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15 December 2006 @ 12:29 am
Disclaimer: Don’t own them. I don’t own anything recognizable.
Comments: Whoa…took me forever….Hmm….much longer drabbles then before…

Thank you to Ashleigh, Helen, CF and Rohan for the prompts.

If you are interested, my other works are here

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Title: Lick
Author: BG
Rating: PG+
Pairing: Yehsung/KangIn
Prompt: Water

It was early but for some inexplicable reason I found myself staring at the ceiling with wide sleepless eyes. I lay quietly for a moment and willed myself to fall back into slumber but it soon became clear to me that that just wasn’t going to happen.

I sighed heavily and sat up. I figured I’d get first crack at the bathroom and perhaps this time I’ll actually get some peace and quiet without someone banging on the door yelling for me to hurry up.

Although someone banging on the door yelling at me is preferable to what some of my dear, dear peers do. The lock on the bathroom door has never really worked properly, not since Shiwon pushed HanKyung up against it in one of their – uh – many extracurricular activities. Thus, although the door locks if you jiggle the handle it opens. I’ll never forget the screams that resonated from that room when Heechul had been fed up with waiting and decided that KyuHyun’s time in the shower was up.

I crept down the hall as stealthily as I could and sighed in relief when I reached the bathroom. I locked the door out of habit and quickly stripped of my night clothes. I turned on the water and stood under the spray; the hot water exceptionally cathartic.

I ran my hands through my hair and closed my eyes and just let the water run over me. After a lengthy shower I got out of the shower and like most people who have just come out of the shower I was completely starkers. I made to grab for my towel only to discover that the rack was completely bare. I frowned, I was sure I had put my towel there before I got into the shower.

I low whistle met my ears and I whirled around in surprise and then promptly yelped and tried to shy away from the piercing gaze that was raking over me with such heated intensity.

Boy, was this uncomfortable or what?

“What are you doing?” I hissed incensed.

Completely ignoring my obvious irritation my not so subtle voyeur smirked and waved a hand at me. I gasped as I saw my towel go sailing through the air, one end firmly within his grasp.

“Give me that!” I demanded.

Instead of throwing the towel at me he took a step closer. I tried to back away at the same time trying to keep as much of me as covered as possible and taking into account that I was in the bathroom, I didn’t really have a lot of places to run and even less to hide. I ended up pressed against the vanity sink with him leaning over me as I tried in vain to shrink into myself.

“What are you doing?” I repeated but instead of angry, this time it came out sounding weak and rather desperate.

I watched in acute fascination with a rather unhealthy side dose of humiliation as his hand came out and wiped at the droplets that were snaking their way from my hair over my shoulder and down my very naked torso.

I shivered in spite of myself.

Well…this wasn’t supposed to happen….ever! He smirked at me and I stood frozen as he bent his head towards mine and licked my cheek. I couldn’t breathe, I could barely even think.

Next thing I know my towel is dumped over my head and my vision is obscured and when I finally manage to escape its clutches there is no one in the bathroom but me and I start to think that perhaps it was all an elaborate day dream.


Title: Directions?
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Yehsung/ShinDong
Prompt: Two wrongs don’t make a right

I’m not very good at admitting I am in the wrong. I don’t like saying I’m sorry. I tend to ignore the warning signs and just hope that things will fix themselves. I know it’s a naïve and rather cowardice mindset and I have tried to change but it just hasn’t happened.

I know I say hurtful things; sometimes it’s deliberate and intentional but more often then not I don’t even realize it until I take a step back and see the disappointed look on your face. It is in those moments that I really want to apologize but all my words gets stuck in my throat and I end up walking away without saying a word.

I always seem to do you wrong. I say the wrong thing. I do the wrong thing and I don’t want to. You are a good person I don’t know why I always seem to screw it up. I got the shock of my life when you sat down beside me one day when I was reading my book. Okay, so I was mindlessly staring at the words on the page and every so often I turned a page but I wasn’t taking anything in.

“You know two lefts don’t make a right.”


“But three lefts do.”

You didn’t say anything else but simply got up again and left the room. It wasn’t until much, much later that I realized that you weren’t talking about anything to do with directions.

You were telling me that you knew. You were telling me that you knew that I was doing you wrong, that you knew that sometimes it was deliberate and sometimes it wasn’t. You were telling me that you knew and it was ok because I could always make it up to you even if I had to go about it the long way.


