September 21st, 2011

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Rainy Days- Rainbows Chapter 2 [ Sequel to A Step Behind You ]

Title:  Rainy Days- Rainbows Chapter 2 [ Sequel to A Step Behind You ]
Pairing: Donghae / Hyukjae
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, Drama, Friendship
Summary: Years after Hyukjae died, Donghae found someone who looked exactly like Hyukjae .
 But he says his name is Spencer Lee. Is the man Hyukjae or is Hyukjae really dead?

Other Chapters:

Prologue |  Chapter 1 


fic dump~ (one-shots)

Quiet Places, Yesung/ Ryeowook, PG-13.

One-sided, Yesung/ Ryeowook, PG-13.

Cavity-inducing sweetness, Yesung/ Kibum, PG-13.

Freefall, Eeteuk/ Kangin, G.

In the School Yard Chapter 1-43/?

Title: In the School Yard
Pairing: Yesung / EunHyuk. DongHae / SungMin. Siwon / HeeChul. HanGeng / HeeChul. A lot of Other pairings later on. Won’t spoil.
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Warning(s): Language, violence, character death, sex content.

Summary: There are two groups in the school. The Beauty group and then the famous Boys group. They live in a hate to each other, and tries their best to make the life hard for the others. But does this hate continue forever? What about Siwon’s father? How do they manage to get through The Gang? Read for more…

A/N: This story has been going on forever, and I don’t know how to put an end to it, I just like it too much… ^^

Chapter 1 , Chapter 2 , Chapter 3 , Chapter 4 , Chapter 5 , Chapter 6 , Chapter 7 , Chapter 8 , Chapter 9 , Chapter 10 , Chapter 11 , Chapter 12 , Chapter 13 , Chapter 14 , Chapter 15 , Chapter 16 , Chapter 17 , Chapter 18 , Chapter 19 , Chapter 20 , Chapter 21 , Chapter 22 , Chapter 23 , Chapter 24 , Chapter 25 , Chapter 26 , Chapter 27 , Chapter 28 , Chapter 29 , Chapter 31 , Chapter 32 , Chapter 33 , Chapter 34 , Chapter 35 , Chapter 36 , Chapter 37 , Chapter 38 , Chapter 39 , Chapter 40 , Chapter 41 , Chapter 42 , Chapter 43

My Roommate As My Partner ??

Title : My Roommate As My Partner ?? (2/?)
Pairing : Main! KyuMin, HyukMin, YeWon
Rating : PG-15
Genre :Romance ,Fluff, sometime Comedy
Warning : Genderswitch

Summary : Sungmin who would not an arranged marriage ran away from home then she disguised as boy in the schools boys and she shared a room with kyuhyun who rarely talked to others who not close to him.

Chapter one

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After The Fire chapter 4/20

Member(s): SJ+M, TVXQ (main!KyuMin)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama
What are the chances that two people, from two completely different
lifestyles, met once and swore never to meet again, only to do just that
a year later?
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members.
Previous chapters: Prologue, 1, 2, 3
Spot:  [info]zaboomafoo76  [info]hellobaby_love  [info]lovekibummie [info]rei_ming [info]sealegs2414

I don’t think my friends need to deal with my baggage, you know what I mean? )


Title: Tuesday

Pairing: YeWook
Rating: PG for this chapter
Genre: I don't know myself
Word Count: 1170
Summary: Jongwoon's stuck in a pseudo-reality of ever recurring Tuesdays.

A/N: i was super bored at work yesterday so this came into existence. i'll probably be updating this every wednesday, because it's on tuesdays that i have literally NOTHING to do at work except gazing at the computer screen. it'll probably be short though, i don't plan to write more than 3-4 chapters for this. it's boring enough as it is anyway. also, i'm aware that it makes little sense as of now. bear with it please, i promise it's deliberate and will get more comprehensible soon.


Fated Blood [2/2]

Title: 6. Fated Blood (2/2)
Author: reirei
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin, a bit of Eunhyuk/Donghae
Genre: Supernatural, romance?
Length: oneshot
Words: 1, 600
rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior
Summary: Sungmin is a cursed vampire, and he has already accepted his fate, however, maybe fate has something else for him

A/N: Here is part 2, as I promised. Kekeke.

“Kyuhyun…my name is Cho Kyuhyun…”

“Kyuhyun…I am Lee Sungmin”


Tittle: Neorago (It's You)
Pairing : Main! YeWook (girl! Wook), Sub-pairings!KyuMin (girl! Min), KangTeuk (girl! Teuk), HanChul (girl! Chul), EunHae (girl! Hae)
Genre: High School, Romance, Fluff (maybe?), Friendship, Drama
Rating: PG
Warning: Gender Switch
Summary: Ryeowook just a new student in high school and has room mates Sungmin,Donghae, Heechul, and Leeteuk. She has a new life here since she met Kim Jongwoon aka Yesung.

Collapse )


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E Super Show III...ish...that sparkly pa

Eunhae Fanfic: Crowning the Dawn (Part Seven)

Title: Crowning the Dawn (Part Seven)
Authors: tremmy_chii ; fishiesftw
Pairing: Hyukhae / Haehyuk
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: We do not own anyone, anything, except for this fanfic. :3

After Prince Eunhyuk hears the news about his father's remarriage, along with the crushing pressure of the throne, he flees from home only to face unexpected obstacles. To make matters worse, the prince even falls in love with a villager, who is much more than what he sees at first glance. All's fair in love and war, but two dishonest hearts are bound to greet pain.

Word Count: 3341
Romance, Fluff, Humor

A/N: Tremmy says: D: WE ARE REACHING THE ENDING, WHY SO SOON. Nooo, now I have to start writing again. LOL OTL

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SiHan Macro

Submerged in a Twisted Musical 2/?

title: Submerged in a Twisted Musical 2/?
pairing: SiHan
rating: PG-13
summary: Siwon never expected for them to pop into his life like that (quite literally), especially when they say that they're there to "help" him through a romantic dilemma.
notes: AU. Fantasy. Romance, drama, angst, and a little humor.

Pancakes. That’s what I woke up to the next day. At first, I almost didn’t believe it. I was still groggy and drowsy from sleep when I stumbled down the stairs. I thought I was hallucinating when I noticed Hankyung sitting on the table eating a plate full of pancakes.

Tourist History


Post-it notes 2

Title: Post-it notes

Pairings: HanChul, SiMin, qmi, Eunhae if you squint.
Genre: crack
Rating: pg
Warnings: none really, except for possible grammar-errors, swearwords and weird Chinese phrases.
Summary: Basically a fic where Super Junior is having conversations with each
other and leaving messages to each other through post-it notes on the
fridge-door or something.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but ridiculous crack-ideas.

Part one: HERE