April 23rd, 2027

Giselle - in the throng
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Since this is a fiction comm, most people will be posting far too much text for any friendspage to handle all on its own. To save all our community members' friendspages from such trauma, we appreciate the incorporation of lj-cuts into lengthy posts. Some members who join our community, however, are new to livejournal and don't understand all of its intricate coding yet. This community now has an official lj-cut tutorial post to help them along!

First, what is an lj-cut? An lj-cut is a feature lj has that will essentially hide whatever's under it until someone chooses to click on it to view.

Nobody's going to mind only a couple words, sentences, even paragraphs... But several pages worth of writing can be annoying. Especially as we get several updates here a day.

Now... How does one make an lj-cut?

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That's it! :D