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This pollution inside me part 3

This pollution inside me part 3
Genre: Yaoi

Rating: NC 17

Pairing:  Hankyung and Co (story feat. Brian from FTTS and some DBSK)



When Brian arrived at the beach he saw the chinese boy sitting on the sand. he walked toward him. A couples minutes before,



- Hankyung? Is it you?


-How are you?

-Can I see you?

-Sure...are you okay?

Hankyung did not answered.

-Hello? You still there?

-Yes! I'll be at the beach...come if you can.

-I will.


After this conversation, Brian dropped what he was doing and went to meet him. He was hoping that Hankyung was okay.

He sat next to Hankyung who did not notice him.


-Oh God! Hi...sorry I was thinking...


For more than 10 minutes both of them just stay there, watching the water. Brian would not ask anything before the other decide to speak up.

-Brian...what is your definition of Love? depend....but I would say that it's to want to live and die as the same time. And you?

- To me It's like walking in the dark with a pain inside me. Looking for a cure in the dark....a cure that I know doesn't exist.

-Tell me what 's going on. Brian said with a really soft voice.

-I have feelings for...someone and...this person already have someone else. I tried everything to forgive him....everything! feelings are just becoming stronger. I know he does not love me and I'm fine with that. Totally! feelings still there.

-Does it hurt you?

-I 'll be a liar if I was answering No.

-Does he knows you love him?

-No! I don't want him to know! It's not necessary.


-If I tell him...our friendship's gonna become really ackward...he trust me and count on me....I'm like a brother to him. I cannot do that to him. I don't want him to feel ...unconfortable, different or weird around me.

-That how you feel when you are around him.

-Maybe but... I can handdle it....

-Don't over-estimate yourself Hankyung.

-Thanks! You can say it : I'm weak. HE said a liltle bit angry.

-That not what I mean. Every man has his limit. I though I could handdle the pressure and the stress. I end up with that. He said pointing at his stomach. I think you should take some days off and go somewhere else.

- No....I cannot do that....

-Kibum told me that you have 3 weeks left before the promotion of your cd remix.. So you can do it now because if you don't, you 'll regret it later.

-I'll be fine ...I just need to be more focus on my work....

-And how is the situation with DongHae?

-He still hates me...

-Great! You 're a big boy, you do whatever you feel...just take the right decision.

-I'll try.He looks at the sky and say : It's so funny...before I came in Korea....I though the only problem I would have to face was Racism. I never though that my feelings 'll drive me nuts....I end up with both. Some people have so many prejudices about others cultures.

-I know! People can be really rude sometimes.

-Yes! It was really hard cos some people really hate me because I'm chinese.

-I can feel you, I'm american and....since the war in Irak; everywhere I go...Even in Europe, people are not...really nice with my passeport.

-I saw you on remember...when the american soldier killed the 2 girls by accident....THey asked about your point of view.

You cried and....I cried watching that because...I could feel your pain.

-How can I forget? It was really hard to see people burning the american was insane...; Brian felt the other boy hand on him.

-I'm really happy that we can talk about differents things and thanks to be there.

-Anytime. By the way...Why did you always ignore me ?


-We met each other a couples times before and you never came to talk to me.

-Because... I did not though that you would want to talk to me .

-Why not? I even say "hi" to you once, you replied and almost ran away. I was like what a fuck? And Kibum told me " He's just shy...but he is a nice guy!".

-And then you said " How can someone be Shy and work in that industry? It's just a gimmick to attract fans".

-Oh! Sorry...

They both laugh. Hankyung put his head on Brian shoulder.

- I always though that you were snob and's the first impression you gave to me .Full of yourself too.'re really nice.

-I know , I know! Brian said joking.

-Do you have someone in your life?

-Kind of...

-"kind of" ?

-It's complicated...but I try really hard to keep it simple...

-Can you be more specific?

-Right now I'm single , but most of the times I date like....4 or 6 person as the same time.

-What? Why?

-Why not? it's not a crime and they know that I 'm seing someone else during I 'm with them.

