June 14th, 2011

It has to be you (Chapter 58)

Title: It has to be you
Pairings: Yewook (Girl: Ryeowook), Kyumin (Girl: Sungmin)
Other Pairings: Hanchul (Girl: Heechul), Kangteuk (Girl: Teukie)
Other Characters: Kibum, Eunhyuk, Jessica, Taeyeon, Luna
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ryeowook is an ordinary school girl but her life will suddenly became chaotic when her parents introduce her to her future husband who happens to be the arrogant and playboy TV icon and model Kim, Jongwoon

Yes, Leeteuk


title: Freefall
pairing: main character Leeteuk
rating: PG
notes: For the Super Junior 100 fic challenge.
summary: Leeteuk’s calendar is a reflection of his life, it contains both the happy times and the times when he’s lonelier than he’d care to admit.

He should have more faith in them. Kang-in isn’t the only one willing to support him. When things get to be too much, he can put his trust in them.

I don't, I don't... I do? (2/?) [3AM Happiness spin-off]

Title: I don't, I don't... I do? (2/?)
Author: Vic_Aino
Pairings: KyuMin, ninja!TeukChul
Rating: PG13/?
Summary: It was all Heechul and Jungsu's fault, right? Sungmin was just his hyung.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.
A/N: I should be packing cause I have flight in 4 hours and it takes me 2 hours to get to the airport, but I wanted to post it before going! Hope I'll catch my flight! Please COMMENT too!^^

Kyuhyun was lying on the table behind the director, looking at his hyung and sighing from time to time.


14. Tease

Pairing(s): KyuMin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst/Friendship/Romance
Summary: Sungmin's a tease, but Kyuhyun's not biting, because Sungmin's a broken doll who deserves more than that.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members. T_T
Spot: zaboomafoo76 hellobaby_love lovekibummie angelqmin paperheartsmin

He half expects Sungmin to cry, but Sungmin’s eyes remain dry although his lips tremble slightly. )

Super Junior - { drabbles - I love this band , verse 3 }

You Are Perfect (1/3)

Title : You Are Perfect part 1

Pairing : HyukHae, brothers!KiHae

Genre : Drama, Angst, Romance

Rating : PG-13? hehehe

Disclaimer : I just own the plot.. TT_TT

Summary : Donghae met Hyukjae in his imperfect condition. Would Hyukjae accept him?

Warning : Unbetaed.. Fail grammar.. ^^ 

A/N : This chapter has no Hyukhae yet..
This chapter is full Kihae.. There is a bit mention of Hyukjae in here..
Sorry about that.. Enjoy this.. ♥♥


[drabble] Tears

Title: Tears
Author: vanillafishy 
Pairing: SiChul
Summary: Bad memories keep coming back, but with the right treatment you can forget them
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Disclaimer: If I owned the boys I would have gone to SMTown Paris for free. But that's clearly not the case.
Beta: all_rise_red 

How to save a life [Chapter 6]

49 Days Chapter 1 - Chapter 3

  Tittle : 49 Days

Pairing : Eunhyuk,Donghae[Eunhae] & Super Junior

Length : 1 - 3/?

Rated : G/PG-13

Genres : Angst & Romance

Beta-ed by : en_retard 

Warning : I am kinda sucks at English.Forgive me T_T

Disclaimer: Based on SBS drama - 49 Days

Summary : A few days before his wedding,Hyukjae was looking forward to her future with her seemingly perfect fiancé, Siwon. In contrast, Ryeowook was unhappy with his life and resolved to end it by walking into a busy street. Their two worlds collide as Hyukjae gets into an accident and falls into a coma as a result of Ryeowook's actions. However, Hyukjae is given a second chance at life by a reaper. He tells him that if he collects three genuine tears from people that aren't his blood relatives in the 49 days alloted to him, he can live again. In order to maneuver the world of the living,he's given use of Ryeowook's body, but he cannot use it past midnight and must keep his identity a secret.

IntroChapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3
Teukie oppa!

Give You Up 2/2

Title: Give You Up 2/2
Pairings: Hyukhae, ninja!Kyumin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Angst, AU
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don't own them. TT TT Just the fic.
Warnings: Um...age? Hyukjae (22) Donghae (18), mentions of abuse/rape, some violence

Summary: Hyukjae meets a tortured young man named Lee Donghae. Shortly after, his brother is kidnapped, and in exchange for Henry, he has to turn over Donghae to the kidnappers. But what if he...can't?

a/n: It's a little dark with less Eunhae than I would have liked, but it was an interesting idea in my opinion...dunno what you'll think but I hope it's okay... This  part is also split...

Hyukjae didn't know what to expect, but as long as the two people he cared about most were in trouble, he'd do anything to protect them.

Finding You Again chapter 1

Title: Finding You Again
Chapter: 1 parts 1-3
Pairing: Kihae but eventually Hyukhae, Yewook and Changmin/Kibum
Genre: Angst, Romance
Summary: (Sequel to Finding You ) Donghae and Hyukjae are given a second chance at finding each other, but will their new lives keep them apart?


Chapter 1 part 1/3  |  Chapter 1 part 2/3  |  Chapter 1 part 3/3

High School's Memoirs(one-shot)

 Title:High School's Memoirs
Author: figlenka16
Rating: PG-13
Genre:Romance,Comedy,AU!Diary(what kind of AU it is?) ,slight!Angst
Sub-pairings:Kyuhyun/Sungmin , Siwon/Sungmin
Disclaimer:I don't own them at all ,but I wish I did! They own me ,and I own the story.English is not my native language, so do not pay attention to my possible grammatical errors and all that)Because I'm lazy ass -___-
Warning:crack , bitchy!Hae , crack ,swearing
Summary:Donghae mired in his usual routine, Hyukjae shamelessly pulled him from there.
A/N:I will update as soon as possible! And please comment,comments and critisisms are loved!

