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Super Junior; Shindong/Kibum; We Are Disco!

Title: Shindong / Kibum / We Are Disco!
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Kibum/Shindong (non-romantic)
Word Count: 787
Rating: PG
Summary: Shindong is bored. Hilarity ensues, to Kibum's chagrin.
Genre: Humor (leaning towards the crack!kind)
A/N: So maybe I should explain a little more about the Holyschm0use216 Fic Battle. Basically, when I'm bored, I come up with too many ideas. And one of them was to hit up the SuJu pairing generator, fill a page with pairings, and then have me and holykeebler216 pick a pairing, write a drabble/short scene, and see how they were the same, how they were different, etc. This was the first one we wrote.

Side note, I'm getting ready to go to class, following which are a capella auditions at my school holycrapnervous. That is all.

"Kibum ignores Shindong. If he ignores him, maybe he’ll go away."
Tags: pairing: shindong/kibum
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