February 4th, 2011

Let Me Love You

  Title: Let me love you
Pairing: Hyukhae
Rating:G for now
Chapter: oneshot
Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own any of the characters..just the plot

Summary: what happens when Donghae had his party and met someone that actually meant for him?

a/n: 1.this is a bday gift to fuyukimasa  tremmy_chii  sujulover4life (mian for the late gift.i am sick and busy)love u guys

with kms

AUTUMN'S ROSE (Prologue)

title: AUTUMN'S rose Prologue
paring: EUNHAE
rating: PG
Summary: Eunhyuk and Donghae was separated when they were 10. 6 years later, Eunhyuk met a boy,too similar to Donghae and was annoying the hell out of him. Who exactly is he? Why is Eunhyuk's heart not shutting up? (:
Warning: Until at least 3 people comments, I'm not posting the next one up. ): My first fanfic ):


Forever Love is KyuMin (6/?)

Title: Forever Love is KyuMin (6/?)
Characters: KyuMin (Main) and other normal SJ pairings
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Rating: PG 13
Warning: Not much warning in this chapter ^^
Disclaimer: Super Junior is ELF’s while ELF’s is Super Junior’s ^^
Summary: The love of KyuMin starts when Super Junior becomes 13 [Bad at summary ><]
A/N: This is my first fic and I hope that you all can give support *bow* ^^
Sorry if my English cannot make it ㅠㅠ I know it’s totally CMI ><

Hyung, I am sorry for hurting you but I like Donghae Hyung
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The Promise We Made (Chapter 15)

Title: The Promise We Made
Pairing: Broken! Heewook (girl: Ryeowook), Kangteuk (girl: leeteuk), Heemin (girl: Sungmin)
Other Characters: Yesung, Donghae, Siwon, Kyuhyun, IU
Genre: Drama
Warning: Gender switch
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ryeowook and Heechul get married during their childhood years and made a promise to each other that they will be husband and wife when they grow up; but things suddenly change when Heechul introduce Sungmin to Ryeowook as his fiancée…


Our So-Called Love Affair 2

Title: Our So-Called Love Affair
Pairing: KyuMin
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kyuhyun is being forced in marriage by his wealthy grandfather. Well, that's a big problem since he doesn't want to get married to the girl chosen for him because he is in love with somebody else. When Kyuhyun finally got the chance to be closer to the guy of his dreams, he made an offer too irresistable for the financially problematic Sungmin. It's all just a matter of a high-compensating job, a written contract, and a declaration of gender preferrence to help solve their problem.
Warning: yaoi, language
chapter 1 * 2

My teacher is a tease

Title: my teacher is a tease
Author: [info]vanillafishy ~ (posting @ princess_heehee )
Pairing: Teukseob
Summary: Mister Park loves teasing one of his students just cause he thinks the reaction he get from that student is cute
Rating: pg-13 will be higher later on
Genre: AU, romance[?] school life
Warning: teacher/student relationship
Disclaimer: they tell me i'm Heechul's younger sister, so he owns me and i own Eunhyuk since he owns Donghae [sadly they aren't mine]
A/N: weird pairings are weird but okay those 2 can be cute together /repeats their hug

'' Do you know that you are really adorable? ''

What was that??

Title: What was that??

Type: 1 shot

Pairing: Kyumin ( Kyuhyun and Sungmin GIRL)

Genre: Drama, Romance

Rating: PG

Warning: Gender switch

Summary: Kyuhyun’s cold and Sungmin is there to help him. (Summary really sucks)..

A/N: I don’t own anything but the fic is mine...Here I am again, after the hiatus..But I’ll be gone again for sometime…I really don’t know why I wrote this one, but since it’s a Kyumin fic…*giggle*..Love this..But it’s a fail and probably a crap..Just bare with it again chinggus…^_^...




It's A Small World After All {22/25}

Title : It's a Small World After All
Pairing(s) : KyuMin, YeWook, and Eunhae
Genre : drama, romance, fluff, angst
Warning :
Rating : PG13 and will go up anytime soon ;)
Disclaimer : the boys belong to their respective OTP partners.
Summary : What happens when Ryeowook leaves Sungmin with Kyuhyun, his idol best friend, and runs off with Yesung. What happens when Sungmin finds out that his bestfriend is dating his ex-boyfriend. What happens when their worlds shrink and they're all bound together?

I can't even get myself together
Dream out loud
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Title: Free-Fall
Prompt: 001/100
Genre: AU/RawSons
Pairing: KangIn/LeeTeuk
Rating: PG
Words: 5,300
Summary: If he hadn’t been there, LeeTeuk would be gone.

Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior or any of the members. I make no profit of any type from this work of complete fiction.

( If he hadn’t been there, LeeTeuk would be gone. )

A/N: Okay, so, this is part of my Raw Sons -verse. It looks like this one is going to end up being written not as one big chaptered piece, but instead as a series of little one-shots, all connected together, since it won't come out all at once... I'll make a masterpost for just this series once I have more to go on it, and eventually, I will even come up with an order they should be read in, to make everything make the most sense, but for now, you get drips and drabs, just like me.

Big thanks to kat_elric for listening to my whining when my Teukie muse decided this had to include his backstory and had to turn from the 1000-1200 word piece it was intended to be to the 5300 word monster it is. Also thanks to her for helping to name the Lord's Advisor. Why the man could not be content with just a title, I don't know, but he insisted, and so did Teukie, so he has a name now.

Dangers of Discovery (14/16)

Dangers of Discovery
Pairing: Siwon/Heechul
Genre: Adventure, Romance, Drama, Action
Rating: PG – 13
Summary: Two scientists are paired up for this project in the jungle. It just seemed like a normal project at first, but someone just had to get them lost, almost get them killed, kept a big secret from the other, and made the other one… fall in love?

(You better not be here when I come back)
I would like to taste your rain on my li

fic dump

Title: Pause
Pairing: Eunhae
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance-slash-Hurt/Comfort
Disclaimer: i don't own them.
Summary: In which Donghae feels helpless and Eunhyuk is there for him

Title: Where to tonight (oneshot)
Pairing: Hanchul
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor
Disclaimer: i don't own them.
Summary: Heechul just couldn't sleep

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departures, or thirteen will forever be thirteen

title: departures, or thirteen will forever be thirteen
pairing: none (leeteuk-centric) or hinted kangteuk
rating: pg
genre: angst, friendship, slight romance
summary: jungsu ponders about missing members and what 13 really means at all.

a/n: am not only13 n_____n 13 just has a nice ring to it, that's all ;~;

When Youngwoon first brings the matter up, Jungsu insists that enlisting into the army isn't an arbitrary decision, that he needs to have a say, but Youngwoon never listens to Jungsu when it really matters, and he doesn't start now.
i love you and you only

You Belong With Me

Title: You Belong With Me
[One-shot] Kyuhyun's BDAY (sequel to Managing Love)
Pairings: KyuMin [Main]
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own Kyumin /slapped okok I own Kyuhyun.. /smacked fine.. I own Sungmin /kicked OKOK! I dont own them!!! i own my bb cole lazycookies :DDD <3

Summary: He is a CEO so is he, 2 CEOs of different companies meets and falls in love but what if their parents bear a grudge against each other? Will they get to be together?

A.N: HAPPY [belated] BIRTHDAY KYUBEAR~!!! LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH MY 2ND *ahem* husband KEKEKE. Enjoy the fic <3