November 19th, 2010


Yewook - April Rain - 5/?

Title: April Rain
Pairing: Yewook - onesided!Kisung
Sub-pairings: Kyumin, Kangteuk, Hanchul, Yunjae
Rating: PG - 13
Disclaimer: Boys aren't mine.
Summary: They are a mistake, conceived by foolishness and brilliance. They were a blemish upon all Supernatural races. It wasn't right to have two of the most powerful races combined in one being. They must be taken down. Volunteering for this important mission, Jongwoon enters the Clan of Seoul. And there, he finds that everything he knows about them is wrong.

Segment Five: New World

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Things Happen III 6/11

Title: Things Happen III 6/11
Pairing: Yewoon, broken!Yewook, Eunhae, mentions of Yehan  
Genre: AU!College, romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Love and Yesung just don't seem to go together. He's watched the other Golden Boys fall in love. He's seen them hurt and happy and he wished that he could have that. Ryeowook tries his best, but Ryeowook is the school's playboy and it doesn't seem like Yesung is interesting enough anymore. Insert Siwon and then Yesung is thrown in a situation he had never expected. Can he learn to love again, even after everything Ryeowook has done to him?
Note: This is a continuation to Things Happen II and Things Happen I. To understand what is going on I recommend you read Things Happen II at least. The link to that can be found on my master list on my LJ. Also, another note. This is a Yewook now but I want to make it clear that it will be YEWON. so that means broken!Yewook.

[ Chapter 6]

[ Chapter 1] [ Chapter 2] [ Chapter 3] [ Chapter 4] [ Chapter 5]

Sungmin/Kibum/Donghae: 너 때문에 (Nottaemunhae: Because of you), Part 3

Title: 너 때문에 (Nottaemunhae: Because of you)
Length: Long, Three Chapters
Pairing: Kibum/Donghae; Kibum/Sungmin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Thriller, Angst
Summary: Kibum tries to escape, but the consequences are severe.

Part 1:사랑하지 말걸 그랬어(I regret giving you all my love)
Part 2:정주지 말걸 그랬어(I regret getting attached to you)
(NEW) Part 3:붙잡지말걸 그랬어
(I regret holding you back)

A/N: The last installment of the 'Sungmin is a whore' arc! ah i ended it on a less than cliche note i hope XP 
The smut Sungmin/Kibum scene is coming out pretty nicely i expect it'll be up tomorrow^^ i promise it will be smutastic:D have fun and I hope y'all enjoyed this series:D Comments are beloved:D
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Chapters 5+6

Title: And Sometimes, Heaven Needs Them Back Again (part 4)
Pairing(s): Various
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst (Character death)
Summary: Sometimes, there are angels that are sent to earth to bless us. They change our lives for the better, but sometimes they can't stay for long. Because angels come from Heaven, and sometimes Heaven needs them back again. Inspired by the song "Borrowed Angels" by Kristin Chenoweth.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members. T_T

Part 5.
Part 6.

Previous parts: Intro/ Chapter 1/ Chapter 2/ Chapter 3/ Chapter 4
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I love you too.. (two shots)

Title: I love you too.. (two shots)
Author: hyukiefied
Pairing: KyuMin
Genre: romance
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own the story, not the boys
Summary: Sungmin not willingly meet his ex. girlfriend, sunny. But something urgent and important things force him to meet her. But he got busted by one of his super junior member and sungmin didn't notice his existence. Kyu, his roomate, is also gone since this morning. So, is the person who busted sungmin at the restaurant is kyu? and what is the urgent and important thing that force sungmin to meet his ex girlfriend again?
Boy x boy pairing
Author's Note: This is my very first fic. I don't have any idea that it turned out to be 2 shots instead of 1 shot ㅡㅡ' Comment is more than a welcome. I am sorry if this fic is not good ;____; And oh.. this fic is non-beta-ed and I haven't re-read it.. hope u enjoy this^^

(click here to find out..^^)
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Married… again… 1/?

TITLE: Married... again... 1/?
PAIRING: Kyumin (girl! Sungmin)
SUB-PAIRINGS: Yewook (girl! Ryeowook), Eunhae (girl! Donghae)
DISCLAIMER: I own them... in my deepest DREAM...
SUMMARY: Kyuhyun and Sungmin keep their secret as married students until the day comes when... Will they be able to keep it as long as they could??? ( Sorry, sucks at making summaries)
NOTE: Kyuhyun, Hyukjae and Yesung are one year older than Sungmin, Donghae and Ryeowook but they are all juniors.

Chapter 1

heechul i see a weirdo

Super Junior - drabble fic

title: Super Junior [ x3 d ra b ble s]
pairing: kangin/eeteuk , hankyung/heechul, best friends!eunhyuk/donghae
summary: “I will break his face,” growls Kangin, looking down at his broken phone. If eyes could shoot lasers, Donghae would be dead by now. The Donghae that is currently running around the dorm in his underwear. Eating cookies.
rating: PG-13

“Don’t worry about it,” says Donghae happily. “Life couldn’t get better…”

Passion of a Christ - 4/?

