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Super Junior; Kibum/Shindong; We Are Disco!

Title: We Are Disco!
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Kibum/Shindong
Word count:
Rating: G
Genre: Humor
Summary: Shindong successfully forces Kibum into a night of terror and bad music.
A/N: K so I had to delete this from miracle because apparently I cant follow rules. Maybe I should read them next time...I posted twice in a day *grimace* so one had to be deleted. I was going to repost my KyuMin smut but I liked the comments I got so i kept it ;D but its on my page if you want to read it. anyways, heres the original A/N: (This is one of my first fanfics. Definitely not my first writings, but the first Super Junior fic i've actually finished. I have some others in progress, considerably more smutty [i confess, i write a large amount of mindless smut] but i figured this would make a good first post and a good start. I hope you enjoy. It's non-romance, though, because I am an avid Kihae lover and i just can't turn a prompt called "we are disco" smutty, it just doesnt happen. My friend and I are in a sort of prompt battle, i suppose, and we both write stories to one prompt/pairing and compare. Without further ado, i give you a poor, helpless kibum and a cracked-out shindong.)

*cringe* be gentle.

“No.” said Kibum.

“Yes.” said Shindong.

“It’s not going to happen.” Kibum said flatly.

“Yes, it is.” Shindong said matter-of-factly, and he brandished the sparkling, silver spandex one-piece in front of Kibum’s face. Kibum looked at him like he was insane. Possibly he was.

An hour and a half later, Kibum stood in the corner, uncomfortably trying to blend in to the wall, which wasn’t actually that difficult, given that both he and the wall had been covered in shiny, rainbow, stretchy fabrics. Kibum reached a hand behind him, eyes shifting to make sure no one was watching, and quickly pulled at the back of his red suspender shorts, which had been riding up for the past 45 minutes and were only contributing to his less-than-enthusiastic attitude. Kibum wasn’t completely sure of how he got to be in this situation in the first place. He didn’t think places like these still existed, let alone were popular. The more he looked around, the more people he saw, and the more people he recognized. For a moment his heart stopped as he thought he saw Heechul skate past, but it was just the girl from the checkout in the supermarket he and Donghae frequented when they wanted some instant ramen. Too bad, he thought to himself, she seemed rather normal. But even Kibum couldn’t say he looked out of place, since he was in a silver lycra one-piece, red suspender shorts, rainbow socks, black fingerless gloves that reached up to his elbows, and white, old fashioned rollerblades, all of which blended in with the other crack-tastic outfits the others donned, although he could certainly say he felt out of place. He buried his face in his hands, and thought about what the other members would say if they saw him like this in a place like this. Donghae would never let him live it down. He shuddered.

Shindong glided up to him easily, twirling around on his roller-skates expertly. Something told Kibum this was not Shindong’s first visit to the Roller Disco. Shindong grinned at him, perspiring slightly in his neon blue jacket, and winked at him as Kibum folded his arms across his chest, leaned against the sequined wall, and scowled back.

“Oh come on, don’t look at me like that,” said Shindong, chuckling lightly. “It isn’t all that bad, and I needed someone to go with!”

Kibum dropped his arms and stared at him in disbelief. “So you thought I would be the best candidate?!” he asked, incredulous at Shindong’s massive misjudge of character regarding someone he’s known for 5 years.

“No,” said Shindong bluntly. “Eunhyuk would have been the best candidate. He probably would have liked it, even. But since he’s out of town, I had to pick someone else. Plus, I wanted to force you into a spandex body suit and see the look on your face.”

Kibum punched him in the arm. Shindong ignored him. Suddenly, his head whipped around, eyes staring at nothing in concentration as he listened to the opening notes of the song that had just started playing.

“Shindong, what—“ began Kibum, before Shindong hurriedly shushed him.

Shindong seemed to hear something that confirmed his suspicions, however, as his eyes lit up and a smile stretched slowly across his face as he tapped his high-topped pink roller skates with yellow wheels to the beginning of what seemed to be his favorite disco song. And then Kibum heard it—


Kibum’s eyes widened in absolute horror as he felt Shindong’s hand drag him onto the floor and into the middle of a huge crowd of people, who seemed to recognize Shindong and gave him a wider berth, tapping on the shoulders of others to point him out. Suddenly the mass of people dissolved to line up along the edge of the rink as Shindong and Kibum remained in the middle of the deserted floor, Shindong in a dramatic dance pose and Kibum struggling to balance awkwardly by his side.

Kibum’s suspicions were confirmed: Shindong had definitely been here before.

Suddenly Kibum was being twirled around in a circle by Shindong as he held his hands, arms straight and crossed, spinning faster than Kibum had expected. Without warning, Shindong let go and threw his arms into the air, jazz-hands at the ready, eyes closed and head thrown back dramatically, legs in a wide stance. Kibum flew into a wall of people. Shindong sped off around the rink, twirling and throwing spirit-fingers everywhere as people cheered and Kibum wobbled unsteadily in the middle of the floor. KIbum saw Shindong race towards him, place a hand between his crotch and on his chest, and lift him high over his head, rotating in circles as he did so. Kibum let out a squeak of terror and discomfort as the walls became a fast blur of color, deciding that this is what it felt like to be on LSD, as he felt sick to his stomach.

“IT’S RAINING MEN” blasted from the speakers once again, and Kibum was launched into the air, limbs flailing helplessly before he fell into Shindong’s arms and was set down again. Being on rollerblades seemed to pale in comparison with having just been catapulted into the air unexpectedly, and Kibum felt new footing after returning to the ground. Now that he was more steady, Roller Disco didn’t seem as difficult or intimidating, and as Shindong dropped to the floor and began to breakdance in front of him, Kibum stretched out a quivering arm and began to switch his hips, performing the Wonder Boy dance. The crowd, which had been cheering enthusiastically up until now exploded as Kibum jumped, flicking his leg into the air and firing off ridiculous hand movements that popped into his head at the moment. Shindong watched him from the corner of his eye as he glided around the rink, jumping and twirling to the music, and he smiled to himself as he watched Kibum let his guard down and perform for the crowd, both parties feeding off each other’s energy. Shindong rolled up to him and they both struck dramatic poses, Kibum dropping to his knees and throwing his chest out and arms to the side, Shindong shooting a fist into the air as the song ended with a resounding BOOM. Kibum lifted himself off the floor and Shindong grabbed his wrist and lifted their arms into the air as if he was declaring the winner of a boxing match to the earsplitting cheers of the surrounding crowd. With their fists in the air, Shindong shouted “WE ARE DISCO!” as he and Kibum beamed at the crowd.

Kibum pushed his dripping hair out of his eyes an hour later and felt relief as a cool breeze brushed his forehead and back of his neck outside of the Roller Disco. From the outside, it looked normal, but now Kibum knew different. He smiled and nodded at the people filing out of the double doors as they clapped him on the back, complimenting him and talking about what happened over the past hour as Kibum relived it in his mind. Shindong came up to him holding his skates and the metallic, neon blue jacket that had been discarded earlier in the evening. Kibum turned to look at him, and saw he was grinning at him like he did earlier before they arrived at the Roller Disco.

“Shut up.” Kibum said, shoving his skates into Shindong’s arms. Shindong just smiled as the car pulled up and they climbed inside, exhausted, and headed back to the apartment.
Tags: pairing: shindong/kibum
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