November 7th, 2011


Fated + The Line Between Destiny And Chance Updates

Title: Fated [8/27]
Pairing: SiChul, HanKyung, DongHae
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Summary: It was a cold day and SiWon was crying thinking it can't be any worse. That's when he met someone just as sad. But comforting isn't that easy as well.
AN: I said enough already, so please be nice and comment to make me feel better ^^

We should get to spent some time with you. Hae and me, we want to go to this club we just found out about. It seems to be great, so why not? We're all single, so why not have some fun, hm?

Title: The Line Between Destiny And Chance
Pairing/Characters: HeeChul-centric, SiChul, broken!KyuMin, past!LeeTeuk/OC, KiBum/OC, YeSung, RyeoWook
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Mpreg
Disclaimer I don't own them.
Summary: SiWon decided to take good care of HeeChul and his daughter, but he doesn't know what will come with that, so will he be able to keep his promise over the time?
AN: I forgot to say it the chapter before, but I have no clue of korean weddings, so I didn't wrote much about it and it probably is kinda unrealistic. Damn, I'm frustrated right now because I wanted to watch EMA, the one time in this year I wanted to watch tv, but no, my parents have to watch something else...*sigh* I can't watch it online either...>.< So that's why I, please be happy now ^^ Also school is starting tomorrow >.< First history test and on Tuesday math exam...I fail, I know it -.- Okay, sry for talking on and on...-.-

But when HeeChul stood in front of the almost closed door, he heard voices coming out of there and stopped.

Hanchul fic - Misunderstanding hearts part 2 ^^

Title: Misunderstanding Hearts part 2
Genre: Romance, angst(?)
Pairing: HanChul
Rating: PG-13
A/N: I am trying to re-post this ... I tried yesterday but I think it was an epic fail - any-who. No plagiarism to my knowledge as the idea came solely from me. This is a fan-fic I wrote .. well a long time ago ... I was too chicken to post it and my friends said I need to ... so here it is. I need help and comments on my writing so if you wouldn't mind ... please tell me what you think. Please be constructive, not mean. I didn't spell check or anything .. I have trouble proof reading so um ... please forgive me? *Donghae puppy face* Oh and let me know what you think!!
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys, but I do own the Story.
Summary: Can two hearts that long for one another truly be united, even through pain and misunderstanding?
P.s. um ... you might like to try reading while listening to U-kiss's Take me away. Told it has a nice effect. ^^

chaptered: where you belong (3/?)

title: where you belong
pairing: kibum/donghae (hangeng/heechul, yesung/ryeowook, kyuhyun/sungmin)
rating: pg
summary: someday in the far future, donghae disappears from the face of the earth. he leaves no messages behind, no traces to follow, and no memories to remember him by.
a/n: kyuhyun and siwon finally make an appearance in this chapter, along with a few others. happy belated 6th anniversary and thank you to all those still following this fic :)

chapter 3

Institute for the mentally insane. (3/?)

Title: Institute for the mentally insane. (3/?)
Pairing: Kyumin (some Eunhae and Yewook)
Rating: Pg-13
Genre: Romance - friendship.
Warning: Mental disorders, cursing, perhaps slight violence in later chapters.
Summary: Kyuhyun was tired, bored and annoyed. He thought volunteering at a mental institute could be an escape from his reality.

Heechul began whiping his tears, “Pabo. If you like him let him stay. Why in the world would you push him away?”
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My Crazy Family (Chapter 26)

Title: My Crazy Family
Pairing: Hanchul, Kangteuk, Yewook, Kyuwook, Minwook, Kyumin
Other Characters: Siwon, Henry, Donghae...other SUJU members and SNSD members may come
Genre: friendship, family love, romance, drama
Rating: PG-13, NC-17
Warning: Gender Switch, identity switch
Summary: When Teukie and her friend Kangin decided to set Hankyung and Heechul on a blind date to give them the chance to fall in love again and hoping that they get married soon so that Kyuhyun will have a new dad and Ryeowook will have a new mom; but what will happen if the two are not getting along with each other and their parents are enemies way back in their high school years. Will this 2 family get along together and will have the chance to be one big happy family?
Disclaimer: I only own the plot but not the boys, they belong to SMENT


