February 26th, 2014


Random Pairing Ficdump

Title: Infront of the Mirror
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: TeukMin (Leeteuk / Sungmin)
Word count: ~1200
Summary: Sometimes all Sungmin needs is his Teukie hyung

The music blares, beads of sweat dripping down Sungmin's face as he breathes heavily, moving his body to the beat.

Title: Embracing the Moon
Rating: G
Pairing: SeoKyu (Seohyun / Kyuhyun)
Word count: ~1000
Summary: Seohyun and Kyuhyun get to participate in a musical for the first time together

“Kyuhyun-oppa, isn't Seohyun-shii looking beautiful in her hanbok?”

Title: Darkness Consumes
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: HeeWook (Heechul / Ryeowook)
Word count: ~1000
Summary: Heechul isn't adjusting well returning to a life in the limelight. Ryeowook is there ready to listen

Heechul tosses in his bed, finding himself staring at the ceiling as his desktop clock clicked over to 3am

Title: Bring the Boys Out
Rating: G
Pairing: SiWook (Siwon / Ryeowook)
Word count: ~1000
Summary: Wondambi makes you feel the heat~ [aka the story about the prettiest lady in all of Super Junior]

Siwon was getting ready to go on stage, slipping into the familiar sparkly blue dress