April 2nd, 2012

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  • miss2l

10 Songs, 10 Drabbles (2)

Author: miss2l
Pairing(s): KyuSung x 2, Yewon x 2, YeMin, YeChul, ZhouSung, KiSung, YeTeuk, YeHyuk, YeHae
Rating: PG-13 (leans more to PG-15 because of YeChul but it's safe)
Length: Drabbles
Genre: Varied
Disclaimer: Oh, how I wish...
Summary: 10 different songs, 10 different stories.
It was of a time when he wasn’t breaking down.
  • jpsdm


title: aidenn.
pairing: heemin. minmi + others.
rating: PG13
summary: is there balm in gilead?
warning: eventual violence, implying of things, and stalking; and possible grammatical errors.
a/n: i did a little searching, and realized i hadn't posted the second to miracle. hope whoever reads enjoys.

part 1
part 2; he would bask in its sound, live, die and simply exist in that angelic noise.
heechul #2

Dissociation [SiChul] [22/?]

Title: Dissociation
Pairings/Characters: SiChul, DongHae, mention of EunHae (more to come)
Rating: overall R
Warning: Violence, torture, use of drugs, rape, character death,...
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Summary: One wrong decision can take you to hell. This is what many students have already experienced. All of them have disappeared. No one knows anything about them anymore. But someday, someone is going to find out, right? If it's still possible...

HeeChul screamed. He was in this lab once again. They hurt him. He was shivering. It was cold.

Catch me if you can [1/?]

title: Catch me if you can [1/?]
pairing: Wonkyu
rating: R (Slight Angst, failed!Smut)
A/N: This story-line is blocking the rest of my other ideas so I need to get it out or else I am stuck permanently in "writer's block" mode....Please don't put too much hope in the smut section....I suck at writing smut even if my life depends on it.

Summary: Kyuhyun kept running and Siwon kept chasing.....(pointless summary really)

Cho Kyuhyun turned to face Choi Siwon.
Siwon chic

The Tournament: 48 Hours (Prologue)

Title: The Tournament: 48 Hours
Author: akuarkangel
Pairings/Characters: Various pairings (Het and Yaoi) and characters. Main!Hangeng (Hankyung), Main!OFC (Soo-Yun)
Fandoms: Super Junior, SHINee, DBSK/TVXQ, SNSD, F(x), 2Ne1
Rating: PG-13(Chapters will be marked for ratings and will go higher later)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Slight Angst, Drama, AU, Romance
Warnings: Fail!humor, Violence (Like, a lot of it), Swearing, Unbeta-ed and lots of people killing other people. Like, seriously.
Summary: The purpose of this tournament is simple. In Seoul, we have gathered some of the most ruthless and dangerous men and women from not only around the country, but around the world. Your goal is to kill the other participants before 48 hours is up in order to win your prize. If there is more than one survivor left when the 48 hours is up, then everyone dies. Got it?


Full Moon (22/24)

Title: Full Moon
Genre: Angst, Supernatural, Mystery, Romance, Friendship
Rating: R
Pairing: eventual!KyuMin, broken(?)!HaeMin, YeMin
Warning: AU, occasional Genderswitching
Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people always mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun suddenly appeared and changed his life TOTALLY.

Last love, last kiss, last dream...

Previous Chapters:
Prologue ♣ 1 ♣ 2 ♣ 3 ♣ 4 ♣ 5 ♣ 6 ♣ 7 ♣ 8 ♣ 9 ♣ 10 ♣ 11 ♣ 12 ♣ 13 ♣ 14 ♣ 15 ♣ 16 ♣ 17 ♣ 18 ♣ 19 ♣ 20 ♣ 21

hello sir

drops of water

Title: drops of water
Pairing: EunHae, KyuHae
Rating: PG
Genre: romance, angst, au
Warning: Character death
Words: 3,284
Summary: Donghae and Eunhyuk grew up together. They were best friends, and even a little more. But as they get older and go on with their lives, Donghae is forced to let go of Eunhyuk. Will he be able to move on?

A/N: I apologize for the crappy summary. I randomly wrote this fic at three in the morning one night. I have a lot of bittersweet feelings about oceans. But seriously, this is probably my favorite fic I've written. Just read it. Or not. It's up to you, of course.

“I once asked my mom why she kissed my dad all the time. She said, ‘Well, it’s because I love him. A kiss is just a way of letting someone know you love them.’”

Flash of Love: Chapter 3

Title: Flash of Love (3/?)

Pairing: KyuMin, YeMin, Qmi(girl!Zhoumi), Onesided!Yewook

Length: Mini series

Genre: Angst, Romance

Rating: R (for crude language, mention of sex)

Word-count: 2,748

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The story line is from an Indonesian movie, Alexandria. The character belongs to each other. I own my fail grammar and vocabulary.

Chapter Summary: When your past struck your present

Prologue | 1 | 2

It seemed like life stepped on the right place for three of them, apparently.


Online Romance [2/3]

Title : Online Romance
Chapter : 2/3 
Author : rawrrrstar
Fandom : Super Junior
Pairing : SungminX? , Kyuhyun
Genre : humor, eventual smut, fluff?
Rating : NC-17
Warnings : male x male
Disclaimer : I don't own them.
Summary : Sungmin spends his free time getting to know someone on the net.
A/N : I don't want to make you guys wait, so here you go~Sorry if it's not as high as your expectations might be. T.T Considering this was formed on a facebook conversation~hahaha and wrote during class. hahaha

I've been waiting for you to get here.

Of Prince And Vampire

Title : Of Prince and Vampire (chap 5)
Pairing : HaeHyuk
Genre : Romance, Fluff, Supernatural
Rating : PG 13
Disclaimer : me! own the plot
Summary : *too lazy to write...here a super short one -->* Eunhyuk is a vampire but he never know it.

Note : it's been a long time since i last updated. Sorry for that..n please don't add me in [info]yayaluvsjnkyu cause i won't add u back..any comment, request (if any), complaint (if you have but hope there will be none) or friend request, please do it here [info]yaya_heart. Thank you :)


It Comes with the Dark

Title: It Comes with the Dark [007. Dark: Leeteuk/Sungmin]
Characters: Leeteuk, Sungmin
Genre: heavy angst
Rating: R
WARNING: self-harm, depressive thoughts, a bit of swearing
Summary: These thoughts of inadequacy came with the dark, and even in the light if you are one Lee Sungmin. Sungmin knows he isn't as good as everyone, he knows no one cares for him...but he could be wrong...

SuJu 100 Fic Challenge
YeWook - pouty

我落泪, 情绪零碎; 如果超人会飞 (2 Drabbles)

Title: 我落泪, 情绪零碎
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook
Rating: PG
Word count: 267
Summary: ryeowook leaves jongwoon with a broken heart.

( it’s only after the door has slammed shut behind ryeowook, the thud of it sounding awfully final in jongwoon’s ears, that jongwoon shuts his eyes and allows his tears to spill and his heart to break. )

Title: 如果超人会飞
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook
Rating: PG
Word count: 347
Summary: jongwoon thinks about being superman.

( 'do you ever think about what you’d do if you were superman? hyung?' )

A/N: Both drabbles were written while listening to Jay Chou's 我落泪, 情绪零碎 (My Tears Fall, My Emotions Are In Pieces) and 超人不会飞 (Superman Can't Fly). The title for the second drabble is taken from the lyrics of the second song and means 'If Superman Could Fly'.