Title: Look Deeper
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Yehsung/Sungmin
Prompt: Read between the lines

When I walked into my shared room and saw the bouquet lying innocently on my pillow I stood stock still and walked out of the room again just to make sure I was in the right room, if I was in the right apartment even.

“Hey Hyung.”

I blinked as KyuHyun walked past a small smile on his lips, his hand half raised in greeting.

I went back into my room and closed the door and then leant heavily against it. I eyed the cheery flowers on my bed with apprehension. Where had they come from? Who were they from? I crept towards my bed and prodded the nearest petals with a fingertip. They were indeed real.

I picked them up and a small white card fluttered to the floor. I stooped to pick it up, on one side in neatly printed writing was my name. That was it, just my name – JongOon. I flipped it over and in the same writing was the words ‘Look deeper’. I frowned. So the flowers were definitely for me but why on Earth would someone one send me flowers.

It must be a joke from one of the other guys. All fan mail and subsequent gifts were sent to headquarters and delivered to us from there; never before had a bouquet of flowers been left on my pillow.

I stalked out into the living room, flowers in one hand, and card in the other.

“What is the meaning of this?”

Four pairs of eyes met mine, some portrayed amusement whilst others held an air of total confusion.

“Don’t know what you mean Hyung. Looks like a bunch of flowers.”

“Look deeper? What the hell does that mean? They are just flowers; they don’t have a deeper meaning.”

“On the contrary all flowers have meanings, even the colours of the flowers are said to portray different things.”

“Did you do this?” I glared at Leeteuk but he wasn’t flustered, he just turned away from me and went back to watching the movie that I had interrupted.

One by one all of them turned their back on me and soon became engrossed in the television screen again. I huffed and stomped back to my room.

I put the flowers on my desk and stared at them. They were odd looking. I mean to say, the flowers, individually, were rather pretty but there combination looked odd. Maybe Leeteuk was right. Maybe whoever had put this bunch together had chosen the flowers based on what they were supposed to convey rather then what just looked good together.

“Ohh….those are nice.”

I jerked in surprise. “Yeah…” I murmured.

I could feel him watching me even as he went over to his own bed.

I turned in my chair to face him, “Sungmin, do you know what these mean?”

“What does what mean?”

“The flowers. I mean the only ones I even recognize is the tulips and the carnations. Leeteuk said that flowers and colours of flowers are supposed to have meanings.”

“Ah…Your bouquet is made up of; Camellias: pink means ‘longing for you’, white means ‘you’re adorable’, Primrose which mean ‘I can’t live without you’, Red tulips which mean ‘believe me’, Red carnations that mean ‘admiration’ and gladioli which mean ‘I’m really sincere. Carnations are for January and Gladioli are for August.”

I blinked at the tumble of words that flowed from his lips. I was slightly astonished and then I was confused. That was really weird. Trust Sungmin to know flower meanings and the subsequent meanings of the division of colours. And months…? What was with that?

I looked back up to him and he had his head ducked down.

“Do you understand now JongOon?”

His voice was quiet, timid and hesitant, in other words not all that Sungmin like. What on Earth was going on? First I get a strange bunch of flowers on my pillow, second the guys were acting rather strange, well, more strange then usual. Thirdly, Sungmin is now a flower connoisseur and is asking me cryptic questions and I still had those words from the card ‘Look Deeper’ running over and over in my head……


Well don’t I feel stupid now.

“Read between the lines, no?”


“I get it. I’m rather liking the message. But since I’m not all that good at being subtle I’m just going to say it this way. Hopefully it won’t need any interpretation….

I, Kim JongOon like you, Lee Sungmin very, very much. I admire your strength. I think you are unbelievably cute and please believe me when I say that I’d like to be with you. In this I am very sincere.”

I didn’t even have time to blink before I was bowled over and we both went tumbling sideways out of the chair and landing in a breathless pile of limbs of the floor. I pressed a kiss to the mop of hair currently buried in my chest and a hearty laugh escaped me as I closed my arms around my charge.

I think I like flowers; such fragile things that convey such heavy meanings. Maybe I misjudged them.


Title: Burn
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Yehsung/EunHyuk
Prompt: Fire, Pride

“What are we doing?”

I looked up from my black staring at the wall opposite me and stared at him instead. Talk about an odd question? We weren’t doing anything. I was sitting on my bed and he was no standing in my doorway.

I thought it stupid so I didn’t answer but went back to my aimless observation of the cream coloured wall on the other side of the room. I guess he somehow misconstrued my silence as an invitation to come in because next thing I know he is sitting down beside me on my bed.

