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11 December 2006 @ 06:25 pm
[one-shot; hanbumhae]  
Title: Gummybears and Soju
Author: Mica
Rating: R
Pairing: Hankyung/Kibum/Donghae
Summary: It starts off with sour gummybears and too much soju.
Notes: For jinjja, who gave me the prompts for this. Longest fic I've written in awhile, and a threesome that deserves more appreciation.

It starts off with sour gummy bears and too much soju. They’re on the balcony and Kibum has been whining about how ‘fucking cold’ it is for the past ten minutes; neither of them listen to him.

With a hiccup, Donghae passes the soju over to Hankyung, who takes a generous sip from the almost-empty bottle. He laughs, though there’s nothing obviously funny around him, except for perhaps the sour look on Kibum’s face.

“Whose idea was this, anyway?” Kibum mutters to himself. His arms are crossed in front of his chest and he’s not in the little huddle that is Donghae and Hankyung.

Hankyung shoves the bottle between Kibum’s cold hands. “Drink this and be quiet,” he commands, another one of his soft laughs slipping out.

He frowns, but finishes off the soju. The alcohol warms up his insides, just a little.

“Oh!” Donghae exclaims, mouth open and aghast. “That was the last bottle.”

Hankyung pats him consolingly on the back. Kibum looks down at the now empty bottle in his hands and realises just how much he’s had to drink this evening. More than he should have, probably, but Hankyung was good at convincing people to do things (all he had to do was smile, really) and Donghae had kept shoving those god-awful gummy bears into his mouth, he’d had to wash the taste away.

They’d started off standing, but now the three of them are sitting on the cold floor of the even colder balcony. Kibum’s back is propped up against the door, and he’s facing the other two. There’s an open pack of the gummy bears next to him and he plucks one out (a nice red one) and drops it into Donghae’s open mouth.

Donghae swallows and makes a face. Kibum is amused.

“Where the hell did you find these, anyway, Hae?” he asks, frowning down at the colourful packet of even more colourful candy.

He shrugs, “under someone’s pillow.”

Hankyung and Kibum just look at him, then at each other, and then both burst out into laughter. Donghae looks between them, confused, mouth half open as if waiting to get the joke and join in on the fun. He doesn’t, get it, of course, and this only makes the other two laugh harder.

“No wonder they were so funky, they were probably expired,” Kibum manages to say through his amusement. He leans against Hankyung, who’s still laughing away stupidly.

“The yellow ones tasted like cleaner!” he exclaims, spluttering a little as he laughs harder. He loses his balance and a moment later falls into Kibum’s lap. They all laugh, highly amused.

Their laughter dies down eventually and they all lapse into silence, the hiss of the chill wind filling in the gaps. After barely even a few minutes Kibum speaks up again.

“Really, it’s fucking cold out here. Can we go inside now?”

Donghae shrugs and Hankyung nods. They pull themselves and each other to their feet, stumbling a little, having to remind themselves that they’ve been drinking, and their balance isn’t quite as good as it usually is. It only serves to set their laughter off again, and they’re still chuckling with amusement as they fall in a pile on the couch.

Donghae misjudges though, and ends up falling on the floor instead of on the couch. He blinks up, confused, at Hankyung and Kibum, who are laughing again, Hankyung slapping his knee and Kibum clutching at the other man’s shirt. Donghae frowns at them. He doesn’t even need to start pouting before two pairs of arms reach down and drag him up onto the couch with them.

They make a nice pile now, Donghae in between the other two, practically on Kibum’s lap. They huddle close together. Hankyung shivers at the cold fingers on the even colder skin of his arm. Kibum smiles, having felt the shiver of skin beneath his not-quite numb fingertips.

Donghae hooks an arm around Kibum’s neck, rests his head on Kibum’s shoulder, his hair tickling the skin of Kibum’s neck. His legs curl up on Hankyung’s lap, and Hankyung rests one of his arms over Donghae’s calves. An arm stays wound around Donghae’s back, reaching out for Hankyung’s shoulder as well as Kibum pulls them all closer together.

“Cold,” he mumbles, although already the cold is seeping out of his skin, being driven away by the closeness of the other two. They stay comfortably tangled together on the couch, sporadic talking and occasional laughing in between easy silences. They all still feel pretty buzzed, although Hankyung wonders if that’s from the soju, or perhaps those awful gummy bears. The thought makes him laugh again, and sets Donghae off as well a moment later. Kibum doesn’t know what’s so funny, but he laughs anyway, because they’re idiots, because he feels like it.

