February 15th, 2011

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fics for kpopvalentines ♥

Happy Valentine's Day miracle______ members! /o/

Title: dirty jokes, and other things that amuse kyuhyun
Summary: Zhou Mi doesn't seem to understand what 'that's what she said' means.
Char/Pair: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
Genre: romance/slash, humor, fluff, college!AU
Rating: PG-13 for um humor
A/N: Written for taoyan . :) Prompt was "super junior, kyuhyun/zhou mi, "that's what she said." any rating" ♥ even though this totally isn't creative at all, oTL

(i can't believe it)

Title: drop it on a dime
Summary: Heechul's always pulled himself together. Yesung comes into his room at nights, begging for love.
Char/Pair: Heechul/Yesung
Genre: romance/slash, angst, slight fluff
Rating: G
A/N: Written for zenfu . Prompt was "3. Super Junior, Heechul/Yehsung, something to hold on to, any" Enjoy♥

( and heechul isn't too surprised when he hears a noise at three in the morning and tilts his head up to see a figure wandering over to him.)

Title: promise to the end
Summary: Siwon believes in Hankyung, and nothing can set them apart.
Char/Pair: Siwon/Hankyung
Genre: friendship/slash, humor, fluff, mild angst
Rating: G
A/N: Written for conditionally . :) Prompt was "super junior, siwon/hangeng, "i would wait an eternity for you", any rating". Romance is (kind of) implied, even though it's mostly friendship. ♥

( when hankyung tells siwon that he's leaving super junior, it's hard at first.)
Super Junior/Cartoon

I Wanna Be Bad (Chapter 2: The Transformation)

Title: I Wanna Be Bad
Pairing: Haehyuk, Kyumin
Rating: PG-13...for now ;)
Genre: Romance
Length: Chapter 2 /?
Disclaimer: Oh, how much I wish I owned these boys...but sadly I only own the plot.
Summary: Donghae rejects Hyukjae's confession, but oh boy does he regret it.
A/N: First chaptered fic ^__^

(The Transformation)
army of donghae

KiHyuk Valentine's Day Fic

Title: Love is a 9 letter word: Confusion
Pairing: KiHyuk
Rating: PG-13
Genre: highschool AU, romance, a twinge of drama
Summary: Hyukjae isn't gay. Neither is Kibum. But somewhere down the line, Hyukjae wonders if it can be counted as being gay if the only boy he likes is Kim Kibum, or if it's just love.
Author’s Note: I am thoroughly disappointed in the lack of plot-driven KiHyuk. More to the point, I am tired of only KiHyuk smut! KiHyuk can be about love too! I shall prove it! And...HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! P.S. This was written at like, 1 in the morning, so I am very certain that there are still typos in here somewhere.

Hyukjae wondered if it would be a bit much to erect a shrine in Ryeowook’s honor: here stands, forever enshrined in immortal glory, the protector of gentle maidens’ philtrums.
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Title: Crazy, but precious Love..(Prologue)..
Author: anncho
Rating: Pg (For now)
Genere: Angst/Drama/fluff/Smut(as per the chapter goes)..
Characters: Sihan, Sichul, Hanchul..
Type: Chaptered..

Story Line: Siwon's hot and kinda player, while heechul is gentle and gorgeous. They are friends for almost 2 years. Siwon likes heechul, but heechul just wants to be friend...so, what will happen when the third party, an innocent, gentle and pretty hankyung makes it entry in between those two friends..??..

Note: Gyaaaaahhh, Again new fic..Again inspired from some manga, but still don remember the name, coz i read it long time ago, only a tiny flinch remained in my useless brain..so am putting it down here with my own imagination..Kamsa for who ever reads it and even to the silent readers who takes their time to read it..kekekeke..*bricks myself*..

Kyuhae holding hands GDA

Not on Valentine's Day

Title: Not on Valentine’s Day
Author: cablackwood
Pairing: Kyuhae, Hinted!Heemin
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Kyuhyun realizes the mistake he made on Valentine’s Day.
Words: 2,361
Warning: It has been over two months since I’ve posted, so I’m a wee bit out of it (yes, I see this as a reason to put a warning).
Disclaimer: SME beat my bid on e-bay, so I do not own them :( all I own is the plot and the spelling errors and bad grammar

Kyuhyun walked into the dorm, a single red rose in hand

Swagulation -- Amber

Eros -- Prologue

Title: Eros (Or How Cho Kyuhyun Fell In Love)
Author: polyurethane
Rating: PG for this part, R for later parts.
Pairing(s): Eventual Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk (main) with several other side pairings.
Word Count: 284 for the prologue.
Summary: Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk are college students with the hit, quit, compare mentality. Sex is fun and love isn't supposed to enter into the equation. But what happens when it does?
Warnings: Nothing yet.
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine but the idea. Damn.
Notes: For my bb Kat who inspires me to write these things. ILU girl. ♥ Also I suck at summaries, I hope the rest of the story will be less lame than that is.

