December 6th, 2010


BCBBT! Chapter 12

Title: Bunnies Can Be Brave Too!

Pairing: Bb!Sungmin x Bb!Kyuhyun Friendship, Kangteuk


Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Swearing, drama

Summary: Sungmin met Kyuhyun at preschool, and now their friendship has brought two old enemies from school together. Can Leeteuk and KangIn patch things up? And will KangIn ever be able to be the proper father for Kyuhyun?

“Would either of you like to help me make some cookies?”


Yewook - April Rain - 9/?

Title: April Rain
Pairing: Yewook - onesided!Kisung
Sub-pairings: Kyumin, Kangteuk, Hanchul, Yunjae
Rating: PG - 13
Disclaimer: Boys aren't mine.
Summary: They are a mistake, conceived by foolishness and brilliance. They were a blemish upon all Supernatural races. It wasn't right to have two of the most powerful races combined in one being. They must be taken down. Volunteering for this important mission, Jongwoon enters the Clan of Seoul. And there, he finds that everything he knows about them is wrong.

Segment Nine: Dark Realization

Collapse )

Draconis und Cygnus ♥

Title: Draconis und  Cygnus

Type: One-Shot

Pairing: Hanchul, (a little of) Kyumin and Eunhae

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Rating: PG-15 (some cursing and bad words)

Summary: Cygnus and Draconis are 2 groups which are particularly rule the entire school. They are the 2 different group which fortunately get along very well…except between the leader of Cygnus and the new transferred student who happen to be the leader of Draconis as well.

"넌 내꺼야 (Neon naekkoya)" )
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Title: When you fall, you fall hard....(On going)....
Staring: Kyumin, Sihan, Yewook, Eunhae...
Rating: PG(for now)
Warning:(Implied sex, kissing, hugging..)
Disclaimer: I don't own them...and i would never will..

Story Line: Two rival groups in High school, Hands always in each others throat, And never gets along...So what will happen when they fall for their enemy's dear ones ...Will they change or will it be worse..???..

Note:Sorry for posting this fic a bit late, enjoy for now and i will be on "HIATUS" for about a week or two..So enjoy to the fullest..And see you all after some few week..BYE..

(Chapter 7)

(Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5) (Chapter 6)
Sherlock Jinki made by kyttenfae

Game On parts 1 and 2 plus Series Updates

Title: Game On
Pairing: KyuHyun/?
Length: 11455
Genre: Mysterious Dramatic Romance AU
Rating: NC 17
Summary:  Singer and DJ Cho KyuHyun visits a new club where he's been invited to spin. He meets an intriguing stranger there. Partly inspired by listening to Club No1 on repeat. Shoot me now.

Author's Note: As it says above, this is an AU. KyuHyun is a successful singer/dj. He meets someone gorgeous, odd and different at a club and the rest, as they say, is history. Please remember that things are not always what they seem :D And yes, we're pretending that a successful singer/dj wouldn't get mobbed everywhere he went. :) This is not a KyuHyun/OC Fic. Keep reading! Enjoy the mystery. I promise you will not be sorry.

Also, due to my having a cold and being away from home to do some dog sitting for friends, I didn't get updates for my existing stuff done and did this instead. I hope you will all enjoy it, it took me six days to write it which is a long time for me as I have no life (lol) and generally write fast.

This was intended as a One Shot, but with me, who knows.

Part one rated PG13 to R

Part two rated R to NC17

And because I cant' remember if I put this here, here's also an update on Moments and This Torment is My Joy series(s)

Title: Green Eyed Moment
Pairing: Heechul/Kyuhyun
Length: 1334
Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance
Rating: R for language mainly
Summary:  Kyuhyun has to leave for a KRY performance, Heechul's behavior sparks a quarrel.
A/N This directly follows after the previous chapter, as most of them do There will be a part 2 as this is a short chapter.

Green Eyed Moment, Chapter 10 of the Moments Series

Title: This Torment is My Joy 4
Pairing: Heechul/Kyuhyun
Length: 1291
Genre: Angst/Romance/Drama
Rating: PG13, maybe.
Summary: Forced to make an appearance on a talk show, Heechul's words and actions spawn a new wave of HeeHyun love in fans and media.
A/N: Oh, if only. LOL.
A/N2: I don't know a lot about the workings of Korean media and artist contracts so if there are errors in realism, I'm sorry.

