March 7th, 2013


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Title:Daydream 3/?
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Ryeowook
Genre: Chaptered, angst, romance, fluff, AU
Rating & Warning: PG for now, NC-17 for later chapters.
Summary: Cho Kyuhyun returns to his childhood village after making it big in Seoul, and he has no intention of leaving without him again. (Inspired by the song "Daydream" from Super Junior's latest album.)
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior members - sighs - and have no rights over them, nor do I have any connections with their management. This is a work of fiction.

"But why, why now? Now that he really isn't presentable (his left hand lets go of his shirt to wipe the soot off of his cheek mechanically before resuming to its post at the hem of his shirt), now that he really hasn't done anything worthy or impressive yet, now that he is almost ready to let go, now that things are looking up, that his mother has begun hinting marriage with Heejin..."

Super Junior Gangs

Title: Super Junior Gangs

Author: littlerose2888

Pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, EunHae, KyuMin, others as story continues...

Rating: PG-13 to R

Summary: They were the most bitter gangs in all South Korea. T and M, and it was Detective Jongwoon's job to catch them. But with a new partner like Kibum and growing attachment to one of the gang members, will he be able to take down the two underground powerhouses?

AN: A new story, a little dark but give it time. Please comment
( Chapter One )

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Kyumin Ficlets~

Title: School is no place for a Vampire
Pairing: Kyuhyun / Sungmin
Verse: Vampire! Au
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff, fantasy, romance
Words: 995
Summary: Kyuhyun is having second thoughts about allowing Sungmin attend school.

He takes back what he said before.



Title: Valid Reasons for Forgetting
Pairing: Kyuhyun / Sungmin
Genre: fluff
Verse: expanded
Rating: PG
Type: Drabble
Words: 814
Summary: Kyuhyun got the answer to Sungmin’s question wrong, but he did that on purpose.

“What was Lee Sungmin’s first musical?”