-Really? I don't understand.

-Do you know YunHo ?

-Of course.

-We kind of....slept together.

-What??? Hankyung was so surprised that he stood up.

-But he was like a one night stand...we just do that when we saw each other. You know like when people go for a coffee.


-You seemed shocked..

-I'm just surprised.

-To be honest with you...It's like masturbation. The only differences is that :

1) You're not alone 2) You're not being selfish 3) And after sex you can actually have a nice talk with the other.

Hankyung was so red that BRian start to laugh at him:

-Common! I'm a human. It's normal. We all have sexual desire. Nothing wrong with that. Don't tell me you don't masturbate.

-Tha...that a really..stupid question....; HE felt really embarrassed.

-So if one day you want to do it...ask me.

-I don't think so.

-When I did it With YunHo it was after the heard about it , right?

-YEah! It was so sad: This anti fan who poisonned him.

-Yes ! He realized that he could had die. And since that, he decide to live his life at 100%. HE did it with me and with The other guy in his band and with Kibum and.....


-ooops! I think i talked too much. Said Brian when he brought his hand to his lips.

-What did you say?


-Repeat that!


-What you were saying.

-I did not say anything....



-Repeat! He sat down and look at him in the eyes.

- Ok...YunHo and Kibum slept together.

-Are you sure??Maybe someone lied to you...

-I saw them cos...I was kind of there...

-What do you mean ?

-You know ... like...I was there without being were having sex and I watched them and..joined know....we had too much drink know what I mean? ....a 3some?

-Not really...more like sex but with 3 persons.

-That a 3some!


-Oh my God!

-Sorry if I am shoking you...It was not my intentions...

-Tell me more!


-More gossips. No unfinished bussiness with me. And Kibum is like a liltle brother to me, so I have the right to know.

-You never had the desire to sleep with him?

-What? God No! Are you insane? Never! My God!

-Relax! was just a question.

-But when you did was before him and DongHae...right?

-Yes! I can tell you that he never cheats on him. Never!

-I believe you. If only DongHae could think like that...

-Give him some time.

-BAck to your gossips, what else?

-That I had sex with a ballet dancer...all the positions we did was incredible! So flexible...are you that flexible?

-What do you mean? He became more red than a tomatoes.

-You're a ballet dancer, right?

-Doesn't mean that I 'm a Karma Sutra master.

-But he was! The next day my entire body hurt.But it was so priceless. He said with a smile on his face.

-Oh my God!

-Are you a virgin?

-Me...that a personal question....

-Common! Answer!'s really personal ....

-If you don't I 'm gonna kiss you.



-I refuse...


-Ok! oK! I'm not!

-Really? I'm surprise.


-I though you would wait for the right know? Like in those romantics movies. So how many times did you do it?

-Just once....


- You have to promise to me that...You never gonna tell anybody.

-I swear on my parents. If I say something, You can do the same thing with everything I told you.

-And please, don't scream too....

-Go ahead! I'm not gonna judge you. Trust me.

-Okay! He took a deep breath and say something. But it was so fast that Brian did not understood.


-I don't want to reapeat it.

-I did not catch what you said.

-Because we work together on 3 songs...we start to hang out and then...we became lovers. But it's the past now.

-WHO IS IT DAMMIT? was...YunHo!

Brian did not say anything. He was just looking at him with a weird expression on his face.


-HEu..that! I would never have expect that....

-YEah! But it's over...we don't even call each other to say Hi....

-But it was good, right?

-.....yes.....what kind of question is that?

-When you did it....who was driving the other!


-Sorry...I was just curious.

-We were dancing a slow and then....he kissed me happened.

-What song was that?

-I don't remember the name of that song but the band is ... Jump to the sky.

-You mean: Fly to the sky?

-Yes! tHat the name. It was good but the singers oversing too was a liltle bit weird sometime cos the beat was so sweet and the voices to strongh. But with more experience I'm pretty sure they gonna become better singer in the future.