Chapter 4 of This Torment is My Joy

To review all of my fic with chapter titles and links, go to my Masterlist

For now I write exclusively for the Super Junior fandom and my biases are KyuHyun and HeeChul. I am currently accepting Requests, though I cannot promise a request will get written.

Sorry for the long updatery thing.
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Title: In the Family Business (1/?)
Fandom: Super Junior (AU, !mafia)
Pairing: Siwon/Sungmin, later Hankyung/Heechul
Word count: 3,566
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Note to self, Siwon thinks weakly. Do a background check on the random guys you ask out next time.

part 1

Title: Tonight (I'm Fucking You)
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Siwon/Sungmin
Word count: 2,155
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Next time Siwon's hand slides down to the curve of his back, Sungmin reaches back, cover his hand with his own and breaks the kiss to ask, "Do you want to see?"
♥ 。feminist

Desperately Seeking You

Title: Desperately Seeking You
Pairing: Siwon/Hyoyeon, Donghae/Hyukjae, Sibling!Hyukjae/Hyoyeon, BFFery!Siwon/Heechul, Heechul/Ex wives Other Characters: Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Hangeng
Genre: Comedy, Romance, General, mentions of Smut.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Internet dating really isn't for just anyone, nor is the Lee Family.

[ Part One ] [ Part Two]

Master List

I’ll always be here, Master (KiHae chaptered 1/?)

Title : I’ll always be here, Master (KiHae chaptered 1/?)
Pairings : Kihae (main).
Others: will be revealed in the next chapters.
Rating : PG (with a little bit violence. Only a little).

Summary : Due the poorness of his family, Donghae sacrificed himself to be sold as a slave for the Kims family. But he made too much mistakes, which brought him to be punished, which later brought him to meet the cold hearted Kim Kibum. What would happen next between the slave and the youngest Young Master of the family?
a/n : hope u love it... and I love comments, so please do comments. it will inspire me more ^^

Donghae almost fainted. Being punished by Kim Heechul could mean anything, or in another world, dead in any ways.

the shadow behind - chapter 2.

the shadow behind.
kyuwook, chaptered, pg-13 (later r to nc-17)
warnings: stalking, abuse, rape. (in the later chapters)

a/n: I wrote this on my notepad in my iTouch so I'm sorry for the grammar errors ^^ I was going to update this on Saturday but I wasn't allowed to use it in the weekends -___- And this may be boring XD

Beepbeep, beepbeep. Hello, Kyuhyun? I've got the informations on the boy you asked for.
how will it end?

[Fic] Company Time - 8/10

Title: Company Time
Author: Coley Merrin
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi (either/or)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU

Summary: Kyuhyun's new coworker brings new challenges to his stuffy cubicle life. And the only problem bigger than realizing that Zhou Mi is living denial, is actually starting to believe him.


Chapter One * Chapter Two * Chapter Three * Chapter Four * Chapter Five * Chapter Six * Chapter Seven -


Chapter Eight - “You think people aren’t going to start noticing when you pass me notes?”

Five Hundred, Twenty-Five Thousand, Six Hundred Minutes

Title: Five Hundred, Twenty-Five Thousand, Six Hundred Minutes.
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
Raiting: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Summary: When society won't accept homosexuals, Kyuhyun honestly does not care.
Length: Drabble

A/N: If you haven't seen/plan on seeing the movie Rent, you probably shouldn't read this first. Also, I really show my distaste for homophobes, so if you are a homophobe for whatever reason, it'd be in your best intrest not to read it.

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It's Complicated (20/36)

Title: It's Complicated
Characters: Super Junior, OC
Rating: PG (For very slight use of harsh words now and then)
Summary: Soojin meets a guy who turns her world upside down but then there's a few dozen others as well.
A/N: I have posted on Miracle for my first few chapters, but then I went into hybernation or something to the likes of that and a few days later I just did an up-to-10-chapters-at-once dump and just now I finished my second one of those, so I figured I'd come and post it up here once more to let people know it's still ongoing. ^.^

Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20
army of donghae

HenBum and Crack

Title: Smiles are a form of Escapism
Pairing: HenBum
Rating: PG
Genre: comfort, fluff
Summary: Kibum needs to escape and Henry conveniently has an empty bunk in his dorm room.

