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Last part!! Finally ^^;;;

Title: Birthday blues
Rating: PG
Pairing: Hmmm, none really but there are little hints so I'll leave it up to you to decide who Sungmin may actually like.
Summary: Everyone has forgotten poor Sungmin's birthday whilst throwing a party for the New Year and he's in a VERY big sulk... every member features in this fic~ ^^ Because I love them all =)


 All of a sudden, there was an instant kerfuffle and shouting and scraping of chairs. Sungmin's eyes widened as an entire stampede headed straight for him, knocking him to the ground. 'Hyung!!' cried Ryeowook, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun who had all landed on top of him accidentally, 'You're okay!!'

Everywhere Sungmin looked, smiling and relieved faces surrounded him. Somehow, he was pulled to his feet and just stood, rather awkwardly, as Leeteuk came him to ruffle his hair. 'Sungminah,' he smiled affectionately, 'Never again, okay?? Don't run off on us.'

Sungmin shook his head forcefully, eyes wide. 'I promise!' he exclaimed, a little red-faced.

He looked around at everyone. 'I'm sorry guys.... I really am,' he bowed to all the guests, 'Really sorry this night got ruined because I was so stupid.'

Very suddenly and unexpectedly, Heechul grabbed Sungmin into a tight hug. 'Aissh... honestly, this boy!' then he looked right into his dongseng's eyes, his expression suddenly fierce, 'you do that again and you're dead meat.'

Sungmin gulped at Heechul hyung's dangerous temperment. 'I won't, hyung, I swear...'

Hankyung was also beside Sungmin, beaming incredibly happily. 'I'm so glad,' his arms had found themselves around Sungmin's neck, broken Korean tumbling out quickly as he struggled to express how relieved he was that the younger boy was back in one piece, 'Did you eat anything??'

Sungmin laughed, blushing slightly and shook his head. Hankyung rushed away at once to fetch something for his young friend to eat, muttering worriedly about how starving he must be.

‘I DID promise you pain… lots of pain,’ said Kangin, casting a sideways glance at a frowning Leeteuk, ‘But that plan was uh, scrapped.’ He then grabbed a startled Sungmin in a headlock. ‘That won’t stop me from doing this though! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU MADE US WORRY??’

‘Kangin!!!’ exclaimed Leeteuk, a thoroughly disapproving look painting his pretty face as Sungmin began to splutter. Kangin released the younger boy reluctantly as Sungmin choked out apologies in-between gasps.

The others also began to maul little Sungmin, asking him questions about where he went and what he did and sorry, sorry, sorry, SO sorry for acting like jerks earlier.

'Ahh jinjja, let him breathe,' Shindong started to clear the way for Sungmin to walk through, 'it's two minutes till new year!'

'Two minutes?!' exclaimed Kangin as he exchanged looks with Shindong. Without another word, they both bolted out of the door immediately. Sungmin thought this incredibly odd but before he could voice his thoughts, Leeteuk ushered him out to the balcony as everyone else followed; whispering excitedly. Sungmin wondered why he was the one who had to go first and felt rather cross because it was very small out on the balcony and very squished with all the members, plus DBSK, plus many many party guests. 

'Just one more minute, hyung,' Donghae was suddenly beside him, grinning. Sungmin felt his bout of irritation disappear immediately and returned his friend's smile.

All too soon, the new year countdown had begun.


Sungmin felt Kyuhyun squeeze his hand. 'I'm sorry, hyung. Hope you aren't mad with us anymore.'


Eunhyuk straddled Sungmin from behind, yelling and flailing, 'It's nearly new year!' 


Sungmin shook Eunhyuk off with a laugh, while Ryeowook took Tokki Snuggles from Sungmin's hand and held her firmly on top of the balcony bars, so she could have the best view.


Siwon suddenly kissed Sungmin on the cheek. 'Fighting!' the younger crooned into the electric night sky.


Leeteuk encircled his arms around Sungmin's neck.


