August 16th, 2013


The Gathering

Title: The Gathering
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Subtle!KangMin
Side pairing Subtle!Kyusung (Yekyu)
Warnings: Supernatural AU based on trading card game Magic the gathering and my wild imagination. UNBETAED - sorry for my english XD
Word count: 5.667
Summary: Peaceful moments can suddenly turn into war. When you get used to it, surprises can still happen and your piece of the world can get a new color and at the same time become a little bit more colorless.

A/N: If you guys ever watched Yu-Gi-Yo then i think you can imagine what happens here more easily. The last time i played magic the gathering has been well over six years ago so i might have messed up with the rules, but this is fiction not a description of a real magic battle lol the Crystal stands for the players and the boys stand for the cards as i shared them in tumbrl as teasers, but you can check the profiles given here~