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THis pollution inside me (part 2) this time it better work

 This pollution inside me (part 2)
genre: Yaoi

A couples minutes later, all the boys enter in the bedroom except for Heechul and Hankyung.

They could hear them shouting.

-Stay here...I'm gonna see what's going on, ok? Heechul said.

Hankyung did not wait for him. He stood up and went to the room, following by Heechul.

-Can you be quiet? He yelled at them.

-Oh! BRavo! We were wainting for you actually. Dong Hae said and gave a really bad look to the chinese boy.


-Dong Hae...he has nothing to do with that...; Kibum said.

-Really? That why you spend all yours nights with him. HE accused.

-I don't understand....; Hankyung looked at them without understanding what they were talking about.

Kangin put his arm on Dong Hae's shoulder:

-Stop it! You're talking non sense; let's just....

-No! You stop it! All of you have nothing to do here: it's between me , Kibum and Hankyung.

-Dong Hae...what's wrong?

-"What's wrong?" . I swear to God you have some gutts. Do you think I'm dumb? I know that Kibum it's cheating on me with you.

-What? But...that not true!

-Don't play the innocent with me Hankyung : it doesn't work.

-Dong Hae...for God sake....No!

-I saw you, ok?

The others look at Hankyung who did not knew what to say. He was shocked and surprised as the same time.

-You such a jerk Dong Hae...., Kibum said to him.

-I'm not the hypocrite here...both of you should be ashamed. what about your necklace on Kibum? It's still my imagination? Kibum has Hankyun's chain around is neck.

-We're close but there is nothing going on....

-REally?And what about yesterday night?

-We were talking..., Kibum replied.

-Talking about what for more than 4 hours? Tell us!

Kibum look at Hankyung. Both of them kept it quiet.

-I knew it! Kibum you're such a looser...

-Fuck off !

-What did you said?

-You hear me : FUCK OF-F! Kibum repeat.

-Stop it...that so ridiculous..., Hankyung begged them.

-You play the innocent victim but all you are is an hypocrite who cannot speak Korean for shit. You don't care about others can you be that selfish?

-DongHae Shup up! Shiwon could not let him attacked Hankyung like that.

-Hankyung you're just pathetic.You tried so hard to steal him from me. YOu know what? I really don't want him anymore, you can have him. He turns to Kibum : We're done!

-We should have done that a long time ago sucker! Kibum left the room.

-Oh my God...guys...that horrible...EunHyuk said.

-We all know who's the fault is. You came between us...we used to be happy. And you ruinned it. DongHae left the room furious.

The other follow him. Before he leaves, Kangin applauds and say sarcastic:

-Good Job Hankyung! Good Job!

Remained all alone, Shiwon talked:

-Are you okay?

-I...don't know what to say...

-I know you're not responsable...

-I am...I destroyed their...relationship. It's my fault...

-Calm down! I know you didn't.

-I spend too much time with Kibum. What did I do? Tears ran on his cheeks.

Shiwon took him in his arms and press him against himself.

-It's gonna be okay!

It felt so good in his arms. He could have spend his entire life in Shiwon's arms.HE was the one he loves. Shiwon and Nobody else. But he could not tell him, because Shiwon was not in love with him. Shiwon likes Kangin. Sunddely, Hankyung deviated from Shiwon. " I don't want you to be sad Shiwon. I refused to destroyed what's you have with Kangin." He though.

-Are you okay?

-Yeah...I'm gonna take a walk.

-I'm coming with you...

-No....please! have to stay away from me...


-PLease...I need to be alone...; He ran outside and did not looked back.

He ran until he arrived at the beach. Nobody was there except a old man who was playing with his dog. HE could feel the wind in his hair.

HE sat on the sand and start to think. What DongHae said hurt him alot. Because he always considered him as a brother and because he could see why he was jealous. It's true that he spend too much time with Kibum. ANd he refused to repeat that with Shiwon. HE looks at his hands: THey were shaking. HE felt dazes and really confused....

-Hello? Are you okay?

Hankyung opened his eyes and saw the boy face:

-What happened? He whispered.

-You fell asleep here...

-Oh...! Do you have the time?

-Yeah! It's past 8 .

-What? He stood up and look at the other boy. I know you...You're Brian. Right?

-Yes! Kibum's friend.

-I have to go...

-You need a ride?

BEfore he has a chance to answered, he felt a pain on his chest and almost faint if it was not for the other who grabbed his arm.

-Are you okay?

-Yeah! It's nothing...just a little bit tired...

-You are really pale. THere is a clinic close to here...'s not necessary. I'm fine. Can we go now?


LAter, they arrived in front of the boys house:

-Tell Kibum I said Hi!

-No problem. I will.

-What's your name?

-I'm Hankyung.

-You're the chinese boy...

-Yeah! The one who cannot speak korean for shit. He said with a sad smile.

-That not what I mean...

-You can say it! I'm just a looser....a selfish looser.

-Don't be so hard on yourself. With his finger, Brian gently rubbed Hankyung's cheek

" You have some sand there."

