSung reached his arms out forward, bracing himself against the wall as LeeTeuk grabbed the body wash from its perch in the shower. He gasped as LeeTeuk slid two fingers into him.

“I think I’m stretched enough.” YehSung told him.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I want you.” YehSung turned and looked into LeeTeuk’s eyes.

LeeTeuk’s mouth went dry at the look of raw lust in YehSung’s eyes. It filtered through him and twitched his cock. He licked his lips and nodded. He grasped YehSung’s hip with one hand and used the other to guide his hard erection into YehSung. YehSung hung his head, eyes closed, and moaned as LeeTeuk entered him.

LeeTeuk slowly pushed in, and pulled back before pushing back in deeper than before. He slowly thrust his way until he was buried to the hilt inside YehSung. He panted and ran his hands up YehSung’s chest and pinch at his nipples.

“Ready?” LeeTeuk asked him.

YehSung chuckled. “I’ve been waiting for you!”

LeeTeuk bit YehSung’s shoulder in response before pulling slowly back. He thrust harshly forward, and YehSung choked back a scream. LeeTeuk pinched and played with YehSung’s nipples as he pulled back again and started a rhythm. LeeTeuk sucked and bit at YehSung’s neck and shoulders as the boy moaned with each thrust into him.

“LeeTeuk! LeeTeuk!” YehSung moaned over and over. “Oh this is better than a dream!” LeeTeuk slammed into YehSung in agreement.

YehSung was in heaven. The water running along his body teased him like many feather light fingers running along his body. LeeTeuk’s fingers kept him between the brink of pleasure and pain as they squeezed and rolled his hard nipples. His neglected cock bounced against his stomach and thighs with each thrust of LeeTeuk into him.

YehSung moved his weight onto his left forearm, and grasped his weeping cock with his right hand. LeeTeuk groaned as he hit deeper into YehSung with the change in angle. “YehSung!” He gasped.

YehSung moaned, he felt himself getting closer to his limit. He furiously rubbed his cock and clenched down on LeeTeuk’s erection, hoping to drive him closer to the edge. “I’m close, so close.” He panted.

LeeTeuk shook his head, forcing the water out of his eyes. He slid his hands down YehSung’s abs and grasped harshly onto his hips. He braced himself as he thrust harsher into YehSung. YehSung shuddered in pleasure; he’d always wanted this.

Light flashes before LeeTeuk’s eyes. He could feel himself reaching the edge. He groaned as he reached his hand forward, placing it over YehSung’s fingers and grasped tightly. He forced YehSung’s hand to move faster. His thrusts into YehSung became harsher.

“LEETEUK~!” YehSung screamed and shook beneath LeeTeuk. LeeTeuk jerked as YehSung clenched painfully around him, driving him over the edge. He thrust harshly, shallowly into YehSung before driving into YehSung.

He groaned low in his throat “YehSung” as he felt himself release deep within the younger boy. The world spun behind his closed eyelids and he felt YehSung jerking slightly beneath his hands.

The world came back first with the feeling of YehSung standing up and reaching a hand back to run through his hair. Then the feeling of YehSung’s lips gently on his own. He opened his eyes and saw the smirk of a cat who’d just gotten his cream on YehSung’s lips.

LeeTeuk chuckled at the thought before groaning as YehSung slowly pulled away from LeeTeuk, letting LeeTeuk’s sensitive penis fall out of him. LeeTeuk gasped as the cold of the water ran over him. YehSung reached forward and turned the water off before turning around.

LeeTeuk wrapped his arms around YehSung’s waist as YehSung held onto his shoulder’s, dug his fingers into his hair, and sensuously kissed his lips. “Let’s go to bed.” YehSung whispered in suggestion.

LeeTeuk nodded. “Yeah.” He agreed as YehSung dropped his hands, grabbed LeeTeuk’s and stepped out of the tub.

hamano_michiyo: EeSunghamano_michiyo on January 12th, 2007 07:41 pm (UTC)


Although I didnt mind Hyuk not being there for the last part XD That was hot. Bouncing penis and all XDDD

Teuk that better not all be just a game to you >_>

I wonder if they have MGP's too >_>?
what: SuJu- ShinTeukweaselbee on January 12th, 2007 11:24 pm (UTC)
lol, i agree! i want to know what happens in the "aftermath," a.k.a., in the bed. and hyuk!! hahaha, he's gonna wake up like, "so, uhhhh.... did anything violate my anus last night while i was drunk?" XD
alohdark: Uedaalohdark on January 13th, 2007 03:03 am (UTC)
XDDD *points you down to reply to hamano_michiyo XD
alohdark: Three Wolves Mountainalohdark on January 13th, 2007 03:02 am (UTC)
XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Yeh and Teuk go to bed together and just sleep (they are tres exhausted) and when they wake up, they kiss all loverly doverly and become a couple and act all sickeningly sweet and all the other members hate them for it.

Hyukkie wakes up to find himself mostly naked in DongHae's bed.... with DongHae.. and freaks out. He ends up blaming DongHae for doing "dirty" things to him at night (mis-thinking the "dream" to be DongHae being a perv) because he has these hickey's all over him. I don't know what you're talking about with the sore ass cause Hyukkie was seme in this particular part. He was uke in the first half, but that was a parallel universe.

