December 27th, 2010

(3 Hearts - 1 Love) - Chapter 1 [HaeHyuk/EunHae]

TITLE : (3 Hearts - 1 Love)
AUTHOR : Maiki_Rashu (MOI)
CHAPTER: 1 / ??
PAIRING : Donghae ♥ Hyukjae
SIDE PAIRING : Siwon ♥ Hyukjae (slight) / maybe others later
SUMMARY : So far, Dong Hae is happy with his girlfriend and he believes that he really loves her... Until she decides to introduce him to her "lovely" little brother.
RATING : PG-13 (to NC-17 in later chapters)
WARNING : language
GENRE : Alternative Universe, Romance
DISCLAIMER : Everything is mine from the plot to all the grammar/spelling mistakes and other typos. But not the guys...

MAIKI's THOUGHTS 1: That was a fast update (for me) I hope you'll like it.
Spot for [info]lily_chan76
Enjoy your reading~ ♥

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Seven Days

Title: Seven Days
Pairing: KyuSung
Rating: G
Length: 9/9
Summary: Third-year Kim Jongwoon (Yesung) runs into Cho Kyuhyun one Monday morning at the school courtyard. An underclassman in Music club, Kyuhyun is incredibly popular among the girls, despite the rumor that he’ll go out with anyone who asks him first on Monday, only to break up with then the following week and because of Yesung’s curiosity the two began dating.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything! The storyline is inspired from the manga seven days where I love Seryou and Shino.

The beginning was Monday, and now, today is Sunday

Here is the link for the fic seven days....
It all starts at Monday...

Tuesday morning with love...

Tuesday afternoon date...

Sweet and surprising Wednesday...

Confrontation and realization on Thursday...

Jam-packed Friday...

Complicated Saturday(part 1)...

Complicated Saturday(part 2)...

The beginning was Monday, and now, today is Sunday!

Christmas Gift 1: Missing You

Title:Missing you
Pairing: Hyukhae
Genre:,,fluff,romance,kid eunhae
Rating: Pg13
Chapter: oneshot
Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own any of the characters..just the plot
warning: fluffiness on chrismast
Summary: What happens when Little donghae is being teased by his friends because he believed in santa and Little Hyukkie is not there?

a/m: this is dedicated to chiyo_87  unnie for asking and giving this plot. and also for all of my readers

this is one of my gifts for Christmas... i will continue with my other fics after my gifts for you all are you all

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to read more of my fics,here the master

I’ll always be here, Master (KiHae chaptered 6/?)

Title : I’ll always be here, Master (KiHae chaptered 6/?)
Pairings : Kihae (main).
Others: Kyuwook, SiChul, Onew >< Minho.
Rating : PG 15
Summary : Due the poorness of his family, Donghae sacrificed himself to be sold as a slave for the Kims family. But he made too much mistakes, which brought him to be punished, which later brought him to meet the cold hearted Kim Kibum. What would happen next between the slave and the youngest Young Master of the family?

“Is it…. Your first time?” Kibum asked in softer voice now. He could sense that Donghae still scared of him, after what he had done.
kyumin hawaiiii

Everlasting Love (3/3)

Title: Everlasting Love (3/3)
Author: fumiyo92
Pairings: KyuMin, !slight TeukChul
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, angst
Summary: The truth about Sungmin’s condition
Warning: Character death

a/n: mostly told on Kyuhyun POV
I suggest you to read it while listening to Super Junior K.R.Y – Stop Walking By.

chapter 3 =>
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ME? Falling in love with this guy! Impossible... or perhaps not... (Chapter 22)


: ME? Falling in love with this guy! Impossible... or perhaps not...
Author : ime_fr but u can call me ime ^^
Length: chaptered (it'll be a bit long, I don't know since I'm writing with the feeling but what i'm sure it's a long story since i have many ideas maybe around 30 chapters)
Characters : Heechul, Sungmin, Joohee (fic girl) yunho, Eunhyoung (fic girl), yoochun, Soyoun (fic girl), junsu, hankyung, ryeowook, and please CLICK ON THE FOREWORDS to have the characters' details cause it's important to the story.
Genre : comedy, romance, a bit drama
Pairing : it's a normal fic so you'll know the pairing if you'll read the story...
Rating : everybody can read it since I don't write rated scenes lol I'll focus on the characters' personalities and problems ^^ so i think it'll be PG-13
Summary : What will you do if just one meeting is sufficient to change your life? But what will happen when a girl is getting closer to her first love while the other one is losing trust in him? Or when you have feelings for someone and you don't want to confess knowing that this person is already in love with someone else? Or what if you broke up with the love of your life because...

Chapter 22

and here the Forewords  for the new readers.