Henry isn’t the subtle type.

Title: The Story That Has No Name Yet (Part/Chapter/Installment/Episode 2)
Pairings:girl!KanginxLeeteuk,MysteryxZhouMixgirl!rock,HeechulxHenry,HenryxMaplesyrup,girl!SiwonxKyuhyun,mystery!YesungxRyeowook,EunhyukxSungmin,DonghaexHangeng, KibumxKibumxKibum,Minho x Nichkhun
Rating: R (but mostly because of the mentionings of things)
Warnings: mpreg, incest (tripletcest), mindless fuckery, genderswich, statutory rape, prostitution, crossdressing, this story will come in random installments and maybe have a plot
Genre: AU, crack, werewolf, vampire, highschool, satan\angel, crime, mafia, so much crack, Harry Potter crossover
Summary: Every single genre of fanfiction ever written thrown into one story…in which Kangin is a woman and Leeteuk is gay, Henry loves maple syrup a little too much to be normal, Kibum is a vampire, Minho is a horrible guardian angel, Kyuhyun fights for animal rights, Siwon is a werewolf, and Sungmin goes to Hogwarts. Oh, and Ryeowook is a fish. And somehow a plot was born.

Hangeng didn’t know much about the culture of Korea but he was fairly certain that the young generation was not meant to be standing on street corners in thin, practically see-through outfits.

In China, that was usually a sign of prostitution.

But this was Korea, so it was obviously different than in China.

Photograph (one shot)

Title : Photograph (one shot)
Pairing : main! Hyukhae, Hanchul, Kyumin, Kangteuk, Yewook, ShinRi, maybe yes maybe no Sibum (ignore this)
Rate : PG-13, fail fluffy fail fluffy fail fluffy TT___TT
Summary : Years have passed, many change happened, still, our Eunhae couple would be couple forever 8D
Note : this is a short one shot, but cant described as a drabble too, for my friend dianchan  ,keep ur spirit! hope this can lightning ur day (or night) even if just for a moment X)

Forever Eunhae 8D )


Alahyuk and the Magical Lamp

 Title: Alahyuk and the Magical Lamp
Author: chu_loves_hyuk
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Genre: Romance; Fantasy; Fluff; Crack; implied smut
Rating:  PG-13
Summary: Alahyuk is a Korean guy that was sent in India to find a magical lamp. But he finds something else.
A/N: Well, you can see the title named Alahyuk. KKKK~ it’s supposed to be Aladdin, but I changed it to Alahyuk XD Hope you enjoy! <3

"No doubt you're sexy."

Of Trains, Perceptions and Change

Title: Of Trains, Perceptions and Change
Author: chiyo_87 
Pairing: DonghaeXEunhyuk
Rating: G
Genre: AU, Philosophy, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Warning: Very long fic with confusing storyline
Summary: “Hyukjae has everything one could ever wish for but he hadn’t the heart of Christmas. On the Eve of Christmas, an unexpected encounter on a train enlightens him on his perceptions and he finds himself taking the longest train ride of his life.”

A/N: In response to a prompt, this is for the awesome tees2mai  who made me laugh so hard earlier XD Hope you like it dear! ^^

(Because he has to, he follows what he's told, always too scared to break away and free himself. but yet, he hopes and waits for something better to come his way and take him away)
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Let's stay together, forever. [Update!]

Title: Let's stay together, forever.
Chapter: 7/?
Pairing: [main]KyuMin, [side] EunHae, Yewook, [Ninja] KiMin [changmin]
This chapter: One-sided!EunHae&Yewook, slight!KyuMin.
Genre: Fluff, romance, friendship, brothership[?] slight!drama.
Rating: G [Maybe PG later?]
Disclaimer: I own them all~ *gets hit* Okay... Only in the story... *gets hit again* Okaay... Not at all... Just the story idea...
Summary: Sungmin and Kyuhyun are each others best friend and brother. Ever since they were little, they could never be separated. No matter where Kyuhyun went, his older brother tagged along. Just like wherever Sungmin went, the little one tagged alone. That's why they made a promise when they were little, to always stay together. But will that still be like that when they are older? Even after they both go to different schools and meet new people? Will they be able to stop their feelings from changing? And above of that, will they still be able to keep there promise?
A/N: again… Sorry for being a lazy writer, I wrote this chapter like a 2 week ago now but I was to lazy to copy it. I’m at school now and only have one hour to write it!! I will try finishing it after that at home if I won’t be to addict to sfm again… Or will be choosing reading over writing again *sigh