Kyu is, of course, mad at both Hae and Hyuk cause he misunderstands that Hyuk is confused and Hae didn't actually do anything pervy. He was just too drunk to put Hyuk in his own bed and Hyuk is the one who stripped to his boxers.

It takes Teukkie explaining very quietly and privately to Kyu, Hyuk and Hae what happened that night. Kyu and Hae go back to being my lovable Twincest boys and Hyuk not being able to look Yeh in the face for a month. Of coruse Yeh doesn't help this by bringing it up as often as possible, and making inside comments during meals, making Hyuk run out of the room and Teuk to kick/hit him.

And they all live happily ever after until HeeChul finds out what happened and then their lives go to hell again cause a) Chullies is pissed they drank without him and b) he finds it insanely amusing that Y.E.H had a threesome in the bathroom without telling anyone.


XDDD Bouncing penis was a wonderful tribute to jpr0n.

Yeh likes to keep track of how many he orgasms a day. ....for scientific purposes. He naturally brought Teuk into this scientific research.

Of course they do. It's Yeh and Teukkie after all
Lynnespiritevange_lynne on January 13th, 2007 05:04 am (UTC)
omg you kept me laughing through the whole 'aftermath' *giggles* sorry i just had to say that..
alohdarkalohdark on January 13th, 2007 05:09 am (UTC)
XD *Bows* I'm glad.
hamano_michiyo: EeSunghamano_michiyo on January 13th, 2007 02:33 pm (UTC)
Just sleeping is no fun >.> Unless theyre cuddling while sleeping and looking tres cute then I am happy. And of course they have to be a couple this story was for me XDDD And the others are just mad that Yeh is taken and they wont be getting any nookie from him after that =D

Yay for HyukHae \o/ Ahahahahahhahahahaha hickeys XDDDDD And I forgot about the whole parralell universe part sorry >.> Was just hoping they did it that much XDDDDDDDD

You and your twincest XDDD With non-lookaklike-non-twins XDDDDDDDDDDD So Hae doesnt deny molesting Hyuk :O? Meaning he wants too >.>? (HyukHae \o/ My second SuJu ship eva~!!!)

Ah poor Teukkie XDDD Having to explain to your sweet impressionable band babies that one of them had a threesome in the bathroom with leader and Yeh XDDDDDDDDDD Poor Hyukkie must be just traumatized XDDDD *pets him* I think Yeh would have a LOT of fun with that XD

Of course Chul would be mad :O Hes probably the biggest gossip and mischief maker in the group and THAT happens without him knowing? He'd tease Hyuk worse then Yeh was about it too XD

For now :D *coughAPERTUREcough*

Yea and the imagery just killed my brain XD

Of course for scientific purposes. And Im sure many scientific, enquiring minds would'nt mind knowing how much he orgasms a day. For scientific purposes of course. And Teuk would be the natural pick. He's the oldest without any ties to the other members (Im sure ShiWon wouldnt be happy if Yeh had tried to get Chul in on the research)and should have some decent previous experience.

Yay for MGP \o/ The seventh wonder of the world XD

I work all of next week other then Tuesday straight o.o Yay for big paycheques though >.>
alohdarkalohdark on January 13th, 2007 04:25 pm (UTC)
Well of course they cuddled and were all over each other while they slept, it's YEHSUNG after all. He can't go five minutes without touching somebody. And what do you mean the others won't get nookie from Yeh?? We now know that Teukkie is a voyeur and likes to watch Yeh do dirty things so occasionally Teukkie gives Yeh special permission to slut about as he watches.

LMAO XDDD No, parallel universe, not that much sex. XDDD

YES ME AND MY NON-LOOKALIKE-NON-TWINS!!! And Hae does deny it... just not as forcefully as he should cause he was drunk and didn't remember anything so he figured there was a *possibility* that he did molest Hyuk. *coughs*Don'tworrycauseafterthisHyukHaeandKyudecidedtohaveathreesometoo*coughs*

XD Poor Teukkie having to explain that night at all to anyone. XDD Cause you know, no secrets can be held in that house and once he explained to those who were on a need-to-know basis ended up spilling the beans to everyone else. And then Teukkie has to go around explaining the truth with Yeh just laughing away as he does. And poor Hyukkie being at the end of Yeh's sadistic teasing. XD

XDD I KNOW!!!! He probably sets up a lot of situations just to tease Hyuk cause you know you can't get to Yeh and Teukkie is the leader. Oh poor Hyuk being attacked on two fronts. XDD


XDDDDD Awesome and you need to draw me my YehHan inspired by Ayumu in an apron still. D:

WELL OF COURSE!! (And Chul wouldn't get in on Yeh's researched, he's conducting his own on with ShiWon)

XDDD Really?? MGP's are the seventh?? I would have thought they were the 2nd and then grow to the 7 and a half XDDDDDD

D: THAT SUCKS!!! My sister comes home Sunday >_>