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Super Junior; Eunwook; Apple Pie

Title: Apple Pie
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: EunWook (non-romantic)
Word Count: 1,115
Rating: G
Summary: Eunhyuk and Ryeowook attempt to make a pie, and fail ensues.
Genre: Humor
A/N: Another holyschm0use216 fic battle! fic. schm0use already posted hers, and hers pwns mine to the like....millionth degree. Oh well, I tried. This was written a while ago, and it's not my favorite, but i have to post it anyways XD. I guess it's kinda a filler!fic because I have so many to finish and post and i want this one out of the way and its a break from smut until my next KyuMin comes around ;D so i hope you enjoy, at least. Plz dont kill me for my fail XP

Eunhyuk stared at the recipe book. Ryeowook blinked at the page. Eunhyunk turned to look at the other boy, expression desperate.

“Do you know if we have any cinnamon?” he asked somewhat hopefully, failing to mask the doubt in his voice.

Ryeowook closed his eyes and shook his head sadly. Eunhyuk sighed, peering above the counter into the near-empty cupboard stocked with raw pasta, a box with 3 protein bars, and a can of Vienna sausages. He lowered his head in despair.

They were going to have to go to the store.


Eunhyuk hooked the small, blue plastic basket on his arm and tucked the oversized recipe book under the other. Ryeowook wandered ahead, grabbing necessities for the apartment, like straws and napkins and edible food. Eunhyuk shuffled up to the girl stocking the produce section, tapped her on the shoulder, and shoved the large recipe book in her face. She blinked at him.

“Um…can you…show me where all of this stuff is?” Eunhyuk asked tentatively, tapping the page with his index finger.

The girl smiled at him kindly and nodded. “Sure, no problem,” she said as she led him off to the baking isle to get ingredients for piecrust. Eunhyuk was sorely tempted to buy a premade pan, but he restrained himself. Donghae could always tell if food was store bought.

Ryeowook met him at the cash register, awkwardly trying to maneuver two carts stocked full of chips, water, paper plates, chicken, a couple bottles of soda, seaweed, crackers, a pack of straws, gummy candy, shampoo, 2 lbs of rice, juice, cheese, mangoes, a package of napkins, beef jerky, pasta, Chocó pies for Heehchul, cucumbers, canned soup, and other various items. Eunhyuk stared at him. Ryeowook shrugged.


Back in the kitchen, they unloaded all the bags and decided that if they were going to make an apple pie they had better get started. But really, thought both boys, neither of which had previously attempted to bake (for good reason), how hard can it be?

It was more difficult thank they expected.

“Wait…” said Ryeowook slowly, and Eunhyuk looked at him. “…Did you already put in cinnamon?” Eunhyuk looked at the measuring spoon, inspecting it closely.

“…I dunno,” he said.

Ryeowook looked at the spoon for a second, scratching his nose and leaving a large white flour smudge on his face. Then he looked at the bowl. They added another teaspoon, just in case.

A few minutes later, Ryeowook looked up at the sound of Eunhyuk humming worriedly to himself.

“What is it?” he asked.

“It says to add vinegar to the apple mix…” said Eunhyuk slowly. “But this book is so old that the number of tablespoons has been rubbed off.

“Oh.” said Ryeowook.

“Yeah.” said Eunhyuk.

“Well, just dribble some in, I suppose…”

Eunhyuk tilted the vinegar bottle carefully. Just then the phone rang, startling him and making his hand jerk, thus causing him to pour in a quarter of the bottle of vinegar. He gasped in horror at the now very watery, very smelly mixture. Ryeowook gave a strangled cry and threw down the phone, interrupting Yesung mid-sentence, and rushed over. He peered into the bowl. The kitchen was silent for a moment.

They agreed to double the sugar.


Yesung had called to announce the group would be arriving at their apartment for dinner in three hours, and to warn them that Heechul was being snippy today. Ryeowook and Eunhyuk hurriedly threw the pie into the oven, twisted the dial as far as it would go, and turned to tackle the disastrously messy apartment in preparation for the visit. As they wrestled with a gigantic dustbunny under the couch two hours later, neither of them noticed the thick black smoke pouring from the kitchen.


Four hours and a large dinner later, Heechul seemed rather sedated. The members figured it was safe, so Eeteuk turned his attention to Ryeowook.

“I heard rumor of an apple pie?” he asked eagerly.

Eunhyuk and Ryeowook smiled nervously to each other. Eunhyuk pushed his seat back, got up from the table, and walked into the kitchen, returning a second later with a beautifully golden brown apple pie held between pink flowered oven mitts (a gift from Sungmin). Eeteuks eyes lit up and the members oohed appreciatively. Donghae sniffed at the air and cast a suspicious look at Ryeowook and Eunhyuk before slipping into the kitchen unseen, all eyes on the pie now being served. Everyone was congratulating the two on their fabulous success with the pie, when Donghae stepped out of the kitchen using a pair of tongs to clutch at a blackened circle leaking bright yellow goo and smelling strongly of vinegar.

Despite it’s charred exterior, the thing was still, unmistakably, a pie.

Donghae’s face split into a mischievous grin as he looked at the pair. “What was this …er…thing…doing in the oven?” he asked innocently.

“…Proof of flying saucers?” Eunhyuk offered as a hopeful yet pitiful attempt at a distraction. A short pause followed this statement. The table burst into laughter. Eunhyuk’s face burned as Ryeowook groaned next to him.

“I didn’t know you baked, Wook,” joked Yesung from across the table.

Ryeowook opened his mouth to retort, glanced at the mess in Donghae’s hands, and closed it again, looking sheepish. Eeteuk reached over and put his arm around his shoulder comfortingly, smiling at the two boys kindly.

Once the laughter subsided a little, Eunhyuk opened his mouth to speak. The members looked at him and he glanced at Donghae, who immediately stopped whistling and making UFO noises at the pie at the look on his face.

“We…” Eunhyuk sighed defeatedly. “We just wanted to do something nice for you. I mean, to really say thank you for…for everything.” He looked at the table, embarrassed. “I guess we kinda screwed that up, huh?” The table was quiet.

“…So who wants the first piece?” offered Donghae loudly, looking around at them all and waving the reeking pie in the air. Eunhyuk’s head snapped up.

“WHAT? No, hyung, don’t eat that—“ he began, stretching out his hand for the pie but the other boy was already serving the it to a widely grinning Heechul and Shindong. Eunhyuk looked apprehensive, but the other members assured him it was okay, they wanted to show their appreciation, too.

After all the plates had a small scoop of neon goo on them, the members picked up their forks. Kibum looked down at his plate and wrinkled his nose.


The next day, their schedule was postponed after the managers discovered that all 13 Super Junior members had somehow managed to contract food poising all at once.

Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/ryeowook
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