Chapter 7 )

He is My Sweet Darling chapter 4

Title: He is My Sweet Darling
Pairing: Yewon, Yunjae
Rating: PG 13
Genre: Romance ; Drama, Humor
Disclaimer: Wish I had Doraemon they would be mine
Summary: Two years ago Kim Jongwon, known as Princess Yesung, is the member of the prestigious gang in his middle school. As soon as his father lost their company he was kick out from the membership. He become the school loser. Now he is back again in the same institute with scholarship. But this time he is no one but just an ex. What people didn't know, that he is not only the ex member of the gang, but also the ex boyfriend of the gang Prince, Choi Siwon. Will he gain his previous life and lover or forgetting about it?

Chapter 4

He can feel his hard muscles since their body pressed together now. Siwon let go after some times to let him take a breath. “You….”he can’t finish it since Siwon already kiss him again.

Things Happen IV 6/9 + Oneshot

Title: Things Happen IV 6/9
Pairing: Kyumin side pairings: Hanchul, Eunhae, Yewon
Genre: AU!College, romance, drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kyuhyun and Sungmin know exactly what they feel for each other, they do, they really do. The only problem is neither is willing to admit it...yet. It's all a game to see who can break first, but then someone from Kyuhyun's past comes back and suddenly the game isn't as fun as it seemed.
Note: This is a continuation to Things Happen III, Things Happen II and Things Happen I. This fic is part 4 of the Golden Boy AU. To understand what is going on I recommend you read Things Happen III at least. The links to all of those can be found on my master list on my LJ.

[Chapter 6

[ Chapter 1] [ Chapter 2] [ Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5]

Title: Free
Pairing: Eunhae (hyukhae)
Genre: romance
Rating: R (attempted suicide)
Summary: Donghae wanted to be free, but he didn't know how.
Note: This fic is for tees2mai because she requested it and I took long enough posting it for her.

"I love you." he says.

Digital Love-Chapter 2

Title: Digital Love
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Side parings: Kangteuk, Yewook, Eunhae, Hanchul.
Rating: PG-13 and it will go up soon...*FOR SMUT* 8D
Summary: Kyuhyun's having really weird dreams about this boy lately. Problem is that he doesn't even know who he is! Leeteuk is rich and Kyuhyun begs for a new set of computers the next day. These computers turn out to have some sort of it...? Members of Super Junior starts to hear weird things in the night, like singing...Who could be doing this? Where are they from? Could this have something to with those computers? After all, they are special. They are 2/3 billion! Could they be that lucky? But every good thing has its side effects. There are and will be people trying to hack...

Read Here!:
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Title : Comparisions
Staring : Eunhyuk, Donghae, Yesung
Genre : crack
Rating : G
Pairing : EunHae/HaeHyuk
Summary : Eunhyuk simply couldn't stand Donghae anymore and Yesung compares his tortoises.
A/N :  audacioushoney ; I think her current OT3 is YeHaeHyuk and this is the closest I can relate to ^^;

"You need fresh air; the PSP is doing you no good. See what it did to Kyu." Eunhyuk announced and pulled Donghae out of the dorm.

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Two for the Road 19/?

Title: Two for the Road 19/?
Author: Ink_River10
Pairing: HanChul
Rating: R (this chapter)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Angst - AU
Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Sex
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior, I just amuse myself with them in my head
Summary: Hankyung is asked by his powerful boss to do a job for him, but little does he know what he’s really getting into…

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18

Two for the Road Part 19
racoon adorable-ness

Happy Together Chapter 5

title: Happy Together Chapter 5
PG-13 for language, very SLIGHT use of language
sorry it's been a long time! ^^;

Leeteuk and Kangin are known as the parents of Super Junior, figuratively that is... well, not anymore.

Disclaimer: as much as i would love to have Kangin, Leeteuk and all of super junior in my closet, i do not own them ;__;

Collapse )