Title: Passion of a Christ
Pairings: SiMin / Siwon x Sungmin (main), HanChul, QMi
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Drama, fluff, angst, romance, crack … you name it
Summary: Siwon and Sungmin finally confessed to each other after years of love for the other. There’s innocence in the relationship as they’re both inexperienced, but the feelings are strong. Many things are happening in the Super Junior dorm, as secrets get revealed to the group. There are always obstacles in a good relationship, and the toughest one for Siwon and Sungmin is to tell Siwon’s parents about it all.
Disclaimer: I own the story, I own my fanasy about all this... But not the people in it...
A/N: Here you got the HanChul!~ oh angst, my dear angst<3 And finally some more “things” are happening with Siwon and Sungmin ;)

Chapter 4

chapter 1 - chapter 2 - chapter 3

It Was Only You, After All

Title: It Was Only You, After All
Author: chu_loves_hyuk
Pairing: EunHae
Genre: Romance; Angst; Drama
Rated: PG
Summary: Forgetting someone you have loved is such a hard thing to do; especially when you're still in love with him.
A/N:  This is still for shagu14 BB, here's the sequel <3!

This is a sequel for It Has To Be You

。◕‿◕。 It's Here!

Of Baby and Ex - chapter 14

title : Of Baby and Ex
pairing / characters : Kyuhyun / Sungmin , Yesung / Ryeowook , Chohee(baby) , Zhoumi
raiting : pg
warning : girl!Sungmin and girl!Ryeowook , girl!Zhoumi
summary : Cho Kyuhyun is known for his idol status and he is a superstar in Korea . People call him ‘Perfect Guy’ and he always try to make everything perfect like it should be . But there is only one problem , he have a CHILD?!


chapter 14 :

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Perfect Timing  1

Title: Perfect Timing

Pairings: Kyumin, Yewook, Eunhae, others…

Genre: Drama, Romance, Fluff

Rating: Pg-13

Summary: Kyuhyun found him agonizing?..And Sungmin couldn’t asked for more.

 A/N:  I’m not a writer, I’m more on reading..I don't write fics cause I'm not that good enough but yeah I made this one...This story is inspired by BL Movie but I changed it entirely..I don’t own the boys, I just own the story..English isn't my first language.Sorry for the errors..I’ve made a great big mistake a week ago and I’ve learned my lessons already…I won’t make the same mistake again..Mianhe and Kamsahamnida..




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Title: I HATE THAT I AM FALLING FOR YOU. (chapter 8)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: KyuMin, broken!SeoKyu, slight!Eunhae, slight!YeWook
Genre: Romance, Fluff, High School AU
Length: Chaptered
Summary: Sungmin and Kyuhyun have always hated each other, but when a teacher assigns them two to a science fair project, they start realizing their true feelings toward each other.
Warning: girl!Sungmin, girl!Eunhyuk, girl!Ryeowook

I suddenly wish Kyuhyun was here to hold my hand.
HaeBum ♥ KiHae

Forbidden Love Update.

Title; Forbidden Love
Rating; PG13 this chapter
Warnings; Language
Genre; Supernatural, Action, Drama, Romance, and Comedy
Main Pairing; DonghaexSungmin
Side Pairing; EunhyukxLeeteuk
Cast; Lee Donghae, Lee Sungmin, Lee Hyukjae, Park Jungsoo, Jung Jessica, and Kwon Taehyun
Summary; Angel and Vampire, forbidden to love. But what happens when the Angel falls in love with the Vampire? Will the love be returned before it's too late? And if so, can their love really exist and a world where they aren't accepted and are complete opposites?
Disclaimer; -sigh- Of  course they aren't mine =.=
Note; Sorry for the late update peeps. Well it's up now, so enjoy x]

“Sungmin. Sungmin!” Donghae called, making it to the garden. Letting out a frustrated sigh, he ruffled a hand through his hair and sat down on the bench in front of the fountain. The angel was proving far more difficult to track down at the moment.
J-Rockers R Cute, Aoi


title: Rotation
pairing: Hankyung/Kyuhyun (Han Geng/Kyuhyun)
rating: PG13
notes: For the Super Junior 100 fic challenge.
summary: After Leeteuk decided that Kyuhyun spends too much time with his videogames, the members are expected to take turns dragging him outside, by the time Hankyung showed up Kyuhyun was starting to be a little annoyed.

Leeteuk decided that Kyuhyun was spending too much time playing videogames.

Why, Oh Why Do We Live in a PPC?

Title: Why, oh why do we live in a PPC?
Pairing: KangTeuk, KyuMin
Prompt: "Why is it that if I want more of you, I'd have to give up more of me?"
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff, Crack
Summary: Because we all need to sacrifice more of one thing, in order to have more of another. (Summaries aren't really my thing. -_-)
A/N: I just had to write something related to Economics, since I just finished my A-Level Econs paper today. XD

Because there's scarcity... of me specifically. )

I’m the One for You

Title: I'm the One for You
Author: hikaru_hoshi13
Main Characters: Kyumin (Kyuhyun x girl! Sungmin)
Side Characters: Eunhae (Donghae x girl! Eunhyuk), Yewook (Yesung x girl! Ryeowook), Hanchul (Hangeng x girl! Heechul), Kangteuk (Kangin x girl! Leeteuk)
Genre: High School, Romance
Rating: PG +
Summary: Kyuhyun is the heir of the Cho Industries while Sungmin is the heir of Lee Company. They were supposed to marry each other, but they didn't know it, yet. At the school, there they met each other and the story begins.
Note: They are not mine, only the story. But I hope you like my story and I changed some of their surnames and age. So please don’t be confused.

