May 26th, 2011

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That's Why I Love You (Chapter 13a)

Title: That's Why I Love You
Pairing: KangTeuk, YeWon, HaeHyuk
Genre: Fluff (again)
Author: [info]shinigami_icha 
Rating: PG 15
Summary: Kangin and Leeteuk are married, but Kangin always ignore him.

A/N: spot for cherjeanne , xloveysx , jolenebcm , p_terry , freelivesbird , zensapphire7 , neyaays , 13loodyangel , myhlum , cloud_alones ,neverfallful , fuschiapinks ,

Prologue| KangTeuk 1| KangTeuk 2| KangTeuk 3| KangTeuk 4| KangTeuk 5| KangTeuk 6| KangTeuk 7| KangTeuk 8 | KangTeuk 9 | KangTeuk 10| KangTeuk 11a| KangTeuk 11b| KangTeuk 12

KangTeuk 13a

Time For Goodbye (13/?)

Title: Time For Goodbye (Chapter 13/?)
Author: Lainny
Pairing: Kyumin, HaeHyuk
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Romance
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior (but I wish i did), I do own the story
Summery: Sungmin and Donghae had a hard time after there parents past away... Kyuhyun came into Sungmin's life and made everything easier but Sungmin suddenly dessapears with his brother Donghae

“I’m fine, its just a little blood. Don’t make a big deal out of it.”


Dark City 2/3

Title: Dark City
Chapter: 2/3
Summary: Being the CEO’s son, Donghae is all ecstatic to take advantage of his new assitant, and slave, Hyukjae.

Warnings: Abuse,Humil.slave!hyuk
A/N: this is for my lovely wifey ime_ime_ime who’s been craving for slave!hyuk since uhhh...Saturday?0.ogahh, u do crave like a pregnant woman but you should know hunnie, ur cravings are really unhealthy!!(and mega contagious omg!)

"Please sir, let me be yours."
[APH] Italy

[fic] Everyday, Kachuusha

Title: Everyday, Kachuusha
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun
Rating: PG
Word Count: 800
Summary: Zhou Mi is an unapologetic AKB48 wota and Kyuhyun is jealous.
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior and this never happened.
Notes: A few things to say:
1. I got into AKB48 a few months ago and I think Zhou Mi would totally love them! Or maybe he already does and we just don't know... Anyway, the title is from AKB48 new single ^_^
2. I'm not English and I don't have an English beta reader. So please excuse the grammar mistakes that you'll probably find.
3. I love comments!

Everyday, Kachuusha
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Your Blood

Title: Your Blood - Chapter 3
Pairing: Eunhae, Hanchul,Kanteuk, Sikum, Yewook, Kyumin
Rating: PG
Warning: Gender Switch
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys only the plot
Summary:Have you ever heard that not everything that you see its true. The perfect world, where vampires are only a myth made up by our ancestor or scary old tales to scare misbehaving children. Well four boys are going to find the truth beneath those myth and fairy tales while vampires are looking for their partners.

Chapter 3
Tao Le Sex

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Title: Barricading My Oh So Perfect Boyfriend Episode 5
Author: jarield  Lunel de Mourcerf
Pairing: SiHae, SiWook
Rating: R *for language*
Genre: Humor, Crack, Romance, Bitchery, Slutness
Disclaimer: Story is fictional.
Warning: Genderswitched, implied Sexual Circumstances, and the Diva God-dess Donghae
Okay… This clever fox named Choi Siwon aka my shameless boyfriend may had lured me into his trap that makes me weak, and helpless, and not angry; but it does not mean I have to literally stay trapped in his hands foreveerrr!!!
Note: Written in Donghae’s POV.

List of Episodes
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Good Night

 title: Good Night, Sweet Dreams, I Love You
pairing: HenHae
rating: PG (for these chapters)
notes: hmmm .. it was written there actually :) sorry for the summary below .. i forgot to bring my paper so , i forgot the summary i made.. it was something like that actually hehehe
summary: Let's join Henry and Donghae on their quest in finding out who they really are.

Good Night (Part1)
Good Night (Part2)

Good Night (Part3)

Good Night (Part4)

Oneshot + Sequel Yesung/KyuHyun/Siwon

Titel: OneShot
Pairing: Yesung/KyuHyun
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Yesung has been in love with KyuHyun for years, but KyuHyun doesn’t know. The others know, and try to get Yesung to say it to him.


Titel: OneShot - Sequel
Pairing: Yesung/KyuHyun – Siwon / Yesung
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Character death… :/
Summary: Yesung was in love with KyuHyun for years, when he finally told him, after the huge pressure from everyone else, KyuHyun rejected him.

