September 14th, 2011


After The Fire chapter 3/20

Member(s): SJ+M, TVXQ (main!KyuMin)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama
What are the chances that two people, from two completely different
lifestyles, met once and swore never to meet again, only to do just that
a year later?
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members.
Previous chapters: Prologue, 1, 2
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He cursed his bad luck and misfortune, but most of all he cursed the fact that it had to have been Kyuhyun. )

Caged (Chapter 3)

Title: Caged (Chapter 3)
Characters/Pairings: Kyuhyun, Sungmin, KyuMin, Siwon, Han Geng
Rating: R
WARNINGS: Implied sex/rape, disturbing situations
Genre: au, angst, drama
Summary: It is a world full of dirt, abuse, selfishness and greed. It is an even worse world for a slade. A slade is a type of slave that is trained for a different form of manual labor. In today's terms, a prostitute of sorts. However, slades are purchased permanently and for one master only. Each slade has their own form of training, their own past, their own story. When four slades are forced to accept the idea that there is a world outside of their own, do
동해 → Witness my 1st breakdown
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Drabble Dump #10

Title: Domination
Word Count: 147
Pairing: TeukChul
Rating: NC-17 [bondage references]
Summary: Just when Heechul thinks he's in control, Leeteuk gives him room for doubt.

Drabble 1

Title: Crush
Word Count: 250
Pairing: YeMin
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A little crush turns into something else when the lights go off.

Drabble 2

Title: Break 
Word Count: 210
Pairing: SiMi
Rating: NC-17
Summary: There's only so much one person can take before they reach their breaking point.

Drabble 3

Title: Unexpected Thrill
Word Count: 188
Pairing: HaeWook
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Power shifts are least expected when the person you're dealing with is a friend.

Drabble 4

Title: Turn Ons
Word Count: 219
Pairing: HeeHyuk
Rating: R
Summary: Fetishes come in all shapes and sizes and capacities.

Drabble 5
Siwon UNF

Play the Game (2)

Play the Game Part 2 of ?
Pairings: KyuMin, SiHan, (ShinMin) EunHae, (YeHyuk) YeWook, HenWook
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Horror
Warnings: intense violence, character death, murder/suicide, language

Summary: Everyone has secrets, something they’d rather not the rest of the world know about them. No one has a clear conscience. No one is free, innocent or whiter than white. Everyone has one thing that makes them feel guilty or ashamed. Everyone’s heart has a dark side.
How far would you go to keep your secret a secret?

Every day, Siwon punished himself for his wrongdoings, he didn’t need anyone else to do the same.


Being An Angel to Get Him (Chapter 5)

Title: Being An Angel to Get Him
Rated: R
Genre: Humor (?), Fluff, Romance
Pairing: KyuMin, MiMin
Summary: Kyuhyun used to act like an escaped soul from hell but, when he realizes he falls in love for a popular boy in the university, Kyuhyun turns from being a demon into an angel.

“I’m scared of losing you, Min… I’m scared of separation… Kyuhyun is…” Zhoumi’s voice broke into loud sobs all of a sudden. Sungmin didn’t really know why, because he never saw Zhoumi cried in front of other people, not even Sungmin himself. )
Tao Le Sex
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Losing My Innocence Chapter 5

Title: Losing My Innocence Chapter 5
Pairing: SiHae (SiwonXDonghae) with Yoona
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Romance, Slash
Disclaimer: Story is fictional
Note: Written in Donghae's POV
Summary: So he really brought me to a high class store. Why did I suddenly felt like one of those leading lady in dramas where the poor girl is being dragged in the shop where the rich guy to buy her clothes.

My Roommate As My Partner ??

Title : My Roommate As My Partner ?? (1/?)
Pairing : Main! KyuMin, HyukMin, YeWon
Rating : PG-15
Genre :Romance , Comedy
Warning : Genderswitch

Summary : Sungmin who would not an arranged marriage ran away from home then she disguised as boy in the schools boys and she shared a room with kyuhyun who rarely talked to others who not close to him.

Sungmin is an ordinary teenager, but in the opinion of others sungmin is not just ordinary teenager but extraordinary and multi talented. Though she was a bit masculine she has a beautiful and cute face. She was awarded a beautiful voice.

True Love Never Dies [One Shot]

Title: True Love Never Dies
Characters: KyuMin
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: PG 13
Warning: No Warning
Beta:Nazeera (Thank you so much!)
Disclaimer: Super Junior is ELF’s while ELF’s is Super Junior’s ^^
Summary: KyuMin love is so great and perfect even angels envy them and nothing can separate them apart. Until one day, "…Sungmin has been hanging with him often" was what Kyuhyun heard and what makes Kyuhyun more upset was that the "him" that was mentioned is not himself. He cannot take it anymore. "Just get out of my sight, Lee Sungmin!" was all he could afford at the moment.

True Love Never Dies

KyuWook oneshots

My Cookies, My Wookie
KyuWook | G | angst/comfort, fluff
Ryeowook baked tons of cookies, but nah-uh, Kyuhyun isn't even getting a bite.

"Oh wow, I haven't tasted your homemade cookies for ages. C'mon bake faster, let me have some." Kyuhyun whined playfully as he tugged on Ryeowook's apron, making the latter face him.

I Just Called..
KyuWook | G | fluff
Kyuhyun just called to check on Ryeowook, really, he isn't even sarcastic.

"Hey. What's up? Why did you called?"
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Practice Makes Perfect, ch 13

Title: Practice makes perfect, chapter 13
Paring: Haehyuk, side Teukchul and Sibum
Rating: PG ~ NC-17 (R for this chapter)
Warning: betaed by myself, which is the same as unbetaed
Word count: 3815
Summary: Donghae sees Eunhyuk at school for the first time when they have to do a presentation in biology together. He has never seen him before even though they have been in the same class for two years. And suddenly his whole life is one big mess that he needs to clean up.

[prologue] [1] [2A] [2B] [3A] [3B] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9A] [9B] [9C] [10] [11] [12A] [12B]

"Do you mind if I don't put on a shirt?" Eunhyuk asked silently when Donghae turned so that he could see Eunhyuk. The dancer was laying on the covers and resting his head to the pillows. He had only pajama pants on, and Donghae could see the waistband of his dark red boxers peaking under the pants.

Second Heartbeat

Pairing(s): KyuMin, ninja!TeukChul, ninja!YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst/Romance
Moulin Rouge-inspired. Kyuhyun's a brilliant writer, Sungmin the star
of the show. Leeteuk's eccentric, Heechul even more so. But even
eccentricities understand love.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members.
A/N: Birthday fic for [info]sealegs2414. (:
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“We’re creatures of the Underworld. We can’t afford to love.” )

A Jobs A Job

Pairing:Sungmin and (you'll see)
Rating :Pg-13
Warning Character Death
Summary:Sungmins the son of a mafia boss but he looks too sweet for it to be true, Summary sucks read on to find out
Disclaimer:I do not own any of them, They Belong to SMENT
A/n: my first fic, comments are loved

From the car alighted a man dressed in black.He had a charming face that would have won the hearts of many but his face was contorted in a mixture of a scowl,disgust and mmostly sadness.