Yesung leaned forward. 'Told you we didn't forget,' he said against Sungmin's ear. 


Sungmin caught a glimpse, as he turned, of Kibum stood away from the crowd, watching him from the back. The younger boy winked as they made eye contact.


Heechul, being Heechul, had managed to snake his way to the front, right next to Sungmin. 'I don't want you getting ALL the limelight,' he grinned, tossing his hair. Sungmin blinked, confused.


Sungmin caught a flash of Hankyung's brilliant smile.


Donghae grabbed hold of Sungmin's hand excitedly. 'Look, hyung!!' he squealed as the night air erupted in cheers and fireworks. But that's not what had caught Sungmin's attention. 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUNGMIN!!!!' his friends yelled loudly as the whole balcony magically lit up with multicoloured lights and high above them, in the sky, the twinkling of a newly released set of fireworks had joined to spell out 'Sungmin, sarang hae' in Hangul characters. 

'Oh...' breathed Sungmin in awe, quite unable to speak, his happiness bubbling over, 'it looks like magic...'

'Do you like it, then?' Heechul jabbed the younger boy's side with his finger, a grin curving up the corners of his mouth, 'We did that for you, you ungrateful brat.'

'Oh, hyung, thank you!!' Sungmin finally found his voice; he turned to everyone else, 'Jinjja jinjja kamsahamnida... thank you so much!!'

Once they had finished watching all the fireworks and trailed back inside, Kangin and Shindong had rejoined them. 'Like the message?' Shindong asked, cheesy grin on display.

'Took us ages to find fireworks that did that,' added Kangin, crossing his arms across his chest proudly.

Sungmin nodded his head forcefully. 'It was amazing!! Best birthday present ever!' he gushed, waving his arms wildly to express his jublilance, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you!'

Once they were back in the swing of Sungmin's birthday/pretend New Years party, Leeteuk had bought out the birthday seaweed soup that Hankyung had made with Kyuhyun and they all took turns feeding him. 

'We love you, Sungmin!!' Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Kangin and Shindong had chimed after they had all given their presents and sung the birthday song. Many guests and pretty girls at the party began congratulating him lots of times and Sungmin felt slightly dizzy from all the bowing. 

After Donghae, Eunhyuk, Siwon and Hankyung had fulfilled their quota of cuddling him to death, Sungmin beagn to feel quite sleepy. All that running away from home had exhausted him incredibly. He sat in a pile of pink wrapping up paper and opened presents, feeling very cosy indeed, whilst eyeing his new toys and gifts happily. 

Even Yesung had passed him with a 'yo, this is for you' and handed Sungmin a card before he had walked off. Upon opening it, Sungmin had discovered it was not actually a card but a comic strip Yesung had drawn of him. 'Sungmin the Pinkest Boy that ever lived' and on every page were perfect comic illustrations of all the scrapes and adventures he had got himself into with all the Suju members and all the memories they shared together. Sungmin loved it and Yesung hyung rightaway, making a mental note that the older boy was due for a reeeeeaalllly big squishy glomp later on, whether he liked it or not.

Heechul hyung was the last to hand over his present. Sungmin ripped at the wrapping paper and found a very proud looking furry pink cat sat up straight, it's tail curling around it's body as it gazed sneakily up at Sungmin through shiny plastic eyes. 'It's to remind you of me. I picked him out myself,' Heechul said, rather proudly.

'I can tell,' Sungmin said, stifling his giggles behind his hand. The cat was almost a carbon copy of the person who had bought him. 

'So, what are you going to name him?' asked Heechul impatiently.

'Erm...' Sungmin looked up at the meaningful gaze in the older boy's eyes. 'Heechul hyung, perhaps?' he finished rather meekly. Heechul's dark expression had suddenly cleared. 'Good, glad that's sorted,' he flicked his hair with satisfaction and sauntered off to find Yunho.

'Hyung...' said a small voice.

