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The things that I should tell you

|| Heechul-centric, Hanchul || G || Fluff, Angst (maybe), crack (maybe) ||

 “I just say what I should tell you, because my heart said so,”

I'm a boy,stupid!

|| Kid!Kyumin || PG || Crack but fail because I always fail in crack! ||

Kyuhyun pushed his bang to the left while raising his eye-brows, trying to look sexy.

A/N: I really disappointed with myself because I can't write Zhoury!!
Exactly 00:00 here!!
Today is my second bias's birthday!! Han Geng Oppa!! Chukha haeyo!! 

Prompt by Iprompt!!

Kyuhyun - SJM U

As You Wish (4/17)

Title: As You Wish (4/17)
Pairing: Zhou Mi/OC
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Zhou Mi is a prince who dreams of a common life. Sun is still searching for the knight in shining armor of her childhood. When their respective families arrange for them to be married, they struggle to find together the freedom and happiness they so longed for apart.
Notes: First attempt at Suju fanfiction. Extremely AU.

It was confusing, to say the least, that he should feel that way, for a woman he did not love, did not even know. But then again, he placed great faith in time.

Chapter One // Chapter Two // Chapter Three

Leave Him 2/2

Title: Leave Him
Pairing: Simin, Hanchul 
Genre: romance, fluff
Rating: R (for language and inexplicit sexual situations)
Summary: "Leave him." he says. But, it's not always that easy, just ask Sungmin and Heechul.
Notes: This is dedicated to sweetichigo227 because it's her birthday!

It sounds almost like warm maple syrup, thick but not too thick, sweet but not too sweet.

Part 1
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All My Heart-sequel of The Promise We Made (Chapter 3)

Title: All My Heart(Sequel of The Promise We Made)
Pairings: Yewook (Girl! Ryeowook), Heemin (Girl! Sungmin), Kangteuk (Girl! Teukie)
Other Characters: Donghae, Siwon, Tiffany, Kyuhyun, IU, Mimi
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama
Warning: Gender switch
Summary: It’s been 2 years since Ryeowook and Yesung part their way…Ryeowook keeps on waiting for Yesung but he didn’t even show up in New York. Ryeowook is back in Seoul after 5 years as her path and Yesung’s path crossed once again, but how will she deal with Yesung who acts cold towards her and claiming that he doesn’t know Ryeowook?

종유 • you'll never know i liked it。
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With an interest growing at 2% monthly; Heechul/Jay

With an interest growing at 2% monthly
2000 words. PG-13.
— Super Junior/The Trax; Heechul/Jay.

author onew.
summary High school stereotypes and archetypes aside, Heechul thinks he can actually make the honors list with a bit of help. Or maybe a lot of help from Jay Kim.
notes Written for round 01: challenge three @ seoulfully.
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Fic Dump~


Birthday Surprise
Pairing: Sihan
Genre: PG
Disclaimer: they're in my basement..
Summary: hankyung's all alone celebrating his birthday


You Okay, Honey?
Pairing: sihan
Rating: PG-13 for situation and language
Disclaimer: dont own them
Summary: christmas eve, a professor, a young drummer. what could possibly happen?
“So you’re saying that me getting my ass kicked is God’s will?” )

My First Kiss Went a Little Like This
Pairing: Shihan
Rating: G
Disclaimer: i hide them inside my closet.
Shiwon had never been kissed before.
i have to tell you a secret... )

If You Were Gay
Pairing: SiHae!friendship, Shihan!ninja
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Word count: 819
Yesterday I was just singing tunes from the Broadway, Avenue Q, and I thought it would funny if this happens to Shiwon. So I wrote it down.
so what should it matters to me, what you do in bed with... )
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Title: It took me so Long to confess..(One Shot)..
Author: anncho
Rating: Pg-13
Genere:Angst/Fluff/smut(i think so)..
Character: Kyuhan, Ninja/Kyumin..
Type: One Shot
Warning: sexual content..
Disclaimer: I just own the story, not the characters.

Story Line: Hangeng was in love with kyuhyun for so long, since his college days, but the other already had its partner that time. So, what will happen when they meet for the very first time in a bar, where hangeng was working. Can he get his long time onsided love back or that person had something else inside his mind..??..

