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[fic] Eeteuk.....

** Um...I hope this is ok. If it isn't then I'm sorry, don't hate me...
I really liked the idea that hoyah had about the 78 possible pairing thing...and I'm procrastinating something fierce at the moment so I decided that I'd do it - the prompts were provided my a couple of friends. Thank you to auryn_wren for the Eeteuk prompts.

Disclaimer: Don’t own them. I don’t own anything recognisable

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Title: Enrichment
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Eeteuk/Heechul
Prompt: If I had a penny…

If I had a penny for each time he whined at me or batted his lashes or smirked coyly in my direction I think I could quite possibly be the richest man on earth. But then again I guess just the fact that he is in my life; just the fact that he can indeed do all those things to me - I think perhaps I am the richest man alive just for knowing someone as vibrant as him.


Title: Fragile
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Eeteuk/HanKyung
Prompt: Glass House

I look at you and I am amazed at how well you adapted. I had doubts; I had serious doubts about how you would fit in with the others. I didn’t know if you would click with them. Sometimes I know it was hard from you. We were all away from our families but at least we were still living in the same country. Your family was hours away. Sometimes you seemed so rigid, so strong – almost as if you were made of stone. But I remember being there when all your walls came down and you cried in his arms. I saw that side of you. You seemed ashamed of your tears but we didn’t draw attention to the fact that we could see them. It was in that moment when you looked up at me with tears still shimmering in your eyes that I saw you. I saw you just as you were; a glass house; beautiful, unyielding…..fragile.


Title: Quote
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Eeteuk/YehSung
Prompt: Shakespeare

The day you quoted Shakespeare to me was the day that my entire world seemed to tip on its end. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I couldn’t find my left sneaker, I ripped my favourite shirt and then I tore two buttons off on the next shirt I tried to put on, my hair looked like a bird’s nest and I left my wallet at home. At the end of the day I was irritated and moody and the last thing I wanted was to listen to mindless drabble let alone words of a dead playwright. As I lay down in bed that same night, those words you spoke to me came back; “To be or not to be.” What the hell did that mean?

I asked the next day and you smiled at me and said, “Hyung, it can mean whatever you want it to mean. They are just words.”

“What does it mean to you?”




Title: Acknowledgment
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Eeteuk/KangIn
Prompt: Do unto others…

It isn’t really a secret because everybody already knows but you are kind of my favourite. A best friend I suppose you could say. I turn to you when I need support and you never turn me away. You are boisterous and I’m not exactly quiet but we never seem to compete for anything. When I am with you I do not want for anything. Although sometimes you need to be pulled into line with the rest of them, sometimes there needs to be order instead of chaos, silence instead of raucous laughter and consideration instead of seemingly harmless practical jokes.

I take hold of your hand one night after I see Kyuhyun rush past me in a tizz, his face scarlet, after you whispered in his ear at the dinner table.

“Do unto others…”

You squeeze my hand and lower your head ever so slightly and I know that you understand what I mean.


Title: Pick yourself up
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Eeteuk/ShinDong
Prompt: If at first you don’t succeed…

When I first met you I can not deny the fact that I was surprised. I think shocked is perhaps a more accurate definition of my feelings. I didn’t think it would work. How could it. You were so different. I soon realized I was being horrible and utterly judgmental, so you weren’t pretty, that wasn’t such a big deal. You obviously had talent or you wouldn’t have been extended a contract.

I watched as you interacted with the others. I saw that some accepted you with ease, others were more hesitant. But you never got angry, you never lashed out at there sometimes overtly obvious disapproval of you. You picked yourself up from one disappointment and tried again…and again…and again…

You converted many with your wit and your humour. You converted others with your soft smiles and gentle touch despite your heavier set and you converted the rest when they saw you dance. There was just something about the way you moved, it was awe-inspiring.


Title: Sting
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Eeteuk/Sungmin
Prompt: Shot through the heart and you are to blame.

You are cute. I give you that. When it happened I certainly wasn’t expecting it and I definitely wasn’t prepared. I don’t really know how it happened or even for that matter why I just know that it did. One morning you smiled at me over breakfast and I felt my heart leap to my throat. I shook the feeling away. It wasn’t there yesterday but from that day forth it seemed to attach itself to me. Only you; only when I looked at you or I caught you giggling insanely at someone one of the others had said, or when you smiled at me.

I didn’t know what to do about it so I did nothing. I think perhaps that was the best and the worst thing I could have done. Best because now when I see you with him I know you are truly happy and worst because every time I see you hold his hand, lean into his side, kiss his lips it stings. You touched my heart and now it burns and you are the one I blame.


