February 28th, 2011

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Adoration, Desire, Love Prologue and (college!AU) Uncertainty and Promise

historical romance!AU

Title : Adoration, Desire, Love (Prologue/?)

Pairing : Hankyung/Heechul, Hankyung/female!Sungmin, Kangin/Leeteuk, and more

Genre : Drama, angst, and fluff

Rating : PG-13

Summary : When he was a kid, Heechul was a street boy. Stealing to eat, running for life. He then met Hankyung, a noble boy who then picked him, and gave him a great life. Now, the street boy Kim Heechul is a butler for Lady Sungmin, the fiancee of Hankyung, whom he secretly loved...




Title : Uncertainty and Promise

Pairing : Hanchul, Eunhae, bff!Hankyung/OC

Genre : Fluff... and a little bit of angst, maybe?

Rating : PG-13

Summary : When one day Heechul avoided him without any reason... Hankyung was about to find out why.

Uncertainty and Promise

Crazy (3/?) pt. A

Crazy – (3/?) pt. A
Pairing: Hankyung/Heechul, Siwon/Kibum, Donghae/Eunhyu
Rating: PG – 13
Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance, Humor, Supernatural
Summary: How does it feel to be called crazy by everyone? How does it feel to see things that others can’t see? How does it feel to have your personal life be known by everyone? How does it feel to hide your insecurities? How does it feel to have a taboo relationship? Doesn’t it make you feel crazy? Will you go crazy?

(I can't date a student)

[fic] Off My Mind - KyuHae

Title: Off My Mind
Author: convicted_eyes (aka Me)
Pairing: KyuHae
Genre: Fluff. Romance
Rating: PG
Warnings: mild very infrequent bad language.
Disclaimer: I beat both of them on Marvel vs Capcom 3. Don't own.
Summary: Donghae wants an answer and Kyuhyun wants time. He's never thought about his hyung that way before.
Authors note: I don't really know? I've been rabidly listening to 'Off my mind' and was in the mood to write KyuHae (not one of my favourite pairings but one I like none the less) and this is what came out. Not sure if I like it or not, but I hope you all do.
Archive is here!

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Title: Frustrated
Pairing: Yewon
Genre: au, smut. 
Summary: In which Yesung is frustrated and Siwon won't give him what he wants.
Notes: This is all Andi's fault and so this is for her zaboomafoo76

Before they’d gone on stage JongWoon had to look at him, all sexed up in those pants, that shirt, that hair and those eyes. Fuck it if JongWoon didn’t have a thing for Siwon’s dark kohl rimmed eyes and that look in those eyes.

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Where You Are
Pairing: QMi/MiXian
Rating: PG-13 (for suggestiveness and the likes)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Fluff

Summary: Even amidst screaming crowds, dancing lights, pounding music and sheer adrenaline, Kyuhyun thinks of the man they left behind. (SS3 MANILA-based)

Bonus! Follow up story with NC-17 rating inside too.

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Title: Facets
Genre: drama
Pairing: KyuHae
Word Count: ~6,500
Rating: R
Warnings: AU, bipolar disorder, violence, cursing
Summary: Donghae is struggling to make a living despite loving what he does, when he meets Kyuhyun. Suddenly he realizes that not every person can be taken at face-value; not if a person has many facets hiding under the surface.
A/N: Happy super belated birthday part 1, amdy2!!!

"I don't have anything to prove to the old man, and neither do you."
eunhae must be love

There are so many things i want to show to you

Title: There are so many things i want to show to you (Chapter 5 & 6)
Rating: PG
Length: Chaptered (Drabble series)
Pairing: Hyukhae
Genre: Drama, Romance, Angst (Maybe), AU!School
Word Count: 490; 399
Disclaimer: no matter how hard i wish for them, they will never be mine :(
Claimer: the fic is mine
Summary: Was that hatred i saw in your eyes?
Ime's Note: Decide on fast update :D
Previous chapters: Chapter 1 & 2 | Chapter 3 & 4

Rumours and Roses (Chapter 15)

