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Title: MKMF Makes for Good Memories

Pairings (not in order, mind you): Jaechul, Jaebum, Jaeki, Jaewoo, Jaewoojin, light JaeChun, a TEENY bit of JaeMin, the SMALLEST bit of JaeHo (If you blink, you'll miss it. Really..), and just plain, good-old Jaesha-ing.

Rating: PG/PG13 (as expected. XD)

Notes: H.O.T. is a bad influence to my head, and it's JiHye's first day of winter break. Nuff said. Expect oddness of the Jihye brand.
Also: crossposted to hug______ and jaexanyone

WARNING: Minwoo-whoring, Jaejoong-whoring, and Heechul-whoring occurs. Badly. Trust me. >_>;;


It's not everyday you get to meet a legend. But now, he's staring you in the face, but you don't know what the hell to do.

"Kim Jaejoong." Your name leaves his lips and you feel yourself drawn to it, lassoed by the sight of his body wrapped around Junjin before grinning wolfishly.

A dancer. THE dancer, really- and to take no puns on the legend thing, too. Besides, nobody would mind- all the MCs do it, anyways.

But all thoughts fly out of your head when you find his face in close proximity with yours- tooclosetooclose- and no more words or thoughts of feelings.. Just the simplicity of him and you and him.

But that was a long time ago.

"Minwoo-sshi." You nod courteously- of course you should, he's a professional at performance. Much better than you at this rate, anyways. But then he smiles again, that same smile, and you know he remembers.


Of course he gets his own dressing room- crippled and all, most of Super Junior wouldn't want to handle a PMS-ing Heechul, anyways.

"You just think I'm pretty."

Sarcasm. "Perhaps."

"I know you do." A wicked smile, and a passionate kiss- with the simple gesture of a hand curling in hair before it was slapped away.

"Careful. You know how much I hate that."

"Right." But by now, the mood was broken, and he's too busy fixing his precious hair, and you drift away to find somebody else to bother, when you realize you've fallen out of his favor. You walk past DongHae from the way back.


Three doors away, it's Super Junior's dressing room, minus K.R.Y. But you don't care- there's technically only one person on your mind right now..

But it looks like somebody else got to him first, judging by his lips. But you don't mind being second; it wasn't like your first time was with him, either way.

Trainee days were too far away, but it didn't seem like debut was going to happen any time too soon. For them, anyways. You'd already debuted as DongBangShinKi, but he was left behind like a dog following a car too fast for it's paws.

"Hey," he says, and you 'hey' back, with awkward silence between the two of you. What else is there to say? A rookie singer and a trainee together.. What a laugh.

But before the sound escapes out of your lips, he's already there, pushing his own against yours and you try to remember to breathe. Breathe and remeber that it's Kibum that's here with him, passionate and forceful and completely lustable for. Gods, how long as it been, since you debuted- since you left him- and he went to Heechul for company, while you were with Yunho and Yoochun and ChangMin and Junsu.

'It's been too long..' you decided then, and you remember the sight of his baby-faced smile in a complete state of restful peace.

"It's been too long." A nod, this time- and he moves on, and you let him pass by with a brush to your shoulder.


"JaeJoongie hyung?" A familiar voice that you hear everyday rings down the hallway, and you turn to see ChangMin in all his stage glory.

"Hmm?" Turning, you realize how short you are compared to him, especially when you're wearing sneakers.

"Ah.. nothing. It's just that.. Yoochunnie hyung wanted to know where you were.. and.." he stutters, and you laugh.

"If Chunnie wanted to know where I was, he would've come himself," you say, and it's true. The past few months, he's been tagging along with you, but all you can say is that you find it cute.

"Well.. then.." he hesitates, and you laugh again.

"I'm just going to go talk to Junki. I promise."

"Oh?" Tilting his head, you decide that it certainly looked cute, even with the dashing costume he wore.

"Yeah. Tell Yunho not to wait for me."

"..okay." And he walks away, with you noting that from the back, he certainly didn't look like the youngest anymore.


"Hello?" A discreet knock on the door, answered by a lazy 'come in'.

"Junki.." You stop, and drink in the sight of him in a suit, looking very very very..

"Nice," you comment, and you're rewarded by a slow smile.

"Like the tie?" He indicates his immaculate outfit, only your eyes don't catch a glimpse of said tie.

"What tie?" you almost ask, before you catch yourself and walk up to him.

"Very, very much.." you whisper in his ear, and run a hand down to unbutton just one, small button.

"Ah-ah." A hand stops yours, and you know you'll just have to wait.


"Five minutes!" the PD yells, and you rush back to your dressing room, grabbing your dress shoes from Yunho waiting at the door.

Up on the stage, all Minwoo sees are lights and fans and balloons, waving and listens to them chanting their name. Forget it- at this rate, the boys will have to make a run for it from the back door.

It's all planned out, but one damned teenager wrecks it all- not by a shout, or scream, but one pale hand reaching out to tug on Minwoo's sleeve.

"Aren't you Lee Minwoo-sshi?" he asks, and all Minwoo does is nod- who the hell is this boy, asking him his name that Korea knew so well?

"Oh.. Congraduations." he replies softly, and let go. "I'm Kim JaeJoong- and one day, I'll win an award like you."

Drumrolls sound.. and Five.. Four.. Three.. Two.. One..

The Press, the Audience, with their cameras and phones winking and filming the lone MC who's grinning like a maniac.

"The Award goes to.... DongBangShinKi! Congradulations!"

"Nice work!" You hear, and turning around, you forget who said it- Shiwon, or one of the SuJu boys.. But your attention's just on his face, flashing a cheesy thumbs- up before blending back into the roaring crowd.

You nod courteously- of course you should, he's a professional at performance- much better than you at this rate, anyways. But maybe you'll end up like him, anyways.

It's not everyday you get to meet a legend.
Tags: pairing: heechul/jaejoong, with: dbsg, with: shinhwa
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