“Hyung? What are we doing?”

I sighed, “What are you talking about? Currently you are asking inane questions and I’m trying to ignore you.”

I didn’t have to even look sideways to know a frown had appeared on his face. I’d hurt his feelings. I seem to be very good at that.

“Hyung, I mean, what are we doing with our lives. I mean we sing and dance and act and smile and try so hard to please everyone and sometimes I feel….I feel….”


“I guess.”

I shrugged. I was getting uncomfortable. Why had he come to me to talk? Surely he’d be more at ease talking to Donghae or Sungmin.

“It’s to be expected. Everything before now was safe. It was hard work but you had, we had a goal to look forward to. We all desired to debut. For years that was what we trained for and now that it is happened you feel lost.”

“I guess.”

“But you can’t categorise what we do as just singing or dancing and you can’t lump it all under the umbrella of performance because then that will never be enough. It isn’t good enough.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t sing, I burn.”

There was a pregnant pause in which I could tell that I had sufficiently confused him.

“Maybe it sounds stupid but when I’m on stage, when I am in front of the cameras I use everything I have; everything I am. It’s more then a performance, it’s a part of me. This isn’t going to last forever Hyukjae; you can not expect it to or come to rely on it. This is an experience, one that most be treasured for always and remembered in times to come.

But it isn’t forever. So for now, I burn. I burn and burn and I hope and I pray that for now it is enough so that when my flame dies I have something to look back upon and be proud of.”


At his soft exclamation I suddenly felt embarrassed. I hadn’t ever told anyone that I felt like that before. I turned my head so he wouldn’t notice the blush that was surely evident on my cheeks.

“Now go. Find someone else to bother.”

He stood up immediately but I knew he wasn’t fooled by my caustic words. He stood at my doorway for half a heartbeat and I heard his murmur of thanks before he disappeared from sight.


Title: Lucky Charm
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Yehsung/DongHae
Prompt: Superstitious

“It’s gone! Where is it?!?”

Frantic sounding yelling was what greeted me when I walked into the other apartment this afternoon. I followed the sound and found myself in the living room. The place looked like it had been torn apart from some freak hurricane. I peered curiously at Shiwon and Kibum who were sitting curled on the couch seemingly oblivious to their surroundings.

A clang from the kitchen caught my attention and I glanced across the room to see Hankyung at the stove wearing a frilly blue apron. I grinned and then turned back in time to have a black blur cross my vision. When I eyes focused I found it was DongHae standing two inches from my face, his hands having a vice grip on my forearms and suddenly I was being shook.

I was wrong, it wasn’t a freak hurricane it was just DongHae, which I think is perhaps worse and a whole lot more destructive.

“Stop it!” I bit out and wrenched myself from his grip.

“Sorry sorry…” he mumbled.

“What is up with you? What have you lost?”

“My lucky charm.”

I groaned, he can’t be serious, all this over a piece of superstition.

“You don’t need a lucky charm DongHae you are right as you are.”

“No! No…you don’t understand. I need it.”

I grabbed his hand and forcefully led him away. I manhandled him onto his bed and he just sat there somewhat dejected, it was pathetic to look at. I ducked down in front of him and placed my hands on his knees.

“DongHae, you do not need a lucky charm to be able to perform. It’s superstition and it’s a load of rubbish. You have a beautiful voice and I don’t understand why you need to put your faith in a charm rather then your talents.”


“No. Its stupid. This building, surely you have noticed in the elevator that this floor is labeled ‘F’ instead of ‘4’.”

His silence confirmed my suspicions. “So tell me, does the fact that they label it differently change the fact that you live on the forth floor?”


“So you understand that that superstition about ‘4’ and ‘death’ is ridiculous….”

“Well…yes, I guess.”

“And do you think that if you walk under a ladder you’ll be cursed? Or if you break a mirror you’ll have seven years of bad luck?”


“How can you believe in luck anyways? You and I both know that luck is nothing. Earnestness, hard work and talent are what got us here. Your personality and your voice are what have earned you your fans, not some stupid lucky charm.”

“And my looks.”


“My good looks got me some fans too.”

He grinned at me and I pushed him backwards. He collapsed in a sea of giggles.

Cheeky bugger.

“No more fretting ok. You’ll be fine.”


“Just be yourself DongHae. That is what we all love about you.”