Fingers trail through Kibum’s dark hair, Donghae’s. A hand rubs down Hankyung’s arm, Kibum’s. Warm breath shivers against Donghae’s neck, Hankyung’s.

It’s intimate, but then again it’s not, because they’re all friends, and they’re all pretty touchy-feely anyway, although admittedly even more so when under the influence. So far though, everything still feels perfectly normal.

Donghae’s face is against Kibum’s neck now, his nose nuzzles the skin and he breathes in deeply, sends a slight tremor through Kibum’s body, though Kibum tries not to notice it.

“Mm, Kibummie, you smell really good,” Donghae murmurs, the smile evident in his voice. The smell of Kibum’s aftershave fills Donghae’s senses, and for a moment he’s sure he can taste it, strong and slightly musky, in his mouth. He wraps the smell around his tongue, swallows it, and it’s only when he feels the skin quivering beneath his lips that he realises he’s kissing Kibum’s neck.

He’s confused, for a moment, and considers pulling away, but then he hears the noise Kibum makes, just the softest of gasps as the breath pauses in his throat. He decides he likes the taste of Kibum, and kisses his neck again, this time dragging his tongue slowly across the skin. He can feel Kibum’s pulse leap into his throat.

Kibum’s fingers tighten their hold on Hankyung’s shoulder. Hankyung looks over and it takes him a few minutes to realise what’s going on, that the soft little wet noises he can hear are coming from Donghae’s mouth, against Kibum’s neck.

He bites down on his lower lip, watches Kibum’s face, eyes tracing his reactions. Kibum doesn’t look like he minds. And why would he? Hankyung feels the slight increase in his heart rate, doesn’t even notice when his hand slides further up Donghae’s leg. Kibum’s fingers, now relaxed, trace patterns over Hankyung’s shoulder, and he feels a shiver creep down his spine.

Since he hasn’t received any kind of negative reaction, Donghae gets a little braver, wraps his lips around Kibum’s skin and sucks, before his mouth leaves a wet trail up to Kibum’s ear. He takes the lobe between his teeth, nibbles playfully, enjoys the slight gasp he manages to pull out from Kibum.

He makes a noise of his own, only now just realising one of Hankyung’s hands is working over his leg, fingers rubbing over the back of his thigh. Donghae wishes suddenly that those fingers were pressed against his bare skin, and the thought makes him groan out loud. He reaches back with one hand, fingers groping blindly as they search for Hankyung’s shirt, worm themselves underneath so he can press his palm flat against the smooth, firm skin of Hankyung’s stomach. He can feel the muscles quiver ever so slightly under his fingertips and smiles in satisfaction.

Hankyung reaches his other arm out behind Donghae, finds Kibum, and slips his hand beneath Kibum’s shirt. His fingers work their way up Kibum’s back, and he can’t help but smile a little to himself, he’d wanted to touch Kibum for awhile now, see just how all that kick boxing had worked on his body. He isn’t disappointed by what his fingers discover.

The kisses are still being pressed to Kibum’s neck, jaw line, face, and his breath has sped up now, along with his heartbeat, both racing each other, seeing which can go faster. Kibum thinks it will be a tie, but then he stops thinking altogether, because there’s a warm mouth covering his own. He finds himself sinking into Donghae’s kiss, their lips melting together. A tongue sneaks in between his lips, and Kibum can taste the alcohol, sharp and thick, on Donghae. He knows he tastes the same though. Donghae’s tongue explores Kibum’s mouth, pokes and prods and strokes and rubs, plays with Kibum’s own tongue for a few moments, kisses him deeply, before he pulls back, taking Kibum’s breath away with him.

Kibum wonders when Donghae had gotten to be such a good kisser. It’s not entirely important though, because shivers are following Hankyung’s fingers up his spine, and now his lips are tingling from the heavy kiss, and his head is starting to spin, just a little. Though he thinks maybe his head was already spinning, and now it’s just the excitement starting to course through him.

Hankyung’s saying something to Donghae, the words lost to Kibum, but he hears him laugh. The warmth of Donghae’s hot breath against his face is lost as he turns towards Hankyung now.

Donghae leans forward and kisses him too, explores Hankyung’s mouth in much the same way he had just explored Kibum’s, tasting and trying. Hankyung’s fingers still their movement on Kibum’s back for a moment, his senses reeling from Donghae’s kiss. Holy crap, he whispers a moment later in breathless Chinese.

