October 27th, 2011


In My Bed | Nightly Needs | Alone (With You)

Title: In My Bed
Author: [info]mistresspsycho & [info]vampire_moogle
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Genre: smut
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,039
Summary: “Don’t even think about it,” Leeteuk had scolded him. “That boy’s straighter than an arrow. You won’t get very far, so why not give up now and save yourself the trouble?”
Author's Note: Uh, mostly porn (with just a touch of fluff and humour thrown in that was inspired by the SMTown concert in NY), and very little plot. <3

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Title: Nighly Needs
Author: [info]mistresspsycho & [info]vampire_moogle
Pairing: Siwon/Leeteuk
Genre: smut
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,039
Summary: The last bit of Siwon’s resistance is being peeled away with every piece of clothing Leeteuk strips from his body.
Author's Note: Bleh. I needed to write something for this month. I promise to have longer, better fics done when I am not busy ALL OF THE TIME.

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Title: Alone (With You)
Author: [info]mistresspsycho & [info]vampire_moogle
Pairing: Kangin/Sungmin
Genre: smut
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 506
Summary: When the other members of Super Junior leave the house, Kangin is on him before the door is even closed.
Author's Note: There is really no plot to this, so please forgive the odd ending.

Read Alone (With You).
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7 Months of Kyuhyun

Title: 7 Months of Kyuhyun
Pairing: Ryeowook-centric, Kyuwook (one-sided), Kyumin (dominantMin!), Kangteuk
Rating: PG-15
Words: 10,305
Genre: angst, high school AU, bandfic!
Warning(s): mentions of drugs and alcohol
Summary: When Ryeowook first invited Kyuhyun into his life, he never knew he would learn what it means to love and not to be loved back.
A/N: This was supposed to be a chaptered series but then I turned it into a one-shot. Also!!! listen to 7 Years of Love by Kyuhyun if you haven't already. It's beautiful.

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tables are turned (17/?)

Rating: PG13
Genre: Romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: Owns no one. Just the story.
Pairings: HanChul, YeWon, KangTeuk, KyuMin, KiHae, EunHae, HoRella, SiChul and others....
Summary: As teenagers their feelings aren't stable as they expected them to be. It's not always you'll meet, date and live happily ever after. Who will end up with who when everyone is getting into each other's business??

17: What's worst than not being with your love one? It's having them around but they just avoid you without explanation. Painful, isn't it??

Confession game (12/?)

Title: Confession game
Pairing: Haehyuk
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, drama, fluff
Summary: Donghae and Eunhyuk are brothers and they both have someone that they like. But they don’t know if their feeling is real or not especially Eunhyuk that always being so oblivious. One day Donghae propose them playing a game; a confession game. Did the game will success till the end? Who will be the winner? What is Donghae true intention when he proposed that game?
Disclaimer: Nope, they still not mine
Warning: Grammatical n spelling errors... F-lock after 3 days.

“Away from you!” Eunhyuk said. “I hate you, so I don’t wanna be near you.”

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Fated + The Line Between Destiny And Chance

Title: Fated
Pairing: SiChul
Rating: Nc-17
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Summary: SiWon was crying, thinking it can't be any worse. That's when he met someone just as sad.
AN: Today is my birthday, so I thought of starting to update this. I hope you all will like it and therefore comment :) Inspired by a book I read a long time ago....but I forgot its title....For the rating, there is much smut in it (at least more than I usually write), so that's why I decided to put it R or higher, depends on the chapter.

SiWon was sitting on a bench in the park. Tears were streaming down his face while he covered it with his hands.

Title: The Line Between Destiny And Chance
Pairing/Characters: HeeChul-centric, SiChul, broken!KyuMin, past!LeeTeuk/OC, KiBum/OC, DongHae, YeSung, RyeoWook
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Mpreg
Disclaimer I don't own them.
Summary: SiWon decided to take good care of HeeChul and his daughter, but he doesn't know what will come with that, so will he be able to keep his promise over the time?
AN: So...next day. It's not that long but I hope it's a little bit better than the day before :) At least I hope so :)

But when he wanted to leave his room, he stumbled about something on the ground and almost fell.
EH; You are so beautiful

[PROLOGUE] We'll Make Our Own Paradise

Title: We'll Make Our Own Paradise
Pairings: Eunhyuk/Donghae
Genre: Romance, Fluff, AU (Heaven + School fic)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Two angels wonder about life and love on earth. They want to know how living on earth was like, and so God feeds their curiosity... by sending them back to earth for a while. But then they start to actually feel... and those feelings are looked down upon in heaven.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Except the plot.
Warning: Forbidden love. First-timer in writing yaoi here. Un-beta'd.

("What do you think it feels like?")

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Kyuteuk oneshot -- Hard R -- Rollercoaster

Title: Rollercoaster
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: KyuTeuk // Kyuhyun x Eeteuk
Genre: Crack, Smut, Romance
Rating: Hard R
Word count: 2171
Warnings: slash, fellatio
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but I wish I did.
Summary: Kyuhyun is sick of being pulled and pushed away.
Notes: Written for midorihaven who prompted the pairing and title. Unbetad so let me know if there are any mistakes/typos to fix. Enjoy!

You can find it here!

Comments are appreciated.