The Game We Play, Chapter 19

The Game We Play
Pairing(s): Kyuhyun/Yesung, Eunhyuk/Donghae, Sungmin/Ryeowook, Siwon/Zhoumi
, future Hankyung/Heechul
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Drama, AU
Summary: Four princes of SuJu academy were bored with their always-the-same lives. So they decided to play a game that will change their life forever.

Previous: Character's Profile + Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18

“I will never leave you.” Yesung whispered again as he brushed the fallen bangs from Kyuhyun’s face gently. “Because I love you too.”

We are sharing the fate 3/?

Title : We are sharing the fate (3/?)
Main pairing : SiHan
Side pairings : QMi, EunHae, YeWook, one-sided!YeWon
Author : addictivemonkey
Rating : PG-13 (for now)
Genre : vampire!AU, romance, thriller
Disclaimer : at least story is mine

Summary : In this world vampires exist. But most of the people don’t know about it. They don’t know also that there are two types of vampires. Siwon is a vampire. Han Geng is a human. They meet at the night bar but after a pleasant night Siwon disappears. Since then, Han Geng seems to see him everywhere but can’t approach him.

Previous chapters : 1 | 2

(no subject)

Title: [Chapter 1] Lone desire
Pairing: KyuMin,
Rating: R
Warning: Older!Kyu, Language
Genre: Dark, Drama, TeacherXStudent!AU
A/N: I decided to continue this fic because I love teacherxstudent so much! And I already try to upload the next episode for the show but youtube is playing hard-to-get at me and it’s really frustrating~ I’ll try again later!

Sequel for my one-shot fic, Over Lust~

Summary: Lee Sungmin is the bright, intelligent student in his school but somehow Cho Kyuhyun thinks otherwise.



how will it end?

[Fic] Until You - 4&5/15

Title: Until You
Author: Coley Merrin
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun
Rating: R
Genre: AU, Vampires, Angst, Fluff

Warnings: Brief violence, angst, sexual situations.

Summary: Research points to a vampire bite being unbreakable, but Kyuhyun can't give up. And with Zhou Mi, he works to undo the blood bond that forced them together.


Chapter One * Chapter Two & Three


Chapter Four and Five - No one fainted. Or tried to drive a stake into him. At least there was that.

[fic] On a Full Moon - HanChul

Title: On a Full Moon
Author: convicted_eyes (aka Me)
Pairing: HanChul
Genre: Crack. Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Sexual themes. Bad language.
Disclaimer: I've lost my flock of Mimi's! They have top hats now! Has anyone seen them? I don't own them. Sadly.
Summary: Once a month on a full moon, something terrible happens to Hankyung.
Authors note: Total crack based on a conversation I had with the wonderful ink_river10 so this goes out to her. Hope you like it sweetie.
Archive is here!

Collapse )

[fic] poetically pathetic, 1/1

Title: Poetically Pathetic
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Genre: Romance/Angst
Rating: PG-15
Notes: Through some not-Korean music, personal experience, and observations made on my friends, this was created.
Word Count: 7000

Summary: It’s amazing, Sungmin thinks—how easily everything can just fall apart. Of stories, heartstrings, and too much love.

And here is where you lay a piece of your heart, so you can always find your way back if you ever get lost. )

My Love is an Assassin… (Chapter 6)

 Title: My Love is an Assassin… (Chapter 6)
Author: ryuuq_attay224
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff?, Romance, Drama
Pairing: Hyukhae, Kyuhae, Kyumin, Side!Hanchul
Disclaimer: English is not my first language. Sorry if this story is a failure. I don’t own SM TOWN.
Warning: Cursing, Cross Dressing!Hae
Summary: Han Donghae is a cold heart assassin with reasons. He becomes an assassin because of 4 years ago that he can’t forget. One day, he meets a boy name Lee Hyukjae. He doesn’t know where he’s from. After the guy name Hyukjae step into his life, his life is totally changed.

Chapter 6 : http://ryuuq-attay224.livejournal.com/16854.html#cutid1
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WolfSaga [ 11/? ]

Title: WolfSaga
Chapter: 11/?
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: KiSung  [minor KangTeuk; HanChul..]
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre: angst, romance, Vampire/Lycan AU
Summary: A young lycan on the run, preferably as far away from his family as possible, stumbles over a mixed community that takes him in. But his past is catching up with him for sure, not caring if he wishes for it or not.
A/N: Pretty late update TT-TT , I'm sorry~
Thank you rayneweather for beta reading ♥
Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
| 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

I bet they'll end up like the other two~ )

Crazy (1/?) pt. A

Crazy (1/?) pt A
Pairing: (multiple pairings) Hankyung/Heechul, Siwon/Kibum, Donghae/Eunhyuk
Rating: PG – 13 – R (depending on the chapter) this chapter: PG – 13
Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance, Humor, Supernatural
Summary: How does it feel to be called crazy by everyone? How does it feel to see things that others can’t see? How does it feel to have your personal life be known by everyone? How does it feel to hide your insecurities? How does it feel to have a taboo relationship? Doesn’t it make you feel crazy? Will you go crazy?

