September 14th, 2013


who we could have been

pairing(s): siwon/hankyung/heechul
word count: 1,039
rating: PG-13
warning: angst
summary: heechul is the princess, siwon is the knight in shining armor, and hankyung is every monster.
a/n: this is 1,039 words of word vomit trying to delineate shihanchul for myself.

if what siwon feels for heechul is adoration, then what he feels for hankyung is something just short of idolatry.

Luck Stealer (019): Steal the Life

Title: Luck Stealer
Rating: R (for violence, gore, and possible sexual content)
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin, (side!pairings to be revealed)
Genre: AU! Tragedy, Violence, Supernatural, Mystery, Action, Romance
Summary: Cho Kyuhyun, or much famous for the name 'Devlon' is an assassin hired by the government to kill the most uncontrolled criminals with his cursed left hand. Bound to the promise to protect his brother, he came across an unexpected turn of events when he was also hired by the one he's supposed to kill, the former president's only son. Lee Sungmin.
Disclaimer: The title and starting plot came from the Japanese manga Luck Stealer by Kazu Hajime.


He really wish that 'tomorrow' will come fast.

The Housekeeper [8/12]

Title: The Housekeeper
Main Pairing: Kyuhyun & Donghae
Side Pairing: Kyuhyun & Changmin
Rating: PG:13
Genre: AU, Smut
Summary: Tired of saying goodbye, Donghae ventures down a new path in order to make a new start, only to find that this new path will cause him to doubt and rethink his morals.

Will he continue on and embrace his new job role, or will he turn and walk away?