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Fic | KyuHyun Loved His Hyung | PG

Title: KyuHyun Loved His Hyung
Rating: PG
Pairing: KyuMin
Genre: fluff
Notes: written for xcolorwalk
Summary: KyuHyun muses on why SungMin = TEH WIN
Disclaimer:This is a work of fiction, any resemblence to actual places or eventsis purely coincidental. This has been written without the consent of thereal people portrayed.

KyuHyun loved his hyung, really. SungMin was neither a great singer, nor a great actor, but he was a great person and really, that's what was important.

KyuHyun liked SungMin because Hyung was a better person than he could ever be. And he wasn't just being self-deprecating like RyeoWook when he went on his "I can't sing" tagents, KyuHyun knew that deep down he was a bad person. What kind of decent son joined the competition, after all?

KyuHyun's father was the big producer of DSP and he had big plans for his son who could mimic better than a tape recorder, but KyuHyun didn't want to be known as the world's best parrot, he wanted to sing his own songs in his own style. Joining SM gave him that chance.

KyuHyun knew the recruiting process for the entertainment industry, so it was easy to weasel his way into trainee status. A change of name was all it took for him to be just another Rising Star with a golden voice.

KyuHyun was approached by SungMin first, as he should have been, since you shouldn't approach your elders with criticisms, but instead of the lavish praise that everyone else had given his voice, SungMin merely asked him if he thought his shirt was too pink and maybe should he get a new detergent because, really, it was fading into too light of a shade.

KyuHyun was taken aback. It was random to the extreme, but it was so…sincere that he didn't know how to respond. No one had genuinely asked his opinion before and for the first time to be on an appropriate shade of pink and new clothing soap? "I don't know anything about washing clothes, so I don't know if there's anything wrong."

KyuHyun was floored when his hyung responded. "I don't know much about singing, so don't feel bad if I don't tell you you're amazing."

KyuHyun took special pains to watch SungMin after that fateful day. He watched his interactions with the others, his savoring sweet pumpkin porridge that EeTeuk had somehow gotten him and he even watched SungMin wash his clothes so that maybe he'd have some real response the next time.

KyuHyun eventually noticed that SungMin took care of everyone. He diffused fights between KangIn and KiBum, he kept YehSung out of the kitchen and made sure HanKyung always had SiWon's new phone number once the old one slipped into fangirl hands.

KyuHyun realized that SungMin would never betray his family, would never betray his brothers in Super Junior. When YoonHo was poisoned by anti-fans, he learned that SungMin viewed all of SM Town as his family.

KyuHyun said, after a perfect rehearsal and one of SungMin's more inane antics, "The only things I can compare you to are the black keys on a piano: sometimes sharp, sometimes flat, but never natural."

SungMin just smiled.

Tags: pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun

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