Fishie´s Plushy (sequel)

Title: Fishie´s Plushy (Sequel)

Author: AnchovyxFishy

Pairing: HaeHyuk,KyuMin,Kangteuk

Character: Wookie, Heechul

Genre: Fluff?,Humor...

Rating: PG-13 - PG-15

Warning: FAIL! Cyberfic!...english is not my first language and might be sucks....

Disclaimer: I only own the fic ...but sadly I don´t own the boys XDD

Summary: What will happen next after Hyukkie got punished by hae ? And Kyuhyun who lost Minnies Heart ?? AND WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN HEECHUL NOTICED THE OUR HAEHYUK COUPLE HAD SEX IN HIS CLOSET ???

Beta : shagu14  and fumikux3 (Wuahhhh thank you SHAGUU DEAAR yaa~...and thx to you sis~)

and click here to read the Sequel :D!~

If you dont know what happened befor the Sequel, read here  to know what happened ;D!!

After 100727 SBS Good Morning show

Title: After 100727 SBS Good Morning show
Character(s): Yesung, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, Donghae
Pairing(s): YeMin, friendship!MinWook, notsoninja!HaeHyuk, ninja!KyuWook
Author: wishes_xjanx 
Genre: Romance, Drama(?)
Rating(s): PG; 2389 words
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
A/N: I started this fic on 29 October and didn't continue it until today. LOL. Oh well. Anyway, it'd be best if you watch this and this. The points to look out for is YeMin interaction. =D Yes, I put the scenes from it inside this fic. I tried to make it look realistic, so I'd found videos to link it closely together. [Yes, I did my research.] I had a hard time finding them, though. XD So when I did, I was super happy. Okay, enjoy!~

( Awkward, hyung? )
Geng scarf B&amp;W

Move On

Title: Move On
Author: Ink_River10
Rating: R
Pairing: HanChul
Warnings: Swearing, sexual situations
Genre: One shot, Angst
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior, I just amuse myself with them in my head.
Summary: HanGeng internet stalks and reflects on his relationship with Heechul
Author's Note: Sorry folks, the angst Muse has sharp teeth and the persistence of a bulldog.

Move On

Christmas Gift, weird fic^^

Title: shut down
POV: Shindong
Pairing: Shindong centric, maybe HeeDong if you squint really really hard, leeteuk appearance
Rating: pg-13
Summary: It's every night. In the security of his own mind, shindong cannot stop hearing it
Drawing aggravation at the same time, 2am.

For: kingdra

[A/N]...kind of drawn from personal experience. i swear im not crazy though.

The sounds make him want to yell and shriek to just drown it all out so he can sleep. But that is one thing he knows is impossible. He just has to grind his teeth and bear it as his insides twist and he goes insane.
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(no subject)

Pairings: Kyuhyun X OC
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Drama, AU, fluff ^^
Summary: Kyuhyun was the boy that had everything everyone envied. Good looks, brains, parents that loved to spoil could call it, "the perfect life." Then everything was gone in a blink of an eye...

We didn't hear the tire hissing as it glides across the ice. Then that’s when everything went black.


Title: Heartquake
Pairing: Sihan, one-sided!Kyuhan
Rating: PG
Disclamer: I own no one, nor do I own the title, even that the fic is not even linked to the song.
Summary: Sometimes events just go and shake your heart.
Author's note: This is a late Christmas gift for my baby, shihan_ai .

“You want to go to HIM, huh? I don’t want you to. You should get married with me!”

It's A Small World After All {11/?}

Title : It's a Small World After All
Pairing(s) : KyuMin, YeWook, and Eunhae
Genre : drama, romance, fluff
Warning :
Rating : PG13 and will go up anytime soon ;)
Disclaimer : the plot.
Summary : What happens when Ryeowook leaves Sungmin with Kyuhyun, his idol best friend, and runs off with Yesung. What happens when Sungmin finds out that his bestfriend is dating his ex-boyfriend. What happens when their worlds shrink and they're all bound together?

If your ass hurts too much for you to walk, I understand. But at least say so.

Love in Monochrome

Title: Love in Monochrome
Pairings: Kyumin, Yewook, implied others
Ratings/Genre: PG-13, AU, Romance
WC: 15,411 words
Summary: Kyuhyun hates the music industry and everyone in it. But fate leaves him stranded him with one of Korea's biggest entertainment producers and he learns that everything isn't always as it seems.
A/N: Lovingly and shamelessly ripped off from one of the best Christmas movies ever, White Christmas. Merry (late) Christmas and Happy New Year.

You’re a cunning fox, I’ll give you that. I can’t believe you’re making use of Eeteuk’s misfortune. You’re pure ruthlessness. I love it.