Hankyung Blushed and stuttered:



-You're really cute when you're blushing.

They stayed a while without saying anything. Hankyung was the first to broke the silence:

-I should go! Thanks! He gett off the car.

-No problem, cia!

He looked at the car leaving.

-Were were you? DO you know that I was worry?

-HE turned and saw Shiwon in front of him.

-Sorry...I spend the day on the beach.

-Are you okay? You looked so pale...

-I 'm fine! How are Kibum and Donghae?

-I 'm telling you now: the athmosphere is really tense. Some are mad at you....They think you really did it, But I know you didn't. EunHyuk and Sungmin too, think like me.

-Thank you!

Shiwon smiles at him, and this little smile warm his heart.


When he entered in the kitchen he saw Kibum cleaning the dishes. The young boy looked at him:

-Were were you?

-At the beach...Kibum...I'm so sorry...

-No! Don't be...You have nothing to be sorry about, things happen.

-No! We spend so much time togheter were trying to help me; you totaly forgot about your own relationship...I'm so sorry Kibum. You don't say anything but I know it make you sad.

-Of course it does....I love him. Kibum murmured by lowering his head. But; he doesn't believe me and I cannot be with someone who have no trust in me.

- I understand!

-It's really painfull because I did not expect that from him...and Hankyung I really need your...; He stopped talking.

-What? Hankyung went toward him.

-I hope it's not gonna stop you to stayed my friend...please, don't avoid me Hankyung.

His eyes were all red, he closed them and leaned against the table. He did not want the other to see him crying but he could not help it. Hankyung placed his hands on his head and gave to him a gentle kiss on the face:

-Maybe I will have to avoid you for awhile....not because I want to, but I have to. For the band and....for yourself. For Donghae feelings too. You understand?

-That so stupid...

-I know but I have too.

-So basically we have to ignore each other and act like strangers...

-No! But...just like, not sleeping in the same bed and room...stuff like that.

-It would be so simple if I was in love with you...Hankyung you such a good person....I wish that Shiwon will see that one day.

Hankyung removed his hands from the young boy face and moved them on Kibum's back:

-Trust me: you don't want to be my lover.I talk during my sleep.

It make Kibum smile.

-Yeah! I know....I even punched you once but you did not bother.

-Really? I don't remember. They both laughed until a voice behind them make them stopped:

-Sorry to interrupt you. PLease ignored me.

DongHae walked toward the fridge.

-Good night Hankyung! Kibum left the room; not even looking at his ex lover .

Hankyung was looking at the other boy drinking water:

-What do you want?

-We have to talk...

-About what?

-This big missunderstood.

-Cut the act ! He 's all your now. HE 's probably wainting for you...

-You know he loves you....and you feel the same about him...

-Stop it! I don' want to have this conversation with you.

-Why you don't believe me? Yes we spend alot of time together. I apologized for that. But nothing happened. I swear!

-A couples minutes ago you were flirting with him and you have the gutts to swear? Have some respect for yourself and please: leave me alone.

Hankyung would never forget the bad look the other boy gave to him. A mixed of jealousy and hate that he could feel in his voice. It was so strange and it hurt him alot. HE was not ready for that.

For more than 2 weeks, the atmosphere still really tense in the house. Hankyung was almost avoiding everybody and most Kibum and Shiwon. HE was really scared to cause another conflict. The minute the practice was over; he locked himself in the bedroom or was taking a walk on the beach.

One day that he was reading on his bed; Shiwon came:


-Hi...; Shiwon was wearing a jean and a black long sleeves shirt. He find him so hot like that it makes him speechless.

-Would you want to come with me to buy food? We have some guests tonight, KIbum and EunHyuk invited some friends. RyeoWook came back from China also.


-YEah! He has something for you...from your mom.

-So...he went to see them?

-YEs! He told me that one day when he was not filming the commercial, he tooks the day off and visit your family.

-Really? That so nice....I did not asked cos I know he was going there to work.

-I know you wouldn't so...I asked him.

-Thanks Shiwon!

-My pleasure Hankyung ! He sat next to him on the bed. Is it me or you're trying to avoid me ?

-No...I'm not.


-Not's just because of you and Kangin...I really don't want to caused another conflict.

-Of course you're not gonna do that! Don't be such a fool.

-Tell me...what do you feel about him?

-It's...hard to explain...actually; I wanted to tell you that....but we did not have a chance to talked you and me.


-I find him really attractive...

-Really? Hankyung tried to smile when he heard him.

-He 's really different...he can be really cruel but nice too. I hurt myself during the practice and he stayed with me until the coach came. I found that really nice of him.

-Of course it is.

-What do you think?

-Do him?

-I don't know...but I like him for sure.

Hankyung could not take it anymore. HE has to controled himself to not broke something,

-So? Do you think he likes me?

-It's hard to say...he's mean with people sometimes. But inside we know he's a good guy. Maybe he 's starting to have feelings for you're such a greAT're nice, polite, bright, really care about everybody, you're loyal're good looking. I don't see why he would not fall for you.