Title: Indigo
Author: BG
Rating: PG+
Pairing: Yehsung/Shiwon
Prompt: Indigo

An unbidden gasp escapes your lips as Shiwon presses you against the door of your bedroom. Your body reacts to him, arching up into him as he presses a thigh between your clenched knees. You want this but you don’t.

His presence is suffocating, his eyes liquid as he lavishes heated kisses against already overheated skin. It’s overwhelming and yet you find yourself craving it more and more.

A desire so dark all other colours are lost in swirl of deep violet blue and your vision blurs and your breath seems lost to you…

…and then he’s gone. You shiver because you can still feel his hands on your naked flesh, you can still feel his lips against your own but all there is left of him is the sound of a door closing down the hall and the lingering scent of his cologne.

You wonder if it will ever be more. You wonder if you will ever be more then some passing fancy.

The next time he passes you in the hall there is nothing, no recognition, no greeting; just silence and you wish that for once the silence would stop being so darn loud. You wish that silence would stop being some sickening hue of grayish blue…clear cut black and white would be best because then you would at least know where you stand.

When you next walk into the living room you are greeted with the sight of him with his arms wrapped tightly around another and your heart plummets to the soles of your feet and you feel ill to your stomach.

You don’t know yet if its worth it but somehow you doubt it and yet you still wait with bated breath for the next time that he comes to you. You once heard that people sometimes can be described with just one colour but you think that what they forget to say if that even one solid colour is made up of countless shades.


Title: Innate
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Yehsung/Ryeowook
Prompt: Can’t choose who you love

Ryeowook has the innate ability to just put people at ease. I am not really all that sure how he does it but I’ve seen it happen right before my eyes. It is almost like he knows what is wrong even when it isn’t possible that he knows at all. It is almost like he sees it and comforts you without you even realizing that is what he is doing. It isn’t pity or sympathy or even really empathy it’s just Ryeowook.

He lays his hand on my forearm; he smiles at me, his eyes crinkling in the corners and for me everything just seems a little brighter. Does that make me corny? I suppose so but then I don’t really care.

I watch him. I watch his interactions with others; I watch his body language and the way that he approaches a person as if to test out the waters. I can’t really explain but I think I like watching Ryeowook.

To others, to outsiders, perhaps he seems boring or predictable or dull but I just think that they aren’t looking close enough. He is unlike anyone else I have ever met and I have met and innumerable amount of people in my line of work. He has something extra, something special.

Sometimes he drives me up the wall. Sometimes he is a little naïve and something I wish that things could be different. He’s one of my best friends. I find myself in his company more and more now-a-days, not that I mind of course but sometimes it’s hard…

…to be close but wanting to be closer still.

I hold him in my arms sometimes and he lets me. It isn’t always and it isn’t often but it happens and he lets me and every time it happens it just means a little more to me. Perhaps I am setting myself up for disappointment but I take one look at his upturned face, his dark lashes dusting against his cheekbones, his bangs falling across his forehead; I take one look, I can feel his chest rise and fall with each slumbering breath and it’s all worth it.

You can’t choose who you love, you can’t choose who is worthy of your love. Maybe he isn’t for me, maybe he isn’t mine but I live for each of those moments; for Ryeowook has this innate ability, this instinctive charm that makes me trust him. I think that made me fall for him.


Author: BG
Pairing: Yehsung/Kibum
Prompt: Family

He’s strange and I don’t think I’ll ever really understand, I don’t think he’d ever let me get close enough to be privy to what goes on in his pretty head. I don’t think I’ll never know what goes on behind that stunning smile. He is very good at pretending. That much I can see; that much is obvious. He hides behind his smile and pushes everyone away with a frown.

There are precious few, I think, that will ever be close enough to him that he’ll open up to them. Heechul hyung is one because he demands it. It wasn’t always like that but now they are close. I mean that aren’t bosom buddies or anything but I know that there are times that Kibum goes to Heechul and those are the times that Heechul is silent.

Hangkyung is another but unlike with Heechul, Kibum approached the quiet man with a penchant for dance and a cheeky smile. DongHae is another. I don’t really understand the connection there. Kibum never betrays anything when he looks are DongHae and yet he’ll let DongHae take his hand and keep in infolded in his own. When Kibum is with DongHae he seems younger. We used to joke that Kibum was hyung to more then just KyuHyun because he is always so mature is his action, he doesn’t goof off on a regular basis like the rest of us.

But when he is with DongHae its like he just lets go of that tight control he has over his expressions, his emotions…everything. It’s like with DongHae he can just be completely himself.

