March 17th, 2014

Series: My spouse is a high school student! // 私の妻は高校生である (watashi no tsuma wa koukousei de aru)

Title: 私の妻は高校生である (watashi no tsuma wa koukousei de aru) // My Spouse is a High School Student!
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Domestic/Fluff
Verse: alternate
Summary: Lee Sungmin is your regular seventeen year old, only he has a secret…that involves his math professor Cho Kyuhyun.

Winter: First Snow || Winter: Mischievous Friends ||   Winter: Scandals
kpop, Kwon Jiyong, G-Dragon


Pairing: BiasxYou
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Summary: Everyone has their moments of time needed to themself. So do you but what sets others apart are the people around you who can understand this and you who can't let it consume you.
Note: I wrote this while in the hair salon and didn't have any specific bias in mind as it really can apply to whoever you fancy.

{series} Light Up the Sky - chapter two

Title: Light Up the Sky
Rating: PG-R
Pairing: YeWook (Yesung / Ryeowook), ninja!Leeteuk/Luna
Warnings: There will be some character deaths. For the sake of the story I can't really change it so just know that its coming~
Summary: Stardust!AU. In the late 1800's, a small village by the name of Wall sits in the vast countryside. Unbeknownst to the village inhabitants, a passage from this world to the fantasy kingdom of Stormhold is located in a breach of an old wall that sits just beyond the city's borders.
It is in this town, that a man by the name of Jongwoon resides. To prove the strength of his love, he ventures past the breach in search of a fallen star as a gift for the girl of his dreams. But the star is not just a lump of rock – rather a young man, named Ryeowook.
However Jongwoon is not the only one in pursuit of the mysterious fallen star – witches in search of eternal youth gained from the stars heart, and the sons of the Dead King pursuing the secret Ryeowook holds to a legitimate claim to the now empty throne are all racing to get to Ryeowook first.
With everything at stake, will Jongwoon win his true love?