{ introduction + prologue }

This Freakish Love of Ours - Chapter 1.5 (SMUT CUT)

This Freakish Love of Ours (sequel to That Arrogant Bastard & That Sexy Bastard)
Chapter: 1.5/? {Smut cut/1100+ words}
Pairings: Kyuhyun/Sungmin; side!Yesung/Ryeowook; side!Hankyung/Heechul; side!Donghae/Eunhyuk; side!Siwon/Kibum
Genre: Comedy; Romance; AU; Smut (for this chapter)
Rated: NC17 (for this chapter)
Summary: Sungmin and I’ve been dating for 4 months now. We’ve never argued. We’ve never fought. We’ve never even badmouthed each other playfully. There’s this huge space between us. And yeah, I love him, but I don’t know what’s going on anymore. It’s weird, I guess. There’s something up, and it’s not my penis. [ written in Cho Kyuhyun’s POV ]
Note: It leads straight off from the part I left it at in chapter 1, kekeke
WARNING: Unbeta'd


"That's just the way I like it, Kyu."

[ Prologue ] [ Chapter 1 ]
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I want to be your bride {one-shot}

Title: I Want To Be Your Bride
Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst
Pairing:~HaeHyuk~ / HaeEun -- (Lee DongHae x Lee HyukJae [EunHyuk] )
Side-Pairing: SiHyuk -- (Choi SiWon x Lee HyukJae [EunHyuk] )
Rating: PG-13
Author: hitsugaya15 
Length: one-shot
Summary: When Hyuk is finally getting married, he didn't expect to have a change of heart...
Declaiming: I do not own Super Junior or the members, however, the plot is mine and only mine!
a/n: Inspired by the most beautiful picture ever!!! above!!! Thank you shye_rin  for permission to make icons ^^
FANART CREDIT GOES TO writing_scarlet for making haehyuk fangirls day with this beauty~

The Diary of a Lost Fan Boy- Chapter 11

Title: The Diary of a Lost Fanboy- Chapter 11
Author: myllwookie
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: G
Summary (whole story): Hi everyone! My name is Kim Ryeowook and I’ am a lost fan boy.My life has been a roller coaster ride since he came into my life. So are you ready? Welcome to my world.

Summary (this chapter): Kyuhyun takes Ryeowook home and Kyuhyun finally meets Ryeowook’s mother! Ryeowook feels irritated because his mom also teases him in front of Kyuhyun like crazy! Kyuhyun gets to be invited at one of Ryeowook’s family event and he has news to tell everyone!

Link: Chapter 11

For the other chapters, the links are in the sidebar of my journal!

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Title : A Sea of Forgiveness
Theme: #29 Sea(100 suju fic challenge)
PairingSiwon/Sungmin (one-sided) Siwon/Donghae; Donghae/Sungmin (one-sided)
Rating PG
Fifty-six years and they come together to remember, and ask forgiveness.
AU (isn't it always though, since none of what we right will ever be real life?) ONESHOT
Disclaimer If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction
Click to read a sea of forgiveness

My True Love [6/?]

Title: My True Love
Chapters: 6/?
Pairing: Hyukhae/Haehyuk
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama
Disclaimer: I also wish to own the boys X] unforetunately, i don't.. just the fic ^^
Warning: grammar errors, slow paced, i dont edit..
Summary: Eunhyuk realizes his feelings for Donghae and he the same, but he still has a girlfriend? what will happen to those two?

(“The hell he is!”)

Will It Snow For Christmas ..? - Chapter (2)

-Title: Will It Snow For Christmas ..?
- Author : SuJu_Addict
- Main Pairings: KangTeuk , YeWon
- Side Pairings : SuTeuk (Suzy-Eeteuk) , broken- KangSu (KangIn-Suzy) broken-HanSung (HanKyung-YeSung), broken-SungToria (YeSung-Victoria), NickToria (Nickhun-Victoria), broken-SeungWon (Seung Yeon-SiWon) .. maybe others will appear as the story goes.
- Genre: Romance , Drama
- Rating: PG-13 (for this chapter)
- Length : Chaptered /?
- Summary : When Christmas approach, love overwhelm the place and the hearts gather from all around the place to share warmth on the snowing nights. When the love you thought has been stolen from you leads you to the heart you will beg for an access to it. When the people we under appreciate end up being our shelter on the freezing, lonely winter nights. When the love force us to take the opposite path which is destined to be our Happiness Bridge that’s saving the warmth for us at the end of the road.
(Another failure summary, no way .. am totally a failure but anyway. I want it to be a little mysterious and romantic, no direct hints about the story. What do you think you guys ??)

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Characters Introduction
Chapter (1)

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