Title: Wait
Author: BG
Rating: PG
Pairing: Eeteuk/EunHyuk
Prompt: Patience is a virtue

I’ve been told many a time that patience is a virtue and I never really understood what that meant. I mean, of course I know that you have to be patient in life; you can’t rush things and expect everything to work out the way you want exactly when you want it to.

I thought I could be patient when it came to you but as time wore on I discovered that I was quickly losing all sense of self control when it came to you. I had to sit at your side for hours on end. I had to listen to your voice, your enthusiasm, your laughter and it was getting to me.

I thought I could wait but I didn’t know for how much longer I could hold my silence. I kissed you and you pushed me away and asked me to wait. I felt like screaming…I had been waiting but when you finally came to me, it was hesitant and shy but so, so very worth it.

Patience is indeed a virtue but you almost my undoing.


Title: Small things
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Eeteuk/DongHae
Prompt: Small things amuse small minds.

You are always laughing, sometimes even when I know you are sad inside. I can’t say for anyone else but I think that you are adorable. You seem so off in your own little world sometimes I wonder if you ever take in anything around you or if it just floats in one ear and out the other. I watch as you laugh yourself silly at something EunHyuk had said and it brings a smile to my lips.

It has been said that small things amuse small minds and I would think that perhaps that phrase is suitable for me as well as you.


Title: For Forever?
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Eeteuk/Shiwon
Prompt: Good things come to those who wait.

You are a very good actor and I don’t mean in dramas I mean in every day life. You play your part very well and he eats it up. You hold him close but I know you want to be closer still. You brighten when he enters a room and smile a gentle smile when he touches you of his own accord.

You’re cute but I know that you have a edge as sharp as steel hidden carefully under those dimples. You’re willing to wait because you have confidence that he will let down the last of his walls. You know that if you went to him he would let you be with him but you don’t. You wait for him to come to you because then you know it will be true.

So for forever, you will wait.


Title: As you are
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Eeteuk/Ryeowook
Prompt: Good things come in small packages

You joined us late and I know it was hard for you but I had faith. The moment I saw you with your timid brown eyes take in the scene with the curiosity more suited to a child then someone your age, I knew you would do fine. The moment I heard you sing I knew that the others know knew it too.

You were physically smaller then the rest of us, your frame slight and your build petite but you voice was strong and unwavering. I liked it. When you spoke though your voice was quiet, almost as if you thought that perhaps we weren’t that interested in what you had to say. I noticed though, as soon as he slung an arm over your shoulder or wrapped an arm around your waist you came out of yourself. You had more confidence and he leant you some of his strength because he too recognized that great things often come in all shapes and sizes. And that you; you were great just as you are.


Title: Façade
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Eeteuk/Kibum
Prompt: Winter

Sometimes winter is associated with harsh weather, with cold winds and biting snow. Sometimes I think that you are like this - moody, untouchable and completely out of reach even though I know that it is mostly an act. I know you value your friends, you cherish them in a way that others wouldn’t. You know what life if like without the companionship associated with friends and I know you would never take one for granted. But sometimes your front is so elaborate that even he can’t tell and I know that it frustrates him.


Title: First Snow
Author: BG
Rating: G
Pairing: Eeteuk/KyuHyun
Prompt: Snow

It started snowing as we were walking home. I thought about calling someone to pick us up or even calling a cab but then I realized we weren’t all that far from home and it wasn’t snowing all that heavily. So I trudged onwards, my arms laden down with packages. I soon became aware of the fact that you were no longer walking alongside me but had fallen back. I turned around to call to you to hurry but the words got stuck in my throat.

You were standing there in the middle of the park walkway, your chin tilted towards the sky, your eyes closed and a look of sheer joy adorning your features. It was childlike and it amazed me that you were acting like you were.

When you looked at me with a sparkle in your eye I soon came to the abrupt realization that you were still a child, someone who needed guidance, security and someone to listen to him.

“You know, KyuHyun?”

“Yes Hyung?”

“You can come to me anytime ok?”

I grinned at the puzzled look on your face but I said nothing to alleviate your confusion, you were a smart boy, you would figure it out.

“Let’s go home,” I called out to the wind, my words floated away from me and a moment later I heard heavy footsteps against the pavement behind me.


A/N: Hmm..I guess I should have asked hoyah if she minded if I ganked her idea. hoyah, if [you see this and if] you do mind then I'll delete the post for sure, ok?

Hope you like them anyways.

be safe

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