Over the years training together we have all grown close but of course everyone has their favourites. I’m a little confused because I’ve seen the closeness between EunHyuk and DongHae and I’m not sure how Kibum fits in that equation because EunHyuk and Kibum aren’t all that close. I’m confused.

We are each others supports; we are closer then just friends. Away from our homes we have become each others family, there are of course gaps though.
I walked past an open bedroom door and saw what looked like a lump on the floor in the half light. I stopped and peered in and that’s when the lump became two persons, both of them kneeling. DongHae had his arms wrapped around Kibum, his face buried in the others collarbone, his hands bunching Kibum’s shirt. I could hear the sound of tears and it took me a moment before I realized that I shouldn’t be seeing this.

This was a private moment. This was the relationship between Kibum and DongHae. Something I didn’t understand because although I was a friend I wasn’t close enough to be considered as family.

But that was ok. I had my own family. I walked away and left them to comfort each other in peace.


Title: Power
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Yehsung/KyuHyun
Prompt: Light, War, Apology
Comment: Uh….long drabble…? Whoops o.O;

I had been sitting in the park at my favourite bench when it started to drizzled. The rain was light so instead of getting up and heading home I decided to wait it out, what a stupid idea that was because it just got heavier and heavier but for some reason even though I was shivering; even though my clothes were soaked through I couldn’t bring myself to stand.

It dark as the sun set and the storm clouds invaded the sky. The wind picked up. It swept through the tress, making them bow and bend to its will. It whistled past my ears and ruffled my hair and in a matter of minutes the softly falling rain was a driving force that was hindering my vision as it pelted against me.

The sky was waging a deafening storm against itself and it was displayed for all to see in a myriad of violent hues of indigo and inky black. The brilliant flashes of lightening broke across the sky and I watch it in awe. I don’t know for how long I sat there, my gaze on the heavens, watching nature plays its course for me. Lightening was a terrible force, such a jagged movement, such power, such danger.

I found it kind of ironic that something that can prove fatal, like lightening is essentially light. I mean of course there is a scientific reason as to why it lights up the sky but I was much more interested in the fact that it was so dangerous and yet it is light. Which is something that is viewed as something safe, bad things can not befall you when it’s light….or something like that….

I tore my eyes away from watching the scene above me. This night, there was a storm raging wildly around us. The winds tormented us, driving rain hindered our vision and the sky waged a deafening storm against itself displayed for us in a myriad of violent hues of indigo and inky black. The brilliant flashes of lightening broken across the sky and I watch it in awe. Such jagged movement, such power, so much danger. It’s odd, lightening can prove fatal and yet it’s light, something that most people view as a safety shield.

It was slightly bewildering I guess.

Then suddenly the rain stopped. I glanced up at there was a cheery sunshine yellow monstrosity blocking my view. I twisted in my seat and saw a young man with a frown furrowing his brow and his lips twisted in sad soft of the smile.

“Hyung what are you doing at here?”

“Sitting, watching, admiring.”

He crouched behind the seat so he was more at my level, his umbrella still shielding me from the elements.

“You’ll get ill, Hyung.”

I said nothing for be was probably right and he frowned at me and for some reason his expression got to me. Such a bright person should never have such a sad, disappointed expression on his face. KyuHyun should be smiling for he looked best when he was happy.

“Hyung, this was irresponsible of you. You….I….We have responsibilities, duties and obligations we have to keep. How could you be so selfish…?”

He trailed away, his voice tight with righteousness and indignation and for once in my life I felt ashamed at disappointing him.


“I don’t want to hear reasons or excuses.”


“When I first came here you told me that my life was different now. I had to give up things that I wanted in order to experience being a part of Super Junior. You said I had to live with giving up personal space, personal privacy. You told me I’d have to get along with twelve other men and as a result I’d have a compromise on many things. You told me that as a part of Super Junior I would have fans, people that admired me and respected me which was something that I wanted and you told me that I’d have to give up some selfish ambitions. You told me I couldn’t have everything and I took it to heart.

You told me that everything I did, everything I said, everyone I touched; talked to; talked about would be analysed and I’d have to live with that if I wanted to be a part of Super Junior.”

I stared straight ahead as he spoke those words in my ear. I remember saying all those things to him.

“So what are you doing JongOon?”

I jerked a little at the sound of my name. He had never called me anything but ‘Hyung’ before. I frowned a little.

