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01 September 2008 @ 08:49 pm
FICLET: No Air  
Hello everyone! I wrote a short little ficlet between my work on the next chapter of "Against All Odds." I hope you enjoy! =^^=V

"No Air"
By: Miracle Shining [Bad username: miracleshining"]

PAIRINGS: One-sided ShinChul, inferred ShinHyun, mild HanHae
GENRE: Angst
WARNINGS: Obsession?
SUMMARY: Sometimes Heechul can't breathe.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Inspired by the song "Breathe Easy" by Blue. If you've never heard this song, please take a moment and listen to it, it's an amazing piece. Dedicated to stevensghost because I just felt she needed some ShinChul and ShinHyun today. =^^=V

No Air
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