For a moment they all stare at each other, breaths rushed and uneven, hearts racing and pulses pounding, the adrenalin (the want) coursing hotly through their veins. They’re drunk, under the influence, inebriated, and they all know this. But it doesn’t stop the heat shining from their eyes, the soft noises slipping from their lips as they continue to touch each other, fingers brushing lightly over skin, inducing shivers.

It doesn’t stop them from wanting, either, wanting each other. None of them are entirely sure where this sudden desire has come from. Is it wholly influenced by the alcohol, or has it always been lurking in the background, hiding in the depths of their secrets?

Kibum decides he doesn’t have to think about any of this right now, Hankyung decides it doesn’t matter, and Donghae forgets about it completely.

“What are we–” Hankyung’s sentence is cut off a moment later by the small, breathless groan that falls from his mouth. Donghae’s hand had slowly been working its way up Hankyung’s chest, and he has one of Hankyung’s nipples between his fingers, rubbing the tiny nub of flesh until he feels it harden between his fingertips. The noise Hankyung makes in response is satisfying, and Donghae smiles. It’s a smile neither of the other two is accustomed to seeing on his face, but still it manages to send shivers down both of their spines.

“Whatever you want,” Donghae whispers, breath hot against Hankyung’s neck, mouth even hotter as it wraps around the lobe of his ear, pulls it into his mouth and suckles onit. His teeth graze over the skin, tug at it slightly, before he releases the lobe, and Donghae can feel the breath catch in Hankyung’s chest beneath his very fingers.

Whilst Donghae toys with Hankyung, Kibum has slipped a hand inside Donghae’s pants, fingers rubbing over Donghae through his boxers. Donghae’s mouth slips from Hankyung’s warm skin and he moans softly, writhes, just a little, in their laps.

Breaths have sped up and the blood is pumping through their veins, desire making them dizzy. Hands pull off shirts and fingers tug at buttons and zips and waistbands. Lips trace the curve of a collarbone and the perfect arch of a neck. Mouths leave round, wet marks over skin and arms pull bodies closer.

“Whatever you want,” Donghae repeats, looks from one to the other, that same smile on his face.

Perhaps this is just a one time thing, drunk on lust and under the influence of hot mouths, intoxicated by probing fingers and high on the rush of excitement.

Heat engulfs heat, bodies cover bodies and hips press tightly against hips. Breaths are tight in their chests, and bodies are even tighter. Desires are given into, excitement given free reign, inhibitions discarded as easily as their clothes, scattered haphazardly across the floor. Limbs tangle together with limbs, whispered words brush over warm skin and no one’s quite sure who’s touching who anymore, but no one really cares anymore, anyway.

Maybe this won’t last, maybe it’s just this once, maybe things will be awkward and difficult in the morning and none of them will be able to look at each other again. Maybe they’re about to fuck up their friendship completely.

But maybe they’re not; maybe they want this, even when they aren’t drunk. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

The maybe’s don’t matter anyway and even if this is just a one off, at this very moment, it’s worth every, single second. It’s exactly what all of them want.

- end -

I would just like to add that those gummy bears do exist! I've bought Korean gummybears that taste like toilet cleaner before. The yellow (or possibly red ones) made you feel a little bit high, too! XD
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the frumious Bandersnatch!forochel on December 12th, 2006 04:54 am (UTC)
*flails wordlessly at you* Pretty! And um. Heechul has taught Donghae well, yes?
luminous being: kihae - cutetaylormercury on December 13th, 2006 09:10 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, thank you!! Oh, oh, I'm sure he has 8D
angel_ehronangel_ehron on December 12th, 2006 06:01 am (UTC)
OMG!!! That was freaking HOT!! You are an awesome writer and I totally love this threesome. You must write more stories soon. HOT HOT HOT!!! :)
luminous being: cinhae - kisstaylormercury on December 13th, 2006 09:11 pm (UTC)
Haha why thank you very much! I'm glad you thought so! :D Hahaha, I write quite a lot, actually, but I'm pleased you like this! Thanks for commenting~
Brittney!: HanBumdearyourstruly on December 12th, 2006 06:48 am (UTC)
...dude, that was smexy. 8)

WAY SMEXY. <333 I can't get enough of that. 8D You're so right, HanKiHae needs more love. I've always liked that pairing...<33 WIN.