-Thanks...I wish he was the one talking right now.

When he said that, Hankyung's heart stop beating for 3 seconds. It's hurt him alot. He turned his face and pretend to look at something on the wall.

-I know what you feel but give him some time. Don't rush everything...but sometimes show him that you really appreciate him.

-How ?

-By asking him to go do the grocery with you.

-Got it! Thanks! You're so smart. Bye; I'm gonna ask him now.

He ran out and left a broken Hankyung alone. He closed his eyes. " I have to be strongh....I have to! It's gonna be okay!".

To not think about that; he decided to keep himself busy. He spend the whole day cooking in the kitchen. RyeoWook comes and grabs a cookie on the plate.

-That so made them ?

-Yes !

-Wow ! You made all that food ? He looked at all the plates full of food on the table.

-Yes and now I have to make the cocktails....without alcohol.

-Donghae bought beer anyway.

-By the way...thanks for...the visit you gave to my family.

-You're welcome. Your mom is really sweet! She cooked for me, it was so good! I Now I understand why you such a good cook.

Hankyung smiled at him:

-Yeah...she tough me alot. I miss her so much...

-I know! I'm gonna putt in your room what's she send to you.



It was 7 pm when the guests arrived. Hankyung was in his bedroom, reading his mom letter. HE was not really in the mood for a party and refused to make some people uncomfortable around him. But the main reason was probably Shiwon. After what happened earlier; He really wanted to stay away from him.

Kangin enter in the bedroom:

-Hey ! You're not comin?


-Okay! BE miserable by yourself during we are having fun.

-You're so rude sometimes...

-What ?


KAngin watch him for a while without saying anything and sunddely leave the room.

"Cannot believe that some people are attract to him...." As the same time, Shiwon entered in the bedroom with glasses in his hands:

-How come you're not outside?

-No...I have things to do....

-Common! He gave to him one of the drinks. it alcohol?


-Oh! okay...

-Try it, it's really of Kibum friends brought it. Did you saw Kangin?

-Yeah...he was there a couples minutes ago.

-Okay! I see you later then. Shiwon disappeared behind the door.

"Damn! Why do I feel this way about him? Why him? " HE though. HE drank the vodka. It was strongh but not bad.

-Ni - Ha!

-Brian? Hi....I did not knew you were there.

-Yes! I'm one of the guests. Why are you here?

-HEu...I'm reading....and....

-What's wrong?


-Common! You're locking yourself here...

-No, no...I just wanted to be alone and I'm gonna come later...

- Life is hard sometimes. Brian sat next to him on the floor.


-You should take a break before you totaly breakdown.

-I don't know what you're talking about.

-Kibum told me about...the fight and...his break up! I'm pretty sure it's must be hard on you.

-Yes but...I'm not a kid. I can handdle it.

-Look, if you need to breath and get out from this place for a while , let me know. You can crash to my place anytime.

-Oh...thanx but I don t think I'll need it. He answered with a smile.

-Just in case. A couples months ago I 've been through a...alots of things....I'ts not easy to feel alone on this planet.

-I heard you were sick...

-Yeah! Stupid stomach problem. I take my medication and folow a strict diet.

-I 'm sorry! If I knew I would have cooked something special for you. I'm sorry.

-It's okay! I can have vegetables and you cooked alot of them. It's really good. I had some.

-Thanks! Next time, I'll do something special for you.

-I''ll be glad to eat it.

They spend the night talking until it was time to go. BEfore he left, he grabbed Hankyung's hand and wrote his phone number on it:

-Call me if you need to talk or...if you want to breath. Ok?

-I will. Thanks Brian.

The next day , he woke up earlier at 9 am and start to clean all the mess the others did the night before. Kibum came a liltle bit later at 10 and start to help him.

-You really don't have to do that: it's our mess.

-Your mess is mine too.

They both laugh.

-Hankyung...I miss you!

The chinese boy stopped what he was doing and turned at Kibum to face him.

-But I 'm there.

-It's not the same..I know you think that by doing that I'm gonna go back with him's not gonna happened: it's too late. still love him...

-Yes but he doesn't...what's the point? I'm sick and tired of his attitude....


Hankyung could not focus on the lyrics. He has to translate "Miracle" in Mandarin , for the promotion next month in China.

-God...I cannot focus. He decide to get a drink. The house was really quiet. Some of them went on a TV show and the others to the studio for a photoshoot. It was so hot that he was thinking of getting a ice cream. When he was going back in his room, he heard a noise. It was coming from the laundry machine. It sound like Shiwon voice. The door was not loocked. He hesitates but decide in the end to see what was going on inside. What he saw he would never ever forget it. HE went back to the bedroom in silent and locked the door. He sat on the floor, he puts his hand on his head and closed his eyes. What he saw....KAngin and Shiwon having sex in the laundry machine.

HE really did not want to see that. He could feel the pain on his chest. This pain gave to him a really weird feeling: like if his heart was bleeding.

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