September 6th, 2011

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You Look...

Title: You Look...
Pairing: KyuSung
Genre: Romance, Humor
Rating: G
Length: one-shot
Summary: A little argument finished with a.....
Note: I did this out of the blue..... this fic is also a mini pic spam! And I don’t own a single photo from this fic.... i will give the credits to the great people who shared this beautiful pictures of Yesung and Kyuhyun.I haven't done the next chap of Fox Prince... I'm really sorry....
Inspired by: allspecialsmile (thanks for the wonderful facts and pics) and sujulovenl (thank you for the wonderful fic)

"My One True Pairing^^"

Sequel: The More U Love, The More U Fall

Title: The More U Love, The More U Fall
Genre: Fluff, Romance, humor
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Grammar/Spelling errors
Summary: Donghae and Eunhyuk are now past friendship. However, hasn't exactly established where exactly their status is at. Will they figure it out or go back to the way things were? A/N: Once again,I apologize. T_T
A Sequel To:The More U Hate, The More U Love

Sequel here~

Super Junior - { drabbles - I love this band , verse 4 }

The Changes When the Wind Blows

Title: The Changes When the Wind Blows
Pairing(s): KyuMin (kids)
Genre: Fluff, Friendship, romance
Rating: PG
Summary: Mothers always tell you when you're little that the boy who bullies really just likes you. Sungmin has a bully, is this true for him too?

"Sungmin’s not here." A small timid voice called out from under the bed in his room. The striped sheets that had reds and pinks on a white background hid the little boy from seeing his mother who was in his room and his mother from seeing him.

Eunhyuk's Adventure

Title: Eunhyuk's Adventure (3/?)
Pairing: Haehyuk
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Summary: Eunhyuk decided to fly alone to Korea even though he was really scared and hated boarding the plane, only because he wanna find his lover back that suddenly leave him alone. And his adventures with his stranger friend begin right until he found his lover back.
Warning: F-lock after 3 days.

“I’m going back to Toronto tomorrow….” Eunhyuk suddenly broke the long silence between them.

Other chapters can be found here

After The Fire chapter 2/20

Member(s): SJ+M, TVXQ (main!KyuMin)
Rating: NC-17 (this chapter only)
Genre: Drama
What are the chances that two people, from two completely different
lifestyles, met once and swore never to meet again, only to do just that
a year later?
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members.
Previous chapters: Prologue, 1
Spot:  [info]zaboomafoo76  [info]hellobaby_love  [info]lovekibummie [info]rei_ming

They approached each other, standing to one side with fury written on both their faces. )
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My Crazy Family (Chapter 1)

Title: My Crazy Family
Pairing: Hanchul, Kangteuk, Yewook, Kyuwook, Minwook, Kyumin
Other Characters: Siwon, Henry, Donghae...other SUJU members and SNSD members may come
Genre: friendship, family love, romance, drama
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Gender Switch, identity switch
Summary: When Teukie and her friend Kangin decided to set Hankyung and Heechul on a blind date to give them the chance to fall in love again and hoping that they get married soon so that Kyuhyun will have a new dad and Ryeowook will have a new mom; but what will happen if the two is not getting along with each other and their parents are enemies way back in their high school years. Will this 2 family get along together and will have the chance to be one big happy family?
Disclaimer: I only own the plot but not the boys, they belong to SMENT


Eyes Wide Shut [Preview/Prologue]

Title: Eyes Wide Shut Preview/Prologue
Pairing(s): HaeHyuk
Genre(s): Romance, Drama, AU
Rating: R
Warning(s): rape, violence
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior nor its members. I’m not making any money from this. This story is mine and is fiction. I don't intend to anger, frighten, or intimidate anyone. Anything expressed in this writing does not necessarily mean it's how the characters portray themselves in real life.
Author's Note: I couldn't post this yesterday, sorry T_T And I promise, I will get to comments and messages soon! This will be friendlocked in three (3) days...
Summary: To Donghae, high school is all about survival. To Donghae, his twin brother Sungmin is an angel that he must protect from his abusive father. To Donghae, the new student at the school, Lee Hyukjae, is much too happy to be normal, at least in a city like this

He was sent sprawling onto the floor with a harsh slap across his cheek.
SiHan Macro

One Click

title: One Click
rating: G
pairing: SiHan
summary: Hankyung meets Siwon through an unlikely setting at a carnival.
notes: Romance, fluff. This is not my idea. Well, partially. I got the plot from Michelle Phan's video, Catch My Heart. This is kinda a drabble.

Hankyung narrowed his eyes at the small, pixelated picture of the man on the screen, his own camera poised in front of his face.

[fanfic] Jet Lag.

Jet Lag.
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Pairing: Kibum/Yesung
Type: One-shot
Rating: G
a/n: Inspired by Simple Plan's Jet Lag. Tribute to Simple Plan and their successful new album Get Your Heart On, and my favorite couple Kibum and Yesung. ♥
Summary: Two lovers separated by distance as Kibum is in California taking acting courses, and both of their hearts are feeling jet lagged, waiting to be reunited.

You say good morning
When it's midnight
Going out of my head
Alone in this bed
I wake up to your sunset
It's drivin me mad
I miss you so bad
And my heart heart heart is so jet lagged

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heechul {the domestic way}

A Letter [ONESHOT]

Title: A Letter  
Author: emo_what97
Rating: PG.
Characters: Donghae, Leeteuk, Kangin... You'll see xD
Summary: When Donghae writes a letter to Kibum telling about how Super Junior's holiday went.
Genre: Crack, Humor
A/N: Something written when our teacher gave us an informal letter to write. And how Natalie managed it, I'm amazed xD 


[drabbles] Smile + [series?] Best Friend for rent?

Title: [drabble set] Smile
Author: jhengchie
Pairing: HenYeWook[?] Girl!wook
Genre: how to call it.. angst? Crack-ish? AU
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sometimes a smile can mean a lot..
A/N: Been thinking of this plot for about a year now and I finally wrote it~ no real pairings though~

give your sweetest smile~


Title: Best friend for rent?
Author: jhengchie
Pairing: HenWook [Girl!wook]
Genre: Au, friendship, eventual angst and romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: it’s a stereotypical story of a lad who has everything but happiness.
Warning: almost character death?
A/N: coz I love henwook and I’ve been wanting to have a character death.. whoever dies I’m not saying *evil laugh* Well I don’t think anyone would read this but here.. I’m posting it anyway~ I think this will become a short series.. maybe 4-5 chapters or less~~ sigh whatever

Part 1?