Rumours and Roses Master list
Fandom: Super Junior, DBSK, (other minor)
Chapters:15/ ?
Pairing: broken!Kibum/Kyuhyun, broken!Kyumin, Kyury many others...
Rating: pg to pg13
Summary: Kuhyun is one of the most popular guys in school, until a romour gets out and the entire school turns on him. That isexcept for the new kid who loves pink.
Warnings: Character

Chapter 15
warm and cuddly
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Update Cigarettes and Rooftops + drabble

Title: Cigarettes and rooftops Chapter 4
Paring: Leeteuk/Heechul (sides: sides: Hyukjae/Donghae, Leeteuk/Donghae, Heechul/Donghae, Heechul/Hankyung)
Rating: nc-17
Genre: Drama, romance AU and a little angst
Warning: cursing, smoking, sexual situations, oral sex, masturbation
Summary: (I suck at this) If there was one thing Heechul though he would never be, it would be in love with someone.
And if there was one thing that Jungsu hated about being in love with someone, it was that he was too shy to talk to them.
Notes: This is a school related AU. In this everybody's using their real names and their stagenames are their nicknames. You'll get it ^^

He really wanted to go out and get to the rooftop, hoping that Heechul would be there. He wasn’t sure the other man would, something just told him so

[Chapter 1]
[Chapter 2]
[Chapter 3]


Title: Untitled
Paring: Leeteuk/Heechul
Rating: pg
Genre: Hurt/comfort, angst
Words: 305
Summary Soon they will be gone from under the spotlights, and the make-up and the microphones will be replaced by dirt and guns.
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All My Heart-sequel of The Promise We Made (Chapter 12)

Title: All My Heart(Sequel of The Promise We Made)
Pairings: Yewook (Girl! Ryeowook), Heemin (Girl! Sungmin), Kangteuk (Girl! Teukie)
Other Characters: Donghae, Siwon, Tiffany, Kyuhyun, IU, Mimi
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama
Warning: Gender switch
Summary: It’s been 2 years since Ryeowook and Yesung part their way…Ryeowook keeps on waiting for Yesung but he didn’t even show up in New York. Ryeowook is back in Seoul after 5 years as her path and Yesung’s path crossed once again, but how will she deal with Yesung who acts cold towards her and claiming that he doesn’t know Ryeowook?


Kangins bright idea

Title: Kangins bright idea
Pairing: HanChul, KangTeuk, KyuMin
Rating: PG
Summary:Kangin, Kyuhyun and Hangeng follow Heechul, Sungmin and Leeteuk around for a day. By the end of it they'll wish they never did.

Kangin glared back at Kyuhyun who had just bumped into him. Kyuhyuns apology didn’t really work because he was glaring at Kangin.

Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence! (1/14)

Title: Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence!
Pairing: QMI (Kyuhyun x Zhou Mi)
Rating: G
Summary: Super Junior is sick of Kyuhyun's not-so-secret crush on the oblivious Zhou Mi. So they decide to help Kyuhyun get the man of his dreams by a foolproof plan called "PLAN GTNSRKASRGUSZMT (a.k.a Plan Get the Nerdy Social Reject Kyuhyun and Sparkly Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Sunshine Zhou Mi Together)".

And that is how PLAN GTNSRKASRGUSZMT (a.k.a Plan Get the Nerdy Social Reject Kyuhyun and Sparkly Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Sunshine Zhou Mi Together) was born.
Kyuuu <3
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Heaven Of Love - 3/(?) | PG-13

Title: Heaven Of Love
Author: sexykyu  / sonelf 
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Kyuhyun/Hyukjae(Eunhyuk), friendship!Donghae/Hyukjae(Eunhyuk), minor!Kyuhyun/Yoona
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Angst (for the very first time .__.)
Summary: Love is something that God gives to every of His creations and it comes from heaven, at least for Lee Hyukjae.