It Started With You (Remake) Prologue

Title: It started with you -Remake-
Rating: PG-13 to R
Pairing: Haehyuk, Sihyuk, minhyuk (slight), DonghaeX ariel lin SIDE: kangteuk, yewook, zhoury, etc. 
Genre: Romance, comedy, fluff, drama, slight angst, kinda AU?
Warning: BoyxBoy relationships, eventual sex, LOVE SQUARE/PENTAGON/ TOO MANY LOVES, death (nothing too major), slight abuse
Summary: After an accident with his mother and sister, Hyukjae has nowhere to go and makes a risky decision to call up his old friend Sungmin, who he's not seen for several years. Sungmin, of course, agrees and invites him over immediately. But what Hyukjae doesn't know is that after all these years, Sungmin has become part of a famous band called Super Junior and lives with 11 other men. Now, oblivious little Hyukjae is roomed with the famous Lee Donghae, his idol crush. Now, with someone as innocent and cute as Hyukjae, someone's going to want a piece of him. Siwon is infatuated with him and Sungmin is reviving old flames, but Hyukjae has his eyes set on Donghae, 
who's dating someone else and barely sees him as more than a pleasant acquaintance. Can he survive 
at this dorm and make a successful, new life starting there?
Note: THIS IS A REMAKE OF MY STORY AND IM CHANGING IT UP A BIT. if you would like to read it again, i'd be so happy. comments are love as always <3 I don't own any of the characters, just the ideas ^^~

Collapse )

with kms


Title: Cliché  
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Friendship, Crack, Romance, Angst
Pairing: RyeoMin
Summary: Ryeowook's a love child, hidden for years and only brought to light when Sunmi, his mother realized that she couldn't conceive anymore. Sungmin, his bestfriend of more than 16 years had mood disorder. He's only cure is a peace of his mind- in other words; Kim Ryeowook.
A/N: Made for zaboomafoo76 because I've been a bad commenter. I changed my mind Andi. Here, take a Ryeomin. Beta'ed by mysapphiresky. All hail the English god.
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untitled: prologue

title: none right now
chapter: prologue
words: 846/????
rating: pg, (r overall)
genre: romance/angst
pairing: wonkyu
summary:  siwon is fighting both his faith and his feelings as he struggles to find what’s right in god's eyes; kyuhyun is fighting both frustration and infatuation with siwon and his relentless affection.
a/n: i'm new to suju, but not new to writing fics themselves. i need suju friendssss. ♥

(he can’t believe what he reads--he wants to--but he can't. )

[multishot] We Got Married - Chapter 2

 Title             : We Got Married

Status           : Chaptered – 2nd Chapter

Main Pairing : KyuHyuk (Lee Hyukjae X Cho Kyuhyun)

Side Characters : Lee Sora – Kim Hyoyeon – mention of Seo Joohyun and Jung Younghwa

Rating           : PG-13

Genre           : Romance

Summary     : Lee Hyukjae, Korean most famous dancer, joined the famous variety show “We Got Married”. It wasn’t a big deal thought beside the fact that he was a gay and of course… he would be paired up with another male entertainer.

Disclaimer : The show is really exist and it belongs to MBC, not me. I’m just borrowing the show and sadly KyuHyuk’s not mine too… :(


When Hate sows, Love reaps

Title: When Hate sows, Love reaps [One-shot]
Pairing: KyuMin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance
Summary: Kyuhyun and Sungmin hates each other's guts. But everything changes when both got trapped inside their school under a devastating snowstorm.


( “I’m a brat, jerk, moron and now a pervert? Seriously Sungmin…this is not working quite well,” Kyuhyun grunted while rubbing his sore cheek. )