The maybe’s don’t matter anyway and even if this is just a one off, at this very moment, it’s worth every, single second. It’s exactly what all of them want.
The ending is priceless.
luminous being: cinhae - hugtaylormercury on December 13th, 2006 09:13 pm (UTC)
Thanks!! I'm glad you thought so! I get so nervous about writing threesomes XD;;

Yes it DOES need more love! Because they're all so sexy together! *O*

Thaaank you~ your comment makes me happy! ♥
shintotchishintotchi on December 12th, 2006 08:18 am (UTC)
*adds your name to Golden Book O' Writers*

I <3 you.

Your writing is beautiful, and though this didn't have Rella in it I absolutely loved it. The characterizations and the lazy, drunk way they acted was perfect. I especially liked the ending with the 'maybes' and the descriptions of the gummi bears.lol Oh yes and my favorite line was when Hankyung said 'Holy Crap' in chinese. -siiigh- I dunno why, but it really caught me up in the moment. Awesome fic ^^
luminous being: hanhaetaylormercury on December 13th, 2006 09:15 pm (UTC)
Oh wow! Thank you!! *beams* ♥

Now that must be a compliment!! I didn't have to add Heechul to make it good! XD Thanks so much for reading and commenting, I'm glad you like it!
Anna: BoA : holicdio_elaclaire on December 16th, 2006 07:01 pm (UTC)
I loved the last three paragraphs to pieces *__* They were brilliant, a really perfect ending for the story. The whole fic was very nice and I liked it how it was getting better and better as I was scrolling the page down. Kibum was very... well, Kibum-like and I just adore the part about people not being able to refuse Hannie, because he only needs to smile to get what he wants :3 (when I read that I was like 'Whoa, is he learning from Heechul?!' XDD). Yeah, it was just goooood, very good!

Btw., may I ask how do you know how toilet cleaner tastes like? XD Thanks God I don't like gummybears at all XDDDD
luminous being: kibum - blissfultaylormercury on December 20th, 2006 12:47 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for your comment! It was lovely and really made my day! I'm really, really glad that you liked it! It makes me feel so much better to know you thought Kibum was Kibum-like, I worry when I write him, since he's still kind of mysterious XD (Well, Hannie is good friends with Heechul? XD But I just imagine it really that Hannie's smile is so sweet, who could say no to it?) Thaaank you~! :D

Hahaha, I don't know how it tastes really! But I know what it smells like, and the gummybears tasted like it smells? If that makes any sense! I'm sure it was one of my friends who decided this first, and not me XD

Thank you so much for reading and commenting! :D
alexchuu on December 24th, 2006 06:23 am (UTC)
ohhmygod. that was just hwgejnnsdh.
SEXY!!! haha thank you Mica, for making my day. 8D

They’re on the balcony and Kibum has been whining about how ‘fucking cold’ it is for the past ten minutes; neither of them listen to him.

With a hiccup, Donghae passes the soju over to Hankyung, who takes a generous sip from the almost-empty bottle. He laughs, though there’s nothing obviously funny around him, except for perhaps the sour look on Kibum’s face.

XD kibum complaining how cold it is... kind of like me XD

luminous being: hanhaetaylormercury on December 24th, 2006 11:07 am (UTC)
Haha thank you very much! I'm glad something simple like this could have helped make your day~! ♥

Haha, I know, I complain about the cold too. *pets Kibum* thanks a lot for reading and commenting! :D
tyreling: Kibumtyreling on January 12th, 2008 03:46 am (UTC)
Although this fic is 2 years ago... I still like to review. HOMG! Threesome! I love this. It was written in a nice, nice comforting but almost drunken style. The flow is just right, along with the slow/fast pace. Gyaah~! Lovely, lovely read. Ahaha, someone before me had posted something about Heechul teaching Donghae well or something and I wholeheartedly agree. XDD. Donghae was really bold and smexy and <333. Kibum was HOMG <333 and Hannie was *dies* Just brilliant!

Nice work~! wonderful work~! Please keep it up and look after your health~!
luminous beingtaylormercury on January 13th, 2008 06:19 pm (UTC)
Oh man this is an old post isn't it XD Haha, I love getting comments on old fic posts though, so I think you just made my day :D I can't help but think sometimes, despite his general spaceyness and sweetness, Donghae can have it in him to be bold~ especially under the influence XD

thank you so much for reading and commenting!! I'm really pleased you liked it, even after all this time ♥