One TwoThree (Newest!)
SNSD - Sooyoung [peace bitches]
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The lawyer, the social worker and the guy who thinks he’s a ninja turtle [Siwon/Heechul]

Title: The lawyer, the social worker and the guy who thinks he’s a ninja turtle.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Siwon/Heechul
Word count: 2,088
Summary: One thing it’s important to know about Heechul is that he’s not a very good lawyer. So much so that people (mainly clients of lost cases) have questioned his career choice. Truth was it was sort of an accident that he ended up in the profession he ended up in. It wasn’t quite an ‘oops I tripped and landed in law school’ type of situation, but it was a series of random events that even Heechul couldn’t begin to explain
A/N: Written for kpop_prompts, prompt #05: this ugly redemption. My prompt table can be found here
Sort of a continuation of this fic.

The lawyer, the social worker and the guy who thinks he’s a ninja turtle.

Lonely, Forgotten, Lost [HanChul]

title: Lonely, Forgotten, Lost
pairing: HanChul
rating: ...PG? ...better PG-13 to be sure?? i donno exactly, sorry
genre: angst but with a happy (?) ending
summary: How HeeChul feels after a few month after HanGeng had left Super Junior.
notes: I know almost everyone has already written about heechuls feelings or hangengs when he left super junior. and i actually dont write hanchul, but i felt so sorry for heechul, and i kind of feel like ive written this situation....just like im not that crazy....i hope...^.^ so as always my english is not the best and its not betad sorry, but ive no one. so i hope this will do.

you can read it hear =)

My Dear, it's all for you, I will pay my dues

Title: My Dear, it's all for you, I will pay my dues
Author: itskinky
Pairing: ShiHan (Siwon/Hangeng); broken!HanChul; broken!KyuHan
Genre: Romance; Fluff; slight!Angst
Rating: PG
Summary: Love means to commit oneself without guarantee, to give oneself completely in the hope that our love will produce love in the loved person. Love is an act of faith, an act of waiting for the right time to come and garner happiness.
Beta: crazybatchie
Disclaimer: I think Siwon looks fine with Hangeng. So, I wrote this :| And for static_abyss this is for you 8D

But there was never an eternal love.
Kyuhyun - SJM U

As You Wish (6/17)

Title: As You Wish (6/17)
Pairing: Zhou Mi/OC
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Zhou Mi is a prince who dreams of a common life. Sun is still searching for the knight in shining armor of her childhood. When their respective families arrange for them to be married, they struggle to find together the freedom and happiness they so longed for apart.
Notes: First attempt at Suju fanfiction. Extremely AU.

How long had it been since they’d had a moment alone together? How long had he waited?

Chapter One // Chapter Two // Chapter Three // Chapter Four // Chapter Five


Fic: In Which Donghae May Have Issues

Title: In Which Donghae May Have Issues
Author: kayevelyn
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Kyuhae, Qmi, Henhae, Shikyuhae, Shiry
Rating: +17
Warnings: Incest (if you consider step-siblings incest)
Summary: hooker!au Donghae has issues. Issues like Daddy!issues and Brother!issues and maybe just people!issues. But that's okay, because he's happy.
Notes: Set in the same verse as this and this. But you don't need to read those to understand this... but it's encouraged. :D

In Which Donghae May Have Issues

Running Man, Episode XX

Title: Running Man, Episode XX
Fandom: Running Man, Super Junior
Pairing: Qmi, and a few others
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~2500
Warnings: Show-centric/inside jokes
Summary: "Aren't there, like, dead people down here?" Joongki asks, suddenly.
Notes: All notes in the op!

It was a larger chasing space than usual -- that is, if you could fairly compare, say, the Seoul Arts Center with the catacombs of Paris.
려욱 → I'll give you a show
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Good Girls Go Bad - [Drabbles]


Long Time...Now Seen

Title: Long time..Now Seen
Pairings: Yunjae, Haehyuk[main] Yoosu, Kyumin, Kimin(kibumxchangmin)[side]
Genre: romance
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Un-betaed....but you should be able to understand most of it...hopefully
Summary: Jaejoong and Donghae are idols who spent there free time looking for true love. Yunho and Hyukjae are their back-up dancers who helps them find it.

Chapter 12