(Did it hurt?)
min shocked

If It's The Last Thing I Do

TITLE: If It's The Last Thing I Do
Genre: romance, fluff supposedly angst
Verse: expanded
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior...although I wish I did. stupid story whut story is mine ~ xD * bricked*
Rating: PG-13
Status/Length: Complete; One-Shot 1,832W
Pairing: KyuMin DUH
Summary: This Valentine's Day, maybe, just maybe, he may not have to be alone after all.

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Practice makes perfect

Title: Practice makes perfect [prologue]
Paring: Haehyuk
Rating: PG ~ NC-17 (PG for now)
Summary: Donghae is one of the most popular guys in his school but his studies aren't going that well. He needs help with his the studies but how's he gonna get it? Eunhyuk on the other hand is not a popular kid at all and he's doing really well with his studies. What happens when the two of them suddenly have to study together?

"Can we meet at the gates after school?"

i love you and you only


Title: Trust [Drabble]
Pairing: Kyumin
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Word count: 395
Disclaimer: I only own lazycookies  
Summary: What would happen if someone gains your trust and you lose it again in just a few weeks?

A.N: This story is from my essay exam in school xD just got my results back and was shocked with the results because i wrote it like a fic. guess how much i got? :D Tell you once this fic ends ^^
leap of faith

(no subject)

title: moderate distortions
fandom: super junior
rating: pg
pairing: donghae-centric
summary: white lies are still lies

you keep me stumbling to bethleham"

title: steal some covers share some skin
fandom: super junior
rating: hard r
pairing: yesung/ryeowook
summary: lazy mornings in bed
a/n: for my mrwargan moeruze_burning

driving slow on sunday mornings, and I never want to leave

What Happens in an office once the writer leaves

Title: What happens in an office once the writer leaves
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-!3 coz i killed people
Genre: Crack, Comedy
Summary: Kibum makes Ryeowook mad resulting in conflict. However the rest of the Super Junior gang makes it better....or do they?
Warning: character death, in·an·i·mate objects moving, dancing and dying.

"I'm sorry!!! I didn't--"...They jumped him.

Eternal Maknae or Maknae? [Sequel to Passing the Test] PART 1

Title: Eternal Maknae or Maknae? [Sequel to Passing the Test] PART 1
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, Romance
Pairing: Ryeowook and Kyuhyun with rest of Super Junior
Summary: The reason why Ryeowook insists on being the eternal maknae of Super Junior all along.
Word Count: 1989

HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE ITTTTTT ~ haha a little smuutt to heat things up for valentines ^^ (although its a little late ><)

- sequel recommended to be read after the series Passing the Test

SEQUEL - shortixxlove.livejournal.com/5427.html
PASSING THE TEST CHAPTER 1 (for those who haven't read the series) - shortixxlove.livejournal.com/1422.html

Four One-shot Updates

Title: Crimson Strokes
Pairing: Heebum/Kichul
Rating: PG | Genre: AU!Romance
Length: One-Shot
Summary: An artist who discovered an inspiration, a theme that is prominent in all of his work.

Title: A Closer Look
Pairing: Kimin
Rating: PG | Genre: AU!Fluff, Romance
Length: One-Shot
Summary: His friend sets him up with a job interview, he wants out of it.

Title: A Recurring Dream
Pairing: HenHae
Rating: PG-13 | Genre: AU!Romance, minor!Supernatural
Length: One-Shot
Summary: Every night he relives the same dream, every morning he's left with the same yearning, waiting for the day it finally becomes a reality.

Title: Forgotten Impulses
Pairing: Kyuwook
Rating: PG-13 | Genre: AU!Romance, Drama
Length: One-Shot
Summary: He doesn't understand his habits, he wish he knew his exact reasons for doing what he does. His friend is comforting and understanding when others aren't, encouraging feelings he isn't sure he should be feeling.
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[Fanart] What Should I Buy as a Present For You

Title : What Should I Buy as a Present For You (long and irrelevant title, LOL)
Artist : z_hard (posting @ sapphireinks)
Pairing : Donghae/Eunhyuk (HaeHyuk)
Rating : G
Notes : Actually I wanna draw something decent, with background and anything else--not a chibis like this ;__; but college eat me up and I don't have enough time to draw with details. So, for now, please enjoy this chibi!HaeHyuk X)
Preview :