Sungmin looked up to see Kibum standing over him. 'I'm sorry, I didn't know what to get you,' the younger apologised sheepishly, staring at the carpet.

Sungmin shook his head, grinning from ear to ear. 'Aniyah... I've got everything I need in this very room,' he smiled and meant every word.

'Well... in any case, I did make you something, though,' Kibum produced a plate from behind his back, 'I asked Hankyung hyung to help me make it. It won't be anywhere near as good as yours, though.'

Sungmin took the plate curiously and folded back the foil cover. 'Sweet pumpkin pie!!' he exclaimed, nearly dancing with joy, 'I've been craving some all day!'

Kibum laughed, looking slightly anxious. 'Don't get too happy. You haven't tasted it yet..!'

'I'm sure it will be delicious,' said Sungmin sincerely, his eyes sparkling, feeling like the luckiest person alive as he tucked into Kibum's lovely pie; not forgetting to feed mouthfuls to Tokki Snuggles who was perched in his lap. He gazed round at the roomful of friends and a rush of extreme affection flooded him. He couldn't imagine being anywhere but right there at that moment.

'Hyung, you should really thank Donghae hyung,' said Kyuhyun, coming up behind Kibum, as they both watched Sungmin globbling up the pie rather messily, 'We were all worried about you when you went missing but Donghae was the most scared. He hated the thought of you being upset with us on your birthday and feeling lonely by yourself. He did not let any of us rest until we had found you.'

Sungmin registed Kyuhyun's words painfully and felt a surge of deep appreciation to Donghae. He scanned the room until his eyes fell upon his dongseng. Donghae was in the middle of a mission with his partner in crime, Eunhyuk. They had enlisted the help of Yoochun and Changmin for their latest tomfoolery: sneaking the last bits of birthday cake before Teukie hyung caught them. 

Sungmin felt incredible fondness for the other boy and waited until their gaze met. 'I'll tell him now,' he smiled at Kyuhyun and Kibum, who in turn smiled and moved away.

After catching his hyung's smile, Donghae had excused himself from the 'mission' and came over to flop down beside Sungmin in the midst of all the tissue paper and glitter and ribbons. Sungmin smiled at him through half-lidded eyes and tried to stifle a lawn. 'You sleepy, hyung?' Donghae asked, reaching to pluck a bow from one of the presents. He weaved it in-between Sungmin's hair. 'Ooh, very pretty,' he smiled, studying his handiwork.
Sungmin also smiled again. 'Donghaeyah, I know I said it before but I should say it again... thank you,' he touched the other boy's hand, 'I was really selfish and didn't think how awful my actions would make you guys feel. Especially you, Donghaeyah. I just didn't think... mianhae.'

'Hyung, it's really okay,' Donghae's expression was soft, 'I said so before, didn't I? So, don't worry anymore.'

Sungmin nodded and this time could not hold back his yawn. He rested his head upon Donghae's shoulder, the younger boy cradling him carefully. As Donghae began to stroke Sungmin's black hair, the older heard the brown-haired boy whisper into his ear. 'Go to sleep, hyung, we'll all still be here when you wake up.' 

Sungmin didn't even nod this time. He was warm, his heart felt fuzzy, he was full to the brim with delicious food and birthday cake, he was safe in his home with his best friends all around and it was suddenly occurring to him that Donghae's arms were feeling more and more like the most comfortable place he could ever be. He needed to note this as his new napping spot in the future. 

Clutching Tokki Snuggles closer against his body, tucking her right between him and Donghae, Sungmin sighed happily and nestled down against his pillow. Donghae (being the pillow) more than happily obliged.

Finally, at long last, after such a full day's adventure and toil, our little hero Lee Sungmin glanced once more around the room at his dear and wonderful friends with a content smile and instantly fell asleep in Donghae's comfy embrace, feeling like the most loved boy in the world.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ phew, finally finished it ! ! *^.^* hope you guys like the ending...

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