Note: This is for my dongsaeng us_jessica...Happy Birthday my twin..And for my love HANGENG..Happy b'day Oppa..(The story is inspired from one of the BL manga, which i don't remember the name..kekeke..thanks)..

(Read Here)

Healing You - Chapter 2

Title: Healing You - Chapter 2
Pairing: Kyumin, Eunhae, Sihan
Word Count: 4000 and up
Rating: PG-15 (may go up)
Disclaimer: **sniffs sniffs** they will never be mine, but I do hope to have a guy like Donghae-yahhhh 
Summary: Sungmin was coldhearted to everyone except his twin brother, Donghae, who suffers from severe anaemia and asthma. When Sungmin was assigned to kill Kyuhyun, a blind 17 year old boy, Sungmin starts to know the true meaning of friendship and love. So I suck at summaries. :'(
Chapter 2: http://cindyy101.livejournal.com/1845.html


Of Rival and Marriage chapter 2

Title : Of Rival and Marriage

Chapter : 2/?

Pairing : Hanchul (main), slight Kangteuk, Kyumin, Eunhae

Rating : PG-15 for curse word (will proceed to NC-17 in later chapter)

Genre : Romance, Fluff, Crack, au!Highschool

Summary : Do you know that hate and love only separated by a thin vulnerable line? What if the one who you hate the most suddenly turns to be the one who will be with you for the rest of your life?

Warning : again…un-beta-ed~ hehehe :p

chapter 2 )

2011년 토끼의 해

Fairyland [00/?] and 韩庚, 生日快乐!

Title: Fairyland [00/?]
Pairing: Heebum, Sihan, Kangteuk, Eunhae, Yewook, Kyumin, slight! Heekyung
Rating: PG13 maybe?
Genre: Fantasy, a bit of drama and some romance
Summary: Kibum, as a child, thought that he might be a changeling. He was so unlike the other members of his family. He didn't sing, no he even didn't talk at all. As 16 years old, he didn't believe about changelings and those stories but yet, there was a visitor to him by window of this room and the stranger took Kibum to the world where most of people do not know, the fairyland.
Warning: Slow updates. Very slow. Some nonsense maybe?
A/N:  It's my first long fic. so it would turn up really bad..

(Character infromation) (Prolog)

And this is a fanart! Congratulating Hangeng's birthday...
(韩庚, 生日快乐!)

[new fic series] Author’s note

 Title: [mini-series] Author’s note 
Pairing: Sooyoung [SNSD] with Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Leeteuk, Donghae, Eunhyuk and Sungmin
Genre: Romance, Crossover
Rating: PG
Summary: Sooyoung is a writer and she writes her ideal Love story

A/N: Did this for Sooyoung’s birthday and I love her! anyway.. each story is supposedly written by Sooyoung as she imagines herself paired up with someone wahahh PS: can you guess who she’ll really end up with? 1 story per member~~ do you want any other SJ member paired up with her?

1- Love Never Lies

2 Oneshots...Updated!!

Title: I know, You know?!

Pairing: Kyumin (Kyuhyun, Sungmin GIRL!)

Type: Oneshot

Genre: Drama, Romance

Rating: PG

Summary: Kyuhyun keep on following Sungmin wherever she goes…(Summary sucks)

A/N: Another 1 shot…I don’t own anything but the fic is mine..This is different from the one that I wrote in my paper and it’s a fail...Crap as usual...Dedicated to my dear chinggu Anncho…Once again bare with it chinggus..^_^


(Yah! Stop following me!)


Title: Can we still be together?

Pairing: Kyumin (Kyuhyun x Sungmin GIRL!)

Genre: Romance

Rating: Pg

Summary: What will happen to us now?

A/N: I don’t own anything just the fic…Another very short crap of mine… Dedicated to my friend Pam (Lucefiel07), it’s short though but this is for you and to all the chinggus out there…^^…happy reading…



Minnie glasses

My Bloody Valentine

Title: My Bloody Valentine
Author: i_love_sungmin
Pairing: KyuMin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Horror/Comedy/Romance
Type: Oneshot
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior (but I wish I really did)
Warning: Gender Switch
Summary: Kyuhyun is a Harlequin who is inlove with Sungmin his Columbine. In this bizarre love story… Kyuhyun will give up his heart just to win Sungmin’s heart.