Forgiveness (Sequel to 035 Blind Heechul/Shiwon)

title: Forgiveness
pairing: Heechul/Siwon
rating: PG13
notes: Sequel to Blind, it probably won't make sense if you haven't read that one. They're linked together though, so it shouldn't be a problem if you want to read both.
summary: Heechul waited what seemed like forever to be rescued from his pitch black prison. Now that he’s free, he has to learn to move on.

Swinging his feet over the side of the bed and leaning his head on his palms, Heechul wished fervently that Siwon would get back soon. Being alone was the worst feeling.

Two Kyusung One-Shots

Title: Push and Pull
Author: rssj1314
Pairing: Kyusung, ninja!hyukmin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Romance
Length: One-Shot
Summary: Everyone needs a little push and pull every now and then.

He pressed his finger against the trigger, stood his ground and aimed.

Title: Clear As Day
Pairing: Kyusung
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU!Drama, Romance, Minor!Angst
Length: One-Shot
Summary: Figures feared to approach what intimidated them, what frightened them. Despite their different circumstances, they found that distinct connection that held them together.

"That's just so like you."
SiHan Macro

Submerged in a Twisted Musical 6/?

title: Submerged in a Twisted Musical 6/?
pairing: SiHan
rating: PG-13
summary: Siwon never expected for them to pop into his life like that (quite literally), especially when they say that they're there to "help" him through a romantic dilemma.
notes: AU. Kind of fantasy. A little humor, drama, romance, and a tiny bit of angst.

“I don’t want to forget you.” He added softly. All of a sudden, his hands were on my neck, desperation hinting on his face. The knot grew even tighter, constricting my throat from saying anything comprehensible. I could feel my heart speeding rapidly, threatening to overwhelm me by making me beyond dizzy.
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A Different Twilight Story, ch 4

Title: A Different Twiligt Story, chapter 4
Pairing: TeukChul (past!KangTeuk and past!HanChul)
Rating: PG-15 (overall) 
Beta: [info]veltana
Warning:  vampires, drugs
Word count: 5800 words
Summary: "I saw him. I swear I saw him. And he saw me. But no one else saw him and when I blinked he was gone. Like the smoke from my cigarette, he disappeared into the air. I'm afraid. I'm probably losing my mind and going crazy but I'm curious. He wasn't just someone I imagined, he is real."
A/N: The only thing this fic has common with Twilight is the word 'twilight' in the name! So even if you don't like the Twilight-saga, you can read this ;D  And everything Leeteuk has written
is white and what Heechul has written is gray.
[1] [2] [3]

"Is he still alive?" Hangeng asked quietly.
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Title: String
Pairing: KyuSung
Genre: Romance, Humor
Rating: G
Length: one-shot(divided to many XD)
Summary: Kyuhyun got the ability to see red strings that connects a person with his destined one. What will happen if he meets Yesung and ask for his help to find his destined one? Will they both find their destined one?
Note: Base on another manga which I can't remember the title because I just read the synopsis. For my Mom sujulovenl and Dad amalious whom I believe are connected by a string even if they are far from each other. I love both of you so much!/

-------- Red string connecting you to your destined one -----------

Banished [Chapter 4]

Title: Banished 4
Pairings: KyuMin, YeWook, HanChul
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance
Disclaimer: I made it all up.
Summary: The fates had decided his future, it had been written down by the gods. It was his punishment for the misdeed he had committed, but somehow, two immortals interfered and his life, as a human, would never be the same again.

snsd - jessica

cruel fairy tale 1/1

title: cruel fairy tale
part: 1/1
pairing: changmin / kyuhyun
rating: pg-13
genre: angst, drama
warnings: dark themes including: blood/violence, murder, mental disorders

summary: kyuhyun was burned when he was just a teenager; now he has to bear the scars of his best friend's mistake forever.

He shakes uncontrollably, silently begging for Changmin to get here faster, sooner; because now the man is tying him down and the handcuffs are getting tighter and tighter, so tight that there's more red appearing on Kyuhyun's clear skin –

The Family

Title: The Family

Rating: G (this part)

Genre: Family, Horror?

Disclaimer: The boys belong to themselves. Super Junior belongs to SM. Vampires belong to someone I’m sure but on this one only the words are mine.

Summary: The family is a coven of vampires. They keep several humans around for food, entertainment and companionship. Kyuhyun used to be a normal college student. He has been suddenly thrust into this world he didn’t know existed. Will he be able to handle this new strange life?

“Oh good you’re up. We were beginning to think that you hadn’t made it.” The stranger was a short man in his twenties with shaggy black hair and a large bright smile that he was bestowing on Kyu at that moment.

A/N I know the vampire AU has been done to death. This is my take on it however, there will be some fluff, some fun, and maybe even some loving in later chapters.  I encourage you to give it a try because you really can't have to much vamp AU in your life.

KyuMin: Hooker Heels and Cigarettes

Title: Hooker Heels and Cigarettes (2/?)
Pairing: KyuMin
Rating: Pg-13 for now
Notes: AU!1950's Madmen, Showgirl!Min
Summary: Kyuhyun is a sucessesful business man in a fast paced, growing world. His money has always been able to buy him what he's wanted, except for love. When he meets a showgirl...er boy...named Sungmin, his fortune starts to change.

Chapter 1: http://meshjumpsuit.livejournal.com/1932.html

Money speaks louder then words