-Hankyung...Fly to the sky it's my remember?

-Oh my God! HE became all red again.!

BRian laugh really hard at his reaction.

-You are so cute.

-I am so sorry.

-It's fine! It's your opinion, I like when people are being honest with me.

-WHat time is it?

-Holy shit : it's already 6 pm.

-You came at like 3 .

-It's so much fun talking with you.

-We should do that more often.

-Good Idea.


Brian gave him a ride home.

-Thank you and...please don't tell anybody about me and YunHo.

-I promise! Bye!


He used the back door to enter in the house. He was in such a better mood than the afternoon that, he did not want anyone or anything to ruin it. HE just wanted to go take a shower and go to bed. HE was not hungry.

Later in the shower, naked under the hot water, he could not stop thinking about their 3some: BRian, Kibum and YunHo....what a strange idea but so hot.

"Oh my God! NO! That so wrong....not a good idea...No!".

-Are you talking with yourself ?


-Sorry! I'm brushing my teeth. I did not mean to interrupt you.

Hankyung stop the water:

-It's fine...I'm done. Can you pass me the towel? HE asked behind the curtain.



When he opened the curtain, the long white towel around his hips, he saw Kibum almost naked...well...he has a towel too around his hips but...a liltle bit more low. He felt weird. Really weird. Kibum has a nice body..but he was like a youngest brother to him.

-Hankyung are you okay?

-Yeah..just was the photoshoot? Both boys were facing the mirror.

-Tired! Thanks God DBSK boys were there.


-Why do you look so surprised?'m DBSK was there?

-Yes! It's been a while I did not see after that I hang out with YunHo.

-That cool....

He was trying his best to not look really curious about the story.


-We went to eat some ice cream....It was so Hot.

-Hot? What do you mean...?

-The weather....todays was like 34 degrees. Are you okay?

-Yeah...sorry! Continuous.

-We spend time together. After that we went to the sauna.

-Why? He looks so chocked that Kibum replied.

-Something wrong? He put his hand on Hankyung neck

-Not! He tried to not start to tremble at this contact.

-I never notice how hot you were.

-oH...., HE gulped.

THe more the young singer was touching him, the more he felt really weird.

-You look so tense. I think you need a massage.

-No, I'm fine...

-See! I was right: you're avoiding me....That suck!

-No..I'm not.

-Why do I have to pay for DongHae mistake? So unfair...

Kibum looked so sad that Hankyung could not resist:

-Actually...a massage before bed it's a good idea.

-You're not gonna regret it. Kibum say with a cute smile.

-You're so cute when you smile like that.

Hankyung's comment made Kibum blushing.


-Do you realize that it's Heechul chair...he'll kill me if he see me sitting on his pink princess chair.

-Then I 'll lock the door.

Hankyung immediatly regrets his comments. The door was now closed and locked.

-I'm gonna borrow his oil too.


-For the massage it's more easy


-Just kidding! He puts some of Heechul ' s oil on his hands.

THe minute he touched the chinese boy's shoulders, he begins to sweat.

Kibum gently rubs his shoulders.

-THis oil smell good.

-Smell like vanilla.

-Our princess has really good taste. So I went to the sauna with him...we relaxed, you know how pictures can be so hard sometimes.


-He gave me a massage too. He's not better than me was good.

Hankyung was trembling under his hands.

-What do you think....of him? Hankyung asked.

-He's nice and smart. I like to talk with him. By the way, he asked about you.


-I don't know! Did you guys used to be friends?

-Not know...normal people...

-"Normal people"?

-Like...we worked on 3 songs so...we talked but..., As the same time he felt Kibum fingers touching his nipples.

-Keep talking...., Kibum whispers in his ears.

-Yes so...we...were friends during the collaboration....what about you?

-Can you keep a secret?


-Me and YunHo....




TO BE CONTINUED.......I know my english suck but i ' m trying hard....o_0".................




Hankyung gave him a call : .
Tags: pairing: hangeng/kibum, pairing: hangeng/other, with: fly to the sky
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