“You are out here alone. I understand that you are more private and quieter then the others but you’ve been gone for hours. Ryeowook is beside himself with worry, even Heechul expressed his concern. You said you’d be back in an hour, that was three hours ago. And when I find you you are sitting in the middle of a freaking thunder storm without a raincoat or even an umbrella. You could fall ill Hyung? You could lose your voice. K.R.Y has a performance in three days. What’s going to happen if….”

“I’m sorry.”

I yelped when my shield suddenly disappeared and I was pelted with freezing cold rain. I hadn’t really minded it before but after been sheltered for so long it was definitely a shock.

I tilted my head back and caught sight of KyuHyun’s face and his expression was priceless. His arms were suddenly wrapped tightly around my shoulders and his cold nose brushed against the skin of my neck and I shivered.

He hefted me to my feet came around to stand beside me, the cheery umbrella once again hiding us from the storm, and with one arm still slung around my shoulders he lead me on the path home.

I peered up at him from beneath my water laden bangs and he was smiling and I couldn’t help feeling perplexed at his change of heart. He was so mad at me earlier and all I had said was I was sorry and just like that it was as if everything had dissipated, everything was back to normal. His anger was gone, his disappointment was gone and I was glad for that.

My apology had fixed what could have become a war of words. I listened to the storm raging above us still and shivered. KyuHyun’s arm slipped and rest against my hip and he pulled me tight against him as he led as home.

The power of an apology…the power to break….the power to comfort…



A/N: Ah…I hope you like them.

Be safe

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END가 아닌 AND로。 (ی∂ị∂): 슈주 → 예성미포유kyuppuccino on December 15th, 2006 12:55 am (UTC)
Title: Power
^ I really liked that one; especially when Kyuhyun repeats Yesung's words to him, and the description of the hug (cold nose). I think that's my favourite drabble, along with Ryeowook's.

I found the one with Kangin a little amusing because a few weeks ago, on sukira, Teuk oppa and Hyukjae said that when Yesung takes a shower, he comes out of the bathroom -naked- and asks for a towel, just like that.
BG: Yesunglrigelbbub on December 15th, 2006 02:11 am (UTC)
*Uh...i did write another comment for this but i think LJ ate it so my apologies if you get it twice o.O;

Thank you for reading!! I'm so glad you liked it. 'Power' took me so long to write because I kept changing what I wanted to say...-_-; I'm happy that you have favourites.

Truly? That I did not know. What a thing to divulge on radio too...although I couldn't even imagine doing what Yehsung does but to each his own, ja?

thanks again
be safe
Oliviajaeminlove on December 15th, 2006 01:52 am (UTC)

i love your drabbles, have i told you that yet?

love them.
BG: Yesunglrigelbbub on December 15th, 2006 01:56 am (UTC)
Thank you for reading^^ I'm glad you like them! Yah for Yehwook!! ^^
be safe
BØX; Daisy St. Patience.: KangSung // oulankyuhyun on December 15th, 2006 02:49 am (UTC)

I love Yehsung so much *cling* And gsfdfgdfgesfgdfghd KangSung. I loved all of these, but the KangSung is my favorite♥

BG: Yesunglrigelbbub on December 15th, 2006 02:57 am (UTC)
Thanks bunches for reading!! I luff him too^^
I'm so glad you like that KangIn/Yehsung...it was one of the last ones i wrote - i had lots of trouble getting it to what i wanted it to be^^ I'm happy you have a favourite!
be safe
Brittney!: JungMin from Fighter MVdearyourstruly on December 15th, 2006 04:06 am (UTC)
Yay! I'm so happy that you updated these wonderful shorts. X33
They're always so cute and precious. :D
My favorite this time around would have to KyuSung, YehWook, and YehMin [SungSung, lawlz XD]. But the KangSung one was very interesting. ;D
BG: Yesunglrigelbbub on December 15th, 2006 05:35 am (UTC)
Thank you for reading!! Hmm...it did take me a while to get the Yehsung ones out T_T couldn't think of how to write them with the prompts I had o.O;
I'm happy you reckon so. I'm so glad you have favourites. Yehwook - thats the first one i wrote...came to me so easy...the others not so much...YehMin...- that took forever o.O;
KangSung...interesting, eh? I don't really picture them together but it amused me and the prompt was water so i thought why not^o^
be safe
elvenknight16elvenknight16 on September 10th, 2010 06:07 pm (UTC)
I love the one with shindong. probably cause he's my bias, shindong rules ^^