Perfection Kyuhyun

Serenade of The Damned



Title: Shampoo
Pairing(s): YeMin (but of course), slight KangTeuk
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Angst
Disclaimer: Contrary to popular belief, no one owns them.
Warning: Character death and mild language.
Summary: Sometimes, your partner's mere scent, however faint it may be, is enough for you to carry on life without them.

Jongwoon remained silent for quite some time, to the point that Sungmin was starting to wonder if there was anything wrong with him.

Sichul - With A Little Faith - Chapter 11

Title: With A Little Faith
Genre: Supernatural Romance
Rating: PG-13
Chapter: 11 / ?
Wordcount: 3,002
Pairing: Siwon/Heechul
Warnings: Established character death, possibly offensive use/view of Religion? Swearing.
Synopsis: After death, Heechul is given the chance to experience something he never got the chance to in life. But he never expected it to be so hard.
AN: X-posted to shichul 

Previous Chapters
Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Chapter IX Chapter X


In which Heechul snaps )


Shut Up, Babe part 1

Title: Shut Up, Babe
Author: pinknot_rabbit
Pairing (s): Kangteuk
Rating: pG-13
Summary: Not even in his wildest dreams would Kangin imagine he would living a ‘newlywed’ like live with his brother ex roommate, Leetuk. After many trial and long way they finally seems heading to an understanding. But would Leetuk could defend their live together and love in front of an egoistic older brother and possessive little brother?Had some connection with Haehyuk fic "Switch"

He used to think that Leetuk is very a mature and capable person. All his life is surrounded by an egoistic older brother and a clingy little brother. So it is not a wonder he become attract to Leetuk and intend to get close to him. But his feeling at that time is purely an admiration of a junior. He is normal and right at that time had only date’s girls.

What we've become chapter 14

Title:What we’ve become
Length:Chapter 14/?
character: Kyuhyun,Kangin, Zhoumi, Hyukjae, Donghae,Kibum,Victoria f(x),Tiffany snsd,OC
Rating: pg13
Genre:AU, Romance
Disclaimer: I’m their’s but they not mine
Warning: English is not my first language. If you find grammatical errors please be nice with me. There will be an age switch. Yesung and Siwon is in the same age in this fic
Setting: AU –Siwon and Yesung are getting towards the end of their respective high-school days, and have never met prior to this fic.
Summary:The boys met at the party Where Siwon realize that Yesung was A Kim’s, therefore a family enemy. They have to sneak around to see each other, and both boys have to deal with their issues surrounding that, their complicated family lives.
A/N: This fic came up from Romeo and Juliet Tale, But I make my own version of the story, I promise no one will die in this story and I also guarantee this will be a happy ending story
Beta: This fic is beta by my lovely friend ~ IMA~she’s not in LJ but she nicely beta my fic. My fic without her will be a bunch of crappy sentence

"If you think I’m going to let Siwon get into a car with a member of our family without me, you’re very much mistaken."
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Fic: Facebook Addiction!


Characters: Kpop celebs! (Super Junior, DBSK, U-KISS, ZE:A, BEAST, MBLAQ)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: General
Warning: Read for your own sake. =P
Summary: Kpop celebs have FB! XD

Preview: Yesung mad his coffee was gone. Henry cried his jar full of candies was emptied. Kyuhyun.. crack.


Cho Kyuhyun likes I love being maknae because it’s mean I can bully my hyungs. *BIG smile*

Previous installments: Masterlist

Arabian Nights 8/8

Title: Arabian Nights. Chapter eight.
Author: Dreaminginside
Words: 2,522
Pairings:Yewook, Henmin
Warnings: None
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jongwoon is just a common vendor on the black market scraping by. It only takes one job and a certain prince to turn his life upside down.

A/N:  :The last chapter! Only the epilogue to come ;D

Part I ... Part II...Part III...Part IV...Part V...Part VI...Part VII ...Part VIII

Jongwoon sighs into his hair, inwardly hoping the same thing. “I’ll always come for you Ryeowook.” )

Promises, Promises Chapter 7- Revenge Part 2

Title: Promises, Promises
Pairing: Kyuhyun/OC
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Yet.
Summary: What happens when your best friend breaks your promise? And, in the process, breaks your heart? In the early years of your friendship, you and Kyuhyun promised to be each other's valentines, and since then, you stuck through. Even that one year, when that hot (like omg-lee-donghae-hot) guy asked you to be his. No matter how many guys(and no matter how hot they were), you never gave in to the temptation. Because what sort of best friend would you be if you didn't, right? But by the Valentine's Day of junior year, some things have changed...
This is my first fanfic on LJ! I hope you enjoy reading ^^ Please comment :3

Chapter 1
, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Collapse )

Games. (Prologue)

Title: Games.
Rating: PG-13.
Genre: Crack, Romance.
Characters: Super Junior, Girls' Generation, possibly more.
Pairing(s): Yoona/Kyuhyun
Summary: Kyuhyun is Nobin Academy's "playboy." He passes each week with another girl at his arm, only to dump her, as sort of a game to both him and his friends. But when Yoona's best friend ends up losing both the game and her heart to Kyuhyun, Yoona decides it's time for Kyuhyun to lose his own game, just for once. What will it be like for Kyuhyun to play the game one more time...but with someone who actually knows the rules?

“All right, I'll play. First person to fall in love....loses.”