YeWook - pouty

Fire and Brimstone

Title: Fire and Brimstone
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 5,243
Summary: Jongwoon hunts, and Ryeowook subverts. Demon hunter AU.
WARNINGS: Mild gore, blood drinking, rimming, general filth, rather dark-ish

He’s in a diner, another featureless one in another featureless town, and the smell of cheap coffee and burnt cheese is cloying around him. But there’s another smell, one that lies thick on the back of his throat, and it’s the stench of demon. )
fanfiction ♥ shigure sohma

[FANFICTION] The Male Anatomy (1/1)

Title: The Male Anatomy
Author baka_tenshi
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Anal sex between two men, mutual masturbation, in public kink
Summary: For kink meme & yinhe. Kibum finally turned his attention away from himself and looked at Donghae. Donghae was taken aback – Kibum looked offended. He instantly felt guilty for feeling lust but was once again surprised with what came out of Kibum’s mouth.
Author's Notes: This isn't my best work but it was something to get me back into the groove of filling out prompts.
Word Count: 1,285

( fake link )

Because of the sexual nature of this oneshot, it's going to be locked within 3 days.

After that, please join and watch rainbow_sauce

too cute to be evil

(I want) Nobody Nobody but You! [Part 7]

Title: [(I want) Nobody, nobody but you!]
Genre: AU/humor/smut
Chapters: [7/7]
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Somewhat of a bandfic with main!KangTeuk / side!HanChul / minor!AlejandroTeuk (*cough* WonTeuk*cough*) / past!KangChul / glorious KangChul friendship  and hints of YeWook & Eunhae

Summary: [When Kangin asks his boyfriend to make dinner for his birthday, all hell breaks loose. When their groups get invited to compete against each other on a show, it only gets worse]

A/N: I won't lie. The chapter is 3000+ words long and KangTeuk fluffsmut takes up... all of it and I totally enjoyed writing it oO
Everyone who read and commented... You have all my love!... and more ;D

Part 1 [Happy Birthday to You!] | Part 2 [I Hope You're Happy (Right Now)] | Part 3 [(Baby) I Hate Days Like This] | Part4 [(The sinister) Alejandro] | Part 5 [Dreams on Fire] | Part 6 [Ring Ding Dong]


Stay with me (14/?)

Title: Stay with me (14/?)
Rating: PG-13 (adult themes)
Genre: Angst, Drama
Pairing: HanChul, SiChul( unrequited love?)
Disclaimer: I only own the plot
Heechul finds himself deeply in love with his fellow super junior member Hangeng. Could this love be a blessing or is it a curse threatening to change everything he knows.

”Well you wanted him to wake up didn’t you?”

~~~Previous Chapters~~~
Chapter 1, Chapter 2,Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6 ,Chapter 7 ,Chapter 8 ,Chapter 9,Chapter 10a , Chapter 10b ,Chapter 11, Chapter 12 a , Chapter 12b Chapter 13
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To Be Sure

Title: To Be Sure
Genre: AU, romance
Pairing/Characters: HenMin, ninja!EunHae, ninja!YeWook
Word Count: ~3,700
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: implied smut (only mentioned, it's super ninja)
Summary: Henry's journey from the desert city of Algebra and his endeavors in making baklava, with a little bit of romance and drama along the way.

A/N: Part of dreaminginside's Arabian Nights!verse. I would advise you read all the fics in that verse first, or you might not understand this. I've asked her permission to write for this verse, but I'm warning you now that I've taken a lot of liberty with some of the history that she's only hinted at or briefly mentioned.

Fic will be locked in 72-hours.

"Stop! Thief!"
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Three flashfics (SJ-M/food, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi)

Three flashfics
pairing: SJ-M/food, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
rating: G
genre: Romance, Humor, Fluff, Character Study
warnings: the first one is crack
summary Three flashfics I wrote for a request post on my comm. Five times SJ-M weren't hungry (and one time they were); Zhou Mi goes back to college (notAU); Kyuhyun is incorrigible and Zhou Mi is a faulty conscience (collegeAU).

"The problem," he says, "is that the chairs are too small."
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MT Company (Chapter 2)

It has to be you

Title: It has to be you
Pairings: Yewook (Girl: Ryeowook), Kyumin (Girl: Sungmin)
Other Pairings: Hanchul (Girl: Heechul), Kangteuk (Girl: Teukie)
Other Characters: Kibum, Eunhyuk, Jessica, Taeyeon, Luna
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ryeowook is an ordinary school girl but her life will suddenly became chaotic when her parents introduce her to her future husband who happens to be the arrogant and playboy TV icon and model Kim, Jongwoon



Obsession's End: Part 3 [SMUT]

Here is Part 3 of Obsession's End, my latest fic~
Reading Part 1 and Part 2 is pretty necessary to get a full grasp on the plot, so just in case here are the links:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Hope you enjoy!
Obsession's End: Part 3
Pairings: Kyumin 
Genre: Smut, slash
Summary: Kyuhyun rejects Yesung's confession outright, but in order to be rid of him, he needs something drastic. Sungmin ends up in the fray, but there are always strings attached.
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Smut (explicit), Don't like, Don''t read kekeke...
Disclaimer: I totally do not own Kyumin. Meh. At least I have the plot?

Part 3: