April 17th, 2011


Salvezza * QMi

Title: Salvezza * CH4
Pairing: QMi (with future side pairings)
Genre: Prostitute!AU, Romance, Dark, Smut
Rating: R
Type: Multi-chaptered - [CH1 | CH2 | CH3]

Summary: Zhou Mi is an Arch-in-training, an angel of no recognition, to be one of the highest of the prostitution rank due to his mentor’s persistence. He realizes that "going out" and "testing" would be both a temptation he couldn’t resist and a salvation he really needs.

Kyuhyun believes no person, no miracle and no hope. When he gets himself a questionable companion glued to him, wanting him, he starts to believe otherwise.

Kyuhyun kept to himself, clenching his gloved hand painful because the bad feeling he was having now was hitting him like rock-solid waves. )

Yesung centric drabbles

tittle: Because I Love Him
pairing: 2Woon, friendship!YeMin
rating: G
genre: angst
words: 260
Summary: Kangin keep shouted to Yesung

Sungmin knew Yesung smart in holding back his tears and emotion. He never sees Yesung cry or complaining in front of him or members

tittle: I'm back
pairing: KiSung
rating: G
genre: angst , romance
words: 287
Summary: None of the member know that Yesung and Kibum in relationship

for the sake of his dream, Yesung let him go

tittle: Untitled
pairing: YeWon
rating: G
genre: angst, romance
words: 451
Summary: It's almost impossible for him, the most weirdo in his group (that's what people think by the way) to be loved by Siwon, the most perfect man in his group.

But what can he does? He already falls in love too deep with Siwon
Hyoyeon; I'm genie for your wish

Sweet Delights

Title: Sweet Delights

Author: Cairistiona, formerly known as xxprincesscazxx

Rating: NC17

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Pairing: Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun (also Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi), Zhou Mi/Jessica

Summary: [Whorehouse!AU] [Pure Delights/Honey Delights Sequel] Kyuhyun moves in with Zhou Mi after Zhou Mi asks him to, but living together isn’t all they’d thought it would be.

Fic Archive

"I thought we should christen it," he says very seriously.

winter beb

Of Pink Cupcakes and Bribery (Gravity!verse)

Title: Of Pink Cupcakes and Bribery (Gravity!verse)
Genre: Fluffy fluff fluff of fluffyness :|
Pairing: Qmi, Simin
Rating: G
Summary: In which simin's daughter attempts to ruin qmi's lives.
A/N: This is my help_japan fic for sgcharbor \o/// I HOPE YOU LIKE IT SOBS I AM SORRY IF THIS ISN'T WHAT YOU HAD IN MIND OTL. Please note this is obviously after Gravity ends (10 years-ish after) sooo yeah ~__~

1,570 words.

(You are a twisted child)

Batch Updates - Reset + Real Face

Title: Reset
Characters: Leeteuk, OC, SJ members
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Drama
Type: Novel
Summary: Wouldn't life be great if there was a 'reset' button?

Links: 15 | Side Story 2 | 16 | 17 | 18

Master List


Title: Real Face
Characters: Donghae, Heechul, OC
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst
Type: Novel
Summary: She finally managed to escape from the one place that she hates the most in order to begin a new life in Seoul, but is still unable to get over the hatred for the male species. Would her heart be softened eventually?

Links: Prologue

Fanfic: New Years Eve

Title: New Years Eve
Pairing: Hankyung/Sungmin (friendship)
Rating: PG
Genre: Slight Angst, Beginning of a friendship
Warning: A small kiss
Disclaimer: Not real I made it up and the boys are not mine.
Summary: Some days all I really want to be is a missing person.
Author’s Note: My 29th entry for the challenge. Prompt 011 Rooftops Hankyung/Sungmin.


Best Friend [1/2]

Title: Best Friend
Pairing: YeWook (Girl!Wook), KyuMin (Girl!Min)
Genre: Crack/Romance/Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It's supposed to be the happiest moment in Ryeowook's life, but Sungmin just had to ruin it.
Prompt: A good friend would go to the drug store to buy you a pregnancy test kit but a best friend would stand outside the bathroom door yelling, "NAME IT AFTER ME!"

I don't care what that baby's daddy says, you're naming the kid after me! )
ky stand apart

Last Summer Night (Chapter 13/15)

Title : Last Summer Night

Author: fuschiapinks
Pairings : Kangin/Leeteuk, Yesung/Ryeowook, Kyuhyun/Sungmin, Kibum/Changmin, Kangta/HyeSung
Length : 13/15
Rating : PG-13

Summary :

Something that happens between Jungsu and Youngwoon on one heated summer night supposedly changes everything between the two of them from now on. The question will be, is it heading toward a good or bad ending?

( Chapter 13 )

Author’s Note:

All the characters that I’ve planned already appear. I’m thinking to post characters familiarization first before continuing with the last two posts. It’s like characters introduction in the beginning of the fict, but since I love to keep each character a secret, I didn’t do it at first. The post will likely capture more to in-depth known of each character and their background.

Tell me if you like that idea or not… ^^

Love for Hyukkie

Title: Mirror Breaking
Author: shy_mizuno
Rating: G
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Eunhyuk/OC; Friendship! Heechul/Eunhyuk
Disclaimer: This is based off of the 'I Will Change' Game and unless I'm a director - which I'm not. HELLO! Writer! - this is not for money.
Summary: How Heechul reacts to the story he tells on 'I Will Change'

( CRASH! )

Title: My Prince, Your Prince
Author: shy_mizuno
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Friendship! Heechul/Eunhyuk
Disclaimer: If I own SJ, then u are IU
Summary: Based off of THIS and THIS

( HYUKCHUL Marathon )

Title: Eunhae Fight
Author: shy_mizuno
Rating: G
Genre:Fight - obviously
Pairing: Eunhae
Disclaimer: Eunhyukkie no like fight. This is so fake
Summary: Based off of THIS and THIS

( "YAH!" )

Holding You (is the only thing i can do to keep you from breaking)

Title: Holding You (is the only thing i can do to keep you from breaking)
Pairing: Heery, Changry, Homin, Hanchul
Summary: You’re broken and I see that so all I can do is hold you to keep you from shattering into a million pieces. Wait for me, I’ll fix you.
Rating: PG
Warning: Angst, slightly insane Heechul
Notes: This is a follow up to Loving You (is the hardest thing i've ever done) which is from Yunho's point of view. This is in Heechul's point of view :) Hope it's okay!

you're mine, all mine, forever and ever and baby, i will never let anyone stand in our way.
Kyuuu <3


Title: Comfort
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk, broken!Donghae/Eunhyuk
Rating: PG
Word Count: 281 (zomg yes, a drabble .__.)
Genre: Friendship, slight!romance(?)

Author's Note: So, I was bored when I was writing this. This is the outcome, and it's very short. 281 words? inegeoige ;___; but I still hope you like this, overall. Haha, comments are always appreciated! Secondly, this will be locked in 72 hours (a.k.a 3 days) so be sure to join if you want to read after the hours stated ^^'

Long Days Make For Longer Nights

Title: Long Days Make For Longer Nights (Au!Fic)
Author: Dreaminginside
Words: 905
Warnings: Rating
Rating: R
Summary: Ryeowook allows himself one relaxing bath a week, though this week he may need a few more.

A/N: PWP. :DDDD. Prompted by[info]kellsung with bathtub. Hope you like bb~


“Trying to have your cake and eat it too are we?” Jongwoon’s eyes glint as Ryeowook scoffs at him.  )
Sapphire Blue

A Vampire's Angel Chapter 2 : I'm His What !!??

Title : A Vampire's Angel
Pairings : KyuMin, more to come
Rating : PG-13 for now
Summary : Kyuhyun is a vampire; each night he chooses a human to feed himself until the day he met his next prey, a young girl that kicked his ass for trying to suck her blood. What will Kyuhyun do to her?
Warnings : Vampire!Kyuhyun, Genderswitch.
A/N : The italic words mean those were in either Sungmin's or Kyuhyun's thought.

Chapter 2 : I'm His What !!??

tables are turned (10/?)


Genre: romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don’t really understand why we need to put disclaimers when it is obvious that none of us own them… and neither are we getting money from this…
Pairings: HanChul, YeWon, KyuMin, KangTeuk, HaeHyuk KiHae, SiChul, CinHae, YeMin (YeSung/SungMin) , rumored KyuChul
Summary: As teenagers their feelings aren’t as stable as they expected them to be. It’s not always you’ll meet, date and live happily ever after. Who will end with who when every one is getting into each other’s business?
Rating: PG13

chapter 1 ,chapter 2,chapter 3 ,Chapter 4,Chapter 5,Chapter 6,chapter 7,Chapter 8,Chapter 9
Chapter10:"What about I eat you up for breakfast instead?"
Lee Jonghyun

Men in Black 2/7

Title: Men in Black
Author: bollywoodrecord
Pairing(s): Hankyung/CL, Donghae/Minzy, Siwon/Bom, Kyuhyun/Dara
Genre: AU, Comedy, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A group of four spies, working together in an outrageous plan to maintain their dignity.

Chapter One

Hankyung paced outside of the fast food restaurant, checking his watch every so often.
text:love wins

Let's Be Gay (Or That One Time When Kyuhyun Wanna Be A Godfather)

Title: Let's Be Gay (Or That One Time When Kyuhyun Wanna Be A Godfather)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Warning: unbeta'd, mild swearing and the important appearance of a couch, again.
Words: 6000ish
Summary: Eunhyuk and Donghae said the gay vows and are now living gay-ly and happily in their new home. They are living the cliché gay life ever imaginable. And to add sprinkles to their gay cupcake of a life, they have decided to adopt. Sungmin and Kyuhyun are both close friends to this uberly gay couple. And then things happen. Gay things because this is a gay story.

Let's Be Gay (Or That One Time When Kyuhyun Wanna Be A Godfather)

After all, I think I love you. (6/?)

Author: kyumin86eunhae 
Genre: Angst, Romance
Pairings: broken!Qmi, Kyumin, Zhoury, Hyukhae, mentions of: Yewook
Rating: PG-13 (For now)
Warnings: mean!Kyu, maybe-too-nice-and-innocent-Mimi
Summary: What he wants, he gets. Really? Because this time, Kyuhyun went too far.
Beta by: jennypham7 

I'm sorry for the two months hiatus on that ff >.< but still, I hope you enjoy it ~

Gifted: Prologue + Chapter 1

Author: silver_lien (This is her story, not mine. I'm posting it for her because she has no idea how to use LJ.)
Title: Gifted
Rating: PG for both chapters, PG-13 for the entire fic
Pairings: KyuMin (main), KangTeuk, HanChul, SiHae, KiHyuk, YeWook
Summary: Thirteen to save a kingdom lost to evil, brought together by fate and chance. Will they succeed?

Prologue ~*~*~ Chapter 1

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Name: What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas
Pairing: YeWon (main) EunHae
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Romance, angst, drama,
Warnings: Abuse of alcohol, use of drugs
Length: 4/?
Disclaimer:I don't own them and never will
Summary:  Super Junior spent some time in the Sin City, but then, two of the members wake up with more things than a hangover.
Mystery 6

Another Mystery - Strange Feelings ..

Title: Another Mystery
Chapter title: Page #3 – Strange Feelings..
Pairing: slight! top!hyukhae
Length: 3/?,
Genre: horror, fluff
Rating: PG
Warning: Awful English, wrong grammar.
Summary: Donghae woke up by his dream, a worst nightmare. And everything is starting to change. But Kibum feels something wrong with his hyung...

He stood up then suddenly.. the lights went off .. )

All my love



Pairing              :  Yewon, Yehan(for this chapter)

Rating               :  PG 13

Genre               :  romance, angst

Chapter            :1/?

Disclaimer       :   All suju member are my slaves …..well in my AU

Warning          :   English is not my first language so you  will find a lot grammar errors,please be nice with me.

Summary        : Yesung and Siwon know each others for so long. Yesung keep a secret love towards Siwon. But Siwon just messed around with random girls/boys. What wil happen if Kyuhyun come to their life?


FanFic: Glasses, or 'The day Umma-Teuk ruined my life'.

Title: Glasses, or ‘The day Umma Teuk ruined my life.’
Author: rudeminnesotan
Rating: PG.
Warnings:: Some swearing (not much).
Pairing(s): KangTeuk, kid!Kyu, mentioned KyuMin and others.
Summary: Little Kyuhyun has to get glasses for the first time, and he’s none to pleased about it.
Genre: Fluff, crack-ish, with some angst?
Notes: This is mostly pinkymingo’s fault because we were talking in an IM about how this conversation between Kyu and Teuk would go and I just had to write it.

( "But he will probably have to wear glasses from now on." )

NEW FIC!!! Happy Endings Exist Character Profiles, Chapters 1 and 2!!!

title: Happy Endings Exist
pairing: HanChul,EunHae,KangTeuk,KyuMin,SiBum
rating: PG 13 (i guess)
Disclaimer: Sadly,I do not own anyone mentioned in this fanfiction.Only the fic is mine.

In which Heechul has loved Hankyung since their first meeting but he's insecure about confessing his feelings,Hankyung is a tease, Siwon and Kibum have a 'not